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Causes of Global Warming

Natural causes of global warming include the release of methane gas from arctic tundra and wetlands, climate change, volcanoes etc. Methane, a greenhouse gas which traps the heat within the earth's atmosphere, is let out in large quantities in the arctic tundra and wetlands. In case of volcanoes, when a volcano erupts, tons of ash is let out into the atmosphere. Even though nature contributes to global warming, this contribution is very insignificant when compared to human contribution for this hazard. Anthropogenic Causes. Anthropogenic causes for global warming are those which are caused due to human activities. The most prominent cause being man-made pollution. A large part of this pollution can be attributed to the burning of fossil fuels. This includes burning coal to produce electricity as well as burning gasoline to power internal combustion engine vehicles. When these fossil fuels are burnt, they let out carbon dioxide, which is yet another greenhouse gas which traps heat within the atmosphere of the Earth and contributes to global warming. Secondly when the Earth is dug to extract these fossil fuels in the process known as mining, the methane inside the Earth's crust escapes into the atmosphere and adds to other greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide. If we start investigating the anthropogenic causes of global warming, we zero in on one of the most important cause of global warming – population. More population means more requirements, which includes food, electricity and transport. In order to fulfill these requirements, more fossil fuels are consumed, which eventually leads to global warming. Humans breathe out carbon dioxide, and with an increasing population, the amount of carbon dioxide humans breathe out also increases and leads to global warming. Even agriculture contributes to global warming, owing to the extensive use of fertilizers, and the dung produced by cattle which is another prominent source of methane. These were just a few of the numerous global warming causes. Many people argue that global warming is a slow process, But they forget that the factors which cause global warming are rapidly rising. The rate at which we are contributing to global warming has rose considerably, and is expected to rise at a faster rate in the future. We have already done enough of damage, and hence it's high time we understand the global warming causes, we may not live to face the dreaded consequences of global warming, but if we don't act fast, it will be our future generations who will have to bear the brunt.

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Explore Anita Desais intensely evocative, descriptive style in Studies in the Park Essay

Anita Desai is a world renowned, Indian novelist and short-story writer. ‘Studies in the Park’ is merely one of her vast collection of short-stories, however, it is one of the most expressive stories, and it also conveys Anita Desai’s immensely communicative style of writing. ‘Studies in the Park’ is set in the late 1970’s, in contemporary India. It talks about a young boy, Suno, who is determined to do well in his exams that are a few months away. He is frequently pressurised by his parents, to study hard, and do well. However he is constantly disturbed by the repeated noise, and cannot study. He decides to go to a nearby park, which turns out to be an ideal location for him to study. The pressure that is mounted on him slowly starts to rise as the exams approach, this in turn, results in him becoming a workaholic: eventually his whole life revolves around his studies. He then sees a life changing vision that completely transforms his perspect ive of life. ‘Studies in the Park’ contains various descriptions, and images that enables the true message of the story to be brought out. The story begins with the line â€Å"-Turn it off, turn it off†¦What next, my god† this line evidently depicts the irritability that Suno is experiencing. This example is a perfect case in which Desai uses a very evocative stream of consciousness to illustrate emotion. This story is written in first person, and because of this Anita Desai is able to express true emotion and sentiment, as shown in the example above. In the line â€Å"So I raced out of my room†, Anita Desai indicates that Suno, the protagonist, is annoyed and cannot bear his surroundings anymore. This example is a typical instance where Anita Desai utilises first person, to portray an emotion. Diction is an essential component of Anita Desai’s style of writing, she uses a diverse collection of words to indicate the precise feeling that the protagonist is experiencing. For example, in the line â€Å"†¦rest of them standing and peering in†¦Ã¢â‚¬  the word â€Å"peering† is accurate as it portrays the â€Å"curiosity† and the â€Å"nosiness† of the brothers and sisters. Another example is in the line â€Å"†¦ snarled at him†¦Ã¢â‚¬  The word â€Å"snarled†, in this context, implies that Suno is very irritable and ill-tempered at this moment. The word is precise, and specific, and thus, it makes the line more communicative and expressive. Anita Desai uses imagery as well, at many occasions, in an attempt to invoke vividness and clarity in the story. For example, in the line â€Å"Bag-like women in grey and fawn saris †¦ with their sackcloth backs to the rails† This description of the park is very clear and vivid, it is a description of one instant in the park: it talks about the children falling, the women screaming and the madmen prancing. The description allows the reader to infer many details about the park such as: it is very active, there many people present there, etc. These sorts of descriptions are present all over the story, hence it makes the story more understandable and suggestive. Desai also uses imagery to elaborate on one point, for example, the description â€Å"The afternoons would be quiet†¦bazaars and slums† This paragraph talks about the serenity and tranquillity present in the park in the afternoons, and early evenings. Anita Desai stresses on this point with help of various images. The use of imagery and diction has been used extensively in the story. However it is most effective, when the protagonist experiences the vision, in which he realises the importance of the aspects of life. The line â€Å"Just then she lifted her veil†¦Divine, I felt, or insane† indicates a new revelation that takes place in Suno’s mind, and with the use of imagery Anita Desai is able to depict this more vividly. During this phase, Desai uses many similes to describe the lady in the epiphany, and hence depict the new revelation. For example, in the line â€Å"†¦her borkha, like a flower†¦Ã¢â‚¬  This line compares the lady’s face to a â€Å"wax-white†, lifeless flower that shows importance of health in life. ‘Studies in the Park’ is very communicative and expressive; there are various descriptions and accurate diction that are essential components in the story. These have made the story more understandable and comprehensible, thus the central theme and message of the story has been portrayed competently. Anita Desai’s descriptive writing style is extremely graphic and illustrative: it focuses mainly on descriptions, images and precise diction to portray a particular point. Thus she has been able to depict the importance of everything in life: health, religion, family and love.

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The List of All U.S. Colleges With a Music Major

Studying music allows one to engage with the subtle intersections of mathematics, theory, artistic expression, and material technique. If you’re thinking about pursuing your interest in music through your major, we’ve put together this post to offer some information on potential career paths as well as a comprehensive list of which schools may offer programs that fit your aspirations. For students interested in studying music in college, there are generally two paths: the music conservatory or the music major at a traditional higher-education institution. If you’re set on the pursuit of a path in performance or composition, then the more rigorous and specialized path of a conservatory is for you. However, for many students, the opportunity to couple music with other disciplines is enticing. In these cases, a more traditional institution has its merits. Music majors can double-major or pursue a minor to build up skills and experiences in two fields that complement each other. Popular subjects studied in conjunction with music include communications, psychology, business, and technology. Music programs themselves are usually well-balanced between scholarship and performance, emphasizing both practice and theory, as well as a good understanding of music history. In addition to the technical skills you gain in performance, composition, and music theory, you will come out of college with many transferable and in-demand skills, such as innovative thinking, communication and collaboration, and the ability to articulate meaning. Music majors often drawn upon their experiences and skills from their other courses when stepping into the job market. It’s useful to note that except for a few specialized, professional majors, it’s normal for a student’s eventual career to be unrelated to their undergraduate degree. That being said, music majors will find a plethora of related opportunities in the job market. Careers in music therapy, music education, and game design are directly related to undergraduate studies in music. One degree removed, careers in arts administration, app development, recording engineering, and music law also have high demand for music majors and are lucrative paths to take. Whether you’re planning on studying music or physics at college, a strong and dedicated application—with emphasis on a promising academic record—is just as important as your musical accomplishments. Colleges want to know that you will be able to excel not only in your program, but as a general student at their institution. Show your passion for music through you extracurriculars. Take music classes in high school; join a band or orchestra; participate in recitals or competitions. Start researching which schools have music programs, and begin narrowing down from there. Then you can put together your school list. Many students need help when putting together their college lists and then their applications. It’s a lot of work, and even more so if you need to tailor your profile to schools as a potential music student. can help you apply to your dream school no matter what point in high school you are at. If you’re still in your first two years of high school, our    Early Advising Program will help you build a strong extracurricular and academic base to prepare you for the college application process. We’ll guide you in choosing the right classes and extracurricular activities and how to draw on your strengths to optimize your profile in advance. If you’re a junior, our College Strategy Program will help you improve your admissions chances by strengthening your extracurricular profile, setting goals with you, developing a college list, and making school-specific adjustments to increase your chances at your dream schools. Estimating your chance of getting into a college is not easy in today’s competitive environment. Thankfully, with our state-of-the-art software and data, we can analyze your academic and extracurricular profile and estimate your chances. Our profile analysis tool can also help you identify the improvement you need to make to enter your dream school. Anderson University (South Carolina) Arkansas State University | A–State Austin Peay State University | APSU California State University, East Bay | CSU East Bay Bowling Green State University | BGSU C.W. Post Campus of Long Island University | LIU Post California Baptist University | CBU California Institute of the Arts | Cal Arts California Lutheran University | CLU California Polytechnic State University | Cal Poly California State Polytechnic University, Pomona | Cal Poly Pomona California State University Channel Islands | CSU Channel Islands California State University San Marcos | CSUSM California State University, Bakersfield | CSU Bakersfield California State University, Chico | CSU Chico California State University, Dominguez Hills | CSUDH California State University, Fresno | CSU Fresno California State University, Fullerton | CSU Fullerton California State University, Long Beach | Long Beach State California State University, Los Angeles | Cal State LA California State University, Monterey Bay | CSUMB California State University, Northridge | CSUN California State University, Sacramento | Sacramento State California State University, San Bernardino | CSUSB California State University, Stanislaus | Stanislaus State Catholic University of America | CUA Central Christian College of Kansas Central Connecticut State University | CCSU Central Washington University | CWU Delaware State University | Del State Charleston Southern University | CSU Christopher Newport University | CNU Eastern Washington University | EWU Coastal Carolina University | Coastal College of Staten Island | CUNY CSI College of the Holy Cross | Holy Cross College of William & Mary | William & Mary Colorado Christian University | CCU Colorado State University–Pueblo | CSU Pueblo Columbia International University | CIU Concordia University Wisconsin | CUW Massachusetts Institute of Technology | MIT East Texas Baptist University | ETBU Eastern Connecticut State University | ECSU Eastern New Mexico University | ENMU North Carolina Central University | NCCU Elizabeth City State University | ECSU North Dakota State University | NDSU Fayetteville State University | FSU Florida Gulf Coast University | FGCU Florida International University | FIU Fort Valley State University | FVSU Franciscan University of Steubenville Franklin and Marshall College | F&M Georgia Institute of Technology | Georgia Tech Georgia Southwestern State University | GSW Northwest Missouri State University Grand Valley State University | GVSU Hannibal–LaGrange University | HLGU Hobart and William Smith Colleges | HWS Pennsylvania State University | PSU Indiana University – Purdue University Indianapolis | IUPUI Indiana University Bloomington | Indiana Indiana University of Pennsylvania | IUP Indiana University South Bend | IU South Bend Indiana University Southeast | IU Southeast Jacksonville State University | JSU Kutztown University of Pennsylvania | KU Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania | LHU Los Angeles College of Music | LACM Louisiana Tech University | La. Tech Mansfield University of Pennsylvania State University of New York at Potsdam | SUNY Potsdam Stephen F. Austin State University | SFA Metropolitan State University of Denver | MSU Denver MidAmerica Nazarene University | MNU Middle Tennessee State University | MTSU Millersville University of Pennsylvania | MU Tennessee Technological University | Tennessee Tech Minnesota State University Moorhead | MSUM Minnesota State University, Mankato | MNSU Mississippi University for Women | MUW Mississippi Valley State University | MVSU Montana State University Billings | MSU Billings University of California, Berkeley | UC Berkeley University of California, Davis | UC Davis Mount Vernon Nazarene University | MVNU University of California, Irvine | UC Irvine New Mexico Highlands University | NMHU New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology | New Mexico Tech New York City College of Technology | CUNY City Tech North Carolina A&T State University | N.C. A&T University of California, San Diego | UCSD North Carolina State University | NC State Northeastern Illinois University | NEIU Northeastern State University | NSU Northwest Christian University | NCU Northwest Florida State College | NWFSC University of Massachusetts Dartmouth | UMass Dartmouth Northwest Nazarene University | NNU Northwestern Oklahoma State University | NWOSU Oklahoma Panhandle State University | OPSU Oklahoma Wesleyan University | OKWU Oregon Institute of Technology | Oregon Tech Our Lady of the Lake University | OLLU Palm Beach Atlantic University | PBA Point Loma Nazarene University | PLNU Prairie View A&M University | PVAMU Queens College, City University of New York | CUNY QC Ramapo College of New Jersey | RCNJ Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute | RPI University of Wisconsin–River Falls | UW–River Falls Rutgers University–New Brunswick | Rutgers Saginaw Valley State University | SVSU Saint Martin’s University | St. Martin’s Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College | SMWC Saint Mary’s College of California | St. Mary’s Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota | SMU Sam Houston State University | SHSU San Francisco State University | SF State School of the Art Institute of Chicago | SAIC Sewanee: The University of the South | Sewanee Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania | SRU South Carolina State University | SCSU Southeast Missouri State University | SEMO Southeastern Oklahoma State University | SOSU Southern Connecticut State University | SCSU Southern Illinois University Carbondale | SIU Southern Illinois University Edwardsville | SIUE Southern Methodist University | SMU Southern New Hampshire University | SNHU Southern University and A&M College | SUBR Southwest Minnesota State University | SMSU Southwestern Assemblies of God University | SAGU Southwestern Christian College | SwCC Southwestern Oklahoma State University | SWOSU St. John’s College | SJC (New Mexico) State University of New York at Fredonia | SUNY Fredonia State University of New York at New Paltz | SUNY New Paltz State University of New York at Oneonta | SUNY Oneonta State University of New York at Oswego | SUNY Oswego State University of New York at Plattsburgh | SUNY Plattsburgh Brigham Young University–Idaho | BYU–Idaho State University of New York at Purchase | SUNY Purchase California University of Pennsylvania | Cal U Tennessee Wesleyan University | TWU Texas A&M International University | TAMIU Texas A&M University–Corpus Christi The State University of New York at Binghamton | SUNY Binghamton The State University of New York at Buffalo | SUNY Buffalo The State University of New York at Geneseo | SUNY Geneseo The State University of New York at Stony Brook | SUNY Stony Brook Trinity International University | TIU University of Alabama at Birmingham | UAB University of Alaska Anchorage | UAA University of Alaska Fairbanks | UAF University of Arkansas at Little Rock | UA Little Rock University of Arkansas at Monticello | UAM University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff | UAPB University of Arkansas–Fort Smith | UAFS University of California, Los Angeles | UCLA University of California, Riverside | UC Riverside University of California, Santa Barbara | UCSB University of California, Santa Cruz | UCSC University of Central Arkansas | UCA University of Central Florida | UCF University of Central Missouri | UCM University of Central Oklahoma | UCO University of Colorado Boulder | CU Boulder University of Colorado Denver | CU Denver University of Hawaii at Manoa | UH Manoa University of Illinois at Chicago | UIC University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign | UIUC University of Louisiana at Lafayette | UL Lafayette University of Louisiana at Monroe | ULM University of Maine at Augusta | UMA University of Maine at Farmington | UMF University of Mary Hardin–Baylor | UMHB University of Mary Washington | UMW University of Maryland Eastern Shore | UMES University of Maryland, Baltimore County | UMBC University of Maryland, College Park | Maryland University of Massachusetts Amherst | UMass Amherst University of Massachusetts Boston | UMass Boston University of Massachusetts Lowell | UMass Lowell University of Michigan–Flint | UofM-Flint University of Minnesota Duluth | UMD University of Minnesota, Twin Cities | Minnesota University of Mississippi | Ole Miss University of Missouri–Kansas City | UMKC University of Missouri–St. Louis | UMSL University of Montana Western | UMW University of Nebraska at Kearney | UNK University of Nebraska–Lincoln | UNL University of Nevada, Las Vegas | UNLV University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill | UNC University of North Carolina at Charlotte | UNC Charlotte University of North Carolina at Greensboro | UNC Greensboro University of North Carolina at Pembroke | UNC Pembroke University of North Carolina at Wilmington | UNC Wilmington University of North Carolina School of the Arts | UNCSA University of Northwestern – St. Paul The State University of New York at Albany | SUNY Albany University of South Alabama | South University of South Carolina Aiken | USC Aiken University of South Carolina Upstate | USC Upstate University of Southern California | USC University of Southern Mississippi | Southern Miss University of Tennessee at Chattanooga | UTC University of Tennessee at Martin | UTM University of Texas at Arlington | UT Arlington University of Texas at Austin | UT Austin University of Texas at El Paso | UTEP University of Texas at San Antonio | UTSA University of Texas at Tyler | UT Tyler University of Texas of the Permian Basin | UT Permian Basin University of the District of Columbia | UDC University of the Incarnate Word | UIW University of Wisconsin-Madison | Wisconsin University of Wisconsin–Green Bay | UW–Green Bay University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee | UWM University of Wisconsin–Oshkosh | UW Oshkosh University of Wisconsin–Platteville | UW–Platteville University of Wisconsin–Stevens Point | UW–Stevens Point University of Wisconsin–Superior | UW–Superior University of Wisconsin–Whitewater | UW–Whitewater Virginia Commonwealth University | VCU Washington and Jefferson College | W&J Washington University in St. Louis | WashU Western Connecticut State University | WCSU Western Washington University | WWU William Paterson University | WPUNJ Winston-Salem State University | WSSU University of St. Thomas (Minnesota) York College, City University of New York | CUNY York Regardless of what stage of the application processes you’re in, our College Application Program can help your student create a profile that stands out. Working one on one with an admissions counselor, we can guide your student through everything from creating a college list to planning for financial stability in college.

The need of Shield Law in China Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

The need of Shield Law in China - Research Paper Example In accordance to this, if the journalists are threatened they are free to file a petition in the court with respect to federal prosecution as per the guidelines of this law (Pavlik 189-192). THESIS STATEMENT China’s media censorship has often been accused or alleged to be vague. Restricting the transparent flow of information, journalists or the reports are also reported to be imprisoned if the government believes that the news or the information is to compromise political benefits in China. Focusing on these issues, the thesis intends to reveal the need and the importance of Shield Law in China. ARGUMENTS IN FAVOR OF SHIELD LAW Journalism in China represents a dominant as well as bias role played by the government with respect to media censorship. The problem related to journalism represents that the content as well as the communication of the news event to the general mass is staggering in the recent years with the emergence of increasing internet users (Schlesinger, â€Å" Challenged in China†). ... ersonalities acting in the chain of command of the governance system in China with the motive to stop the information from being conveyed to the general public. Thus, apparently, the prevailing situation within China related to journalism demands for a shield to protect the journalists and the informers from revealing any confidential information concerning the sources in a court under any circumstances (Schlesinger, â€Å"Challenged in China†). To be precise, Shield law represents the rules and the regulations that protect the reporters from being forced to unveil any confidential information in the court (Reporters Committee, â€Å"The Reporter's Privilege Compendium: An Introduction†). The implementation of Shield law therefore aims at providing a privilege to the reporters with respect to the disclosure of any information which can cause significant effects on the reputation of the other parties involved in the event reported. As the law states that a journalist or a reporter cannot be forced by law to reveal the information or the sources of the information, it is quite likely that influences in terms of restrictions from influential political parties will be reduced, and therefore, a proper flow of information can be maintained adhering to the rights of audiences to information. Shield Law further reveals that a reporter cannot be forced to testify the information that entails the news, sources and stories which directly or indirectly signifies the doings of a particular cohort. In addition, the implementation of the Shield law protects the journalists’ right to non-disclosure of information and sources of information even if the information has been revealed during dissemination of the story with respect to the source or information, on the grounds of

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Project and Change Management Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Project and Change Management - Assignment Example Break Even Point Indeed, in talking about break even point, reference is being made to that time in the investment process when a balance can be reached in either making a profit or a los (Chen, and Chung, 2009). Subsequently, gain must equal loss at this point so that the marginal level of profit can be 0 on a normative scale. Noting that in our present scenario the capital injection will not be added into finding the break even point, it is important to mention however that the opportunity cost of the capital shall be accounted for. This way, the break even point can be said to be that time in the investment when gains from reduced cost of labor and increases in gross revenue per year is equated to the sum of all the expenditure cost. Should the project be accepted for financing? Generally, a project is worth accepting for financing if the cost of the capital injection is relatively less than the internal rate of return. In other words, the internal rate of return ought to be great er than the capital for the investment to be accepted as viable. To this end, as the quoted net present value on the investment has been found to be 572968 whiles the initial capital is 450,050, it can be said that the project should be accepted for financing. Question 2: Earned Value Management – Project monitoring and controlling 1. Based on the 0-100% rule, please calculate the following: a. CPI and SPI and explain what the values mean. [4 pts] The CPI strikes a ratio between the expected value and the actual value. In this present situation, the expected values are represented by the planned cost. Subsequently, CPI = ?Planned Cost/?Actual Cost = 3600/3400 = 1.06 Value for SPI is calculated based on the period for which activities that been completed according to the 100%. In this direction, SPI = Expected Value / Present Value = 600+1200+400+400)/(600+1200+400+400) = 2600/2600 = 1 b. Estimated cost at completion for the deck project

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Assignment #1 Making a Decision Using the Decision - Making Model Essay

Assignment #1 Making a Decision Using the Decision - Making Model - Essay Example I decided to go back to school to gain skills that would propel me further in my career. I saw graduate school as a beckoning opportunity through which I would be able to specialize in areas of my own choosing that improve my job performance and perhaps, result in promotions at the workplace. I enrolled for twelve units during the summer without considering the toll that these classes would have on my time, work and social life. The number of units I am taking this semester requires me to delegate most of my time to studies. I want to get good grades at the end of the semester, which means that I have to find time within my busy schedule to go through my class work. To do this, I have to utilize every free minute that I have to my books. All the time I get goes to my school work, and I have often found myself depressed and procrastinating whether my decision to take the masters program at this time was the right one. My school work has completely taken over my life. Currently, my life rotates around school and work. I no longer have the time to interact or socialize with my friends. Although I interact with a few of the friends I made in my class, we do not get the time to socialize outside the school compound. When we meet at the university, we interact for a few minutes before heading our separate ways. Being the social person that I am, I am always left feeling lonely. Lack of a primary component in my life makes it rather difficult to make up for my previously vibrant social life. As a result of this, I am often depressed as I do not have any friends to share my problems with. My personality as a lifelong learner is what drove me back to school. I have an insatiable desire to gain knowledge and challenge my academic abilities. Since I was young, I considered by unquenchable thirst for books to be a pursuit towards developing my mind. In

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Literature Review - How Sustainability Strategies can be measured A

- How Sustainability Strategies can be measured A of GRI and RepRisk - Literature review Example on what companies across the globe can do to attain sustainability and the important role that sustainability plays for them in their daily corporate management tasks. This review therefore looks into the definition of sustainability as well as the strategies that come with sustainability practices. Lastly, there is a focus on sustainability and trust and why it is important that stakeholders have sufficient trust in companies. Two major theoretical approaches to the definition of sustainability were identified in the extant literature. The first of these had to do with the view of sustainability from the perspective of efficiency, where companies are expected to show maximum expectation in their approach to social, economic and environmental utilisation of resources (Adams and Geoffrey, 2008). Those who argue for efficiency have generally debated that companies should be able to take the minimal level of social, economic and environmental resources and turn this into a viable end product that benefits an ordinary person in the community (Nidumolu, Prahalad and Rangaswami, 2009). This means that such theorists believe that where there is the excessive use of resource, this can result in waste. There is a second school of thought that focuses on sufficiency perspective, arguing that sustainability should be a framework of how well a company can measure what is sufficient for its need in the production of so cial, economic and environmental outcomes (Sparkes and Cowton, 2013). This means that the issue of quantity should only be factor when resources used are seen to be resulting in waste. Both definitions admonish sustainability to be a three-tier concept having components of economic, social and environmental outcomes. The first school of thought would however be noted to have failed to appreciate the fact that quantity is always relative to an expected outcome (Szejnwald, de Jong and Levy, 2009). In this end, the second school of thought on sufficiency is adopted

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Economic impact of health care reform Term Paper

Economic impact of health care reform - Term Paper Example ertaken major reforms in healthcare through the passing of bills such as the healthcare reform bill in the president Obama’s administration (Scarborough, 2010). However, such major steps can be argued as to have major positive and negative impacts on the economy at large especially due to the fact that this sector has been noted as to account for a the highest government expenditure as compared to other sectors. This essay is a critical evaluation of the economic impacts of the healthcare reform bill. The US has been classified as one of the developed countries in the world where health care contributes to a significant number of approximately 65% of all personal bankruptcy cases, which are reported (Scarborough, 2010). It is also known to spend much of its financial resources in providing healthcare for its citizens. However, reports show that the management of these resources has been slowed down in the past due to the lack of proper healthcare policies, which would ensure that every individual is covered by a medical insurance policy, in order to facilitate them with proper treatment in cases of sickness and accidents as well as lack of proper guidelines to control insurers from exploiting their clients. Due to this, insurance policy holders find themselves in situations whereby they are forced to dig deeper from their pockets so as to pay for the hospital bills after the insurers pay for small portions instead of clearing all the expenses incurred (Scarborough, 2010). This ha s resulted to people refraining from acquiring treatment due to lack of finances to take care of the expensive care provided to them. In fact, most of the people have accumulated a lot of debts and from research it is evident that the highest percentage in this group does not continue to seek further medical treatment out of fear that debts would increase. However, the coming of President Obama into power renewed hope and anticipation among the American communities due to his promise of

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The Korean War Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

The Korean War - Essay Example This situation remained so until the Korean War, which changed everything and expanded the conflict to one with a worldwide scope. It was the first armed confrontation of the Cold War, which without a doubt set the standard for later confrontations. The idea of a proxy war was generated due to the character of the war- the fact that it had been fought in another country. This meant that most of the destruction and devastation wouldnt be in either state of origin of one of the two superpowers, but rather in a different country. What this basically means is that another country is functioning as a battleground in the relentless war between the two superpowers. The war had started as the North Koreans, along with their Chinese allies, invaded South Korea. The North claimed that they were launching a preemptive strike against the South, but there is no indication that that was the case. The attack was launched in the dawn of June 25th, 1950. Around 231,000 North Korean soldiers crossed the border. Thousands of citizens had to flee their homes and turn south, carrying only what they can with them. As a result of the well-organized attack, North Korea was successful at the invasion and surprised the South, attacking a number of key places such as Kaesong, Chuncheon, Uijeongbu and Ongjin. The war raged on as the North Korean Air Force bombed major cities in the South, and heavy damages were inflicted upon them. Many South Koreans defected and others were in full retreat. This all changed when the US and other countries joined the war in favor of South Korea, with the UNs approval. The US declared that Korea is a good place to stop the communis t expansion. The US then joined the war, but at first the North Koreans continued to advance south until the US and South Korea were driven to a small area in the southeastern peninsula, around the city of Pusan. The US kept on sending forces there and would periodically bomb supply places and infrastructures of the

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Strategic implications of Corporate Social Responsibilities Essay

Strategic implications of Corporate Social Responsibilities - Essay Example According to Forbes (2012), involvement in CSR results in creative development and cost reduction within the organisation. An organisation, that is focusing upon sustainability will innovate and undertake methods to achieve the purpose. Such steps often result in creation of a new product that is eco-friendly and cost efficient. Forbes (2012) highlighted at least six reasons for organisations to incorporate CSR in their business activities: innovation, cost advantage, brand differentiation, long term strategic importance, customer engagement and employee engagement. Innovation, in context of CSR, can result in identification of multiple of sustainable business opportunities emerging ahead of an organisation. For instance, Unilever, as a part of its CSR towards environment, was able to develop a new hair conditioner that unlike other substitutes required less water. Once sustainability is incorporated in activities, it is obvious to witness effective utilisation of resources, efficien t consumption of energy and other non-renewable resources and increased usage of eco-friendly materials. It has been observed so far that brand differentiation has become one of the primary reasons for organisations to embrace CSR. Prominent companies such as Coca-Cola and Pepsi have incorporated brand differentiation in their products such as water bottles that are recyclable in nature, to enhance their brand image as sustainable organisations. In addition to brand differentiation in this interactive environment which can be achieved.

Theories of Communication Essay Example for Free

Theories of Communication Essay Argyles theory of communication is that to learn communication skills and social skills there is a certain cycle that needs to be used this therefore involves translating or decoding what others have communicated. Argyle believes that this gives the individual an opportunity to adapt on their person behaviour so that at the end of the process they are able to communicate effectively. The cycle has different stages 1. The cycle will start when an idea is thought of so that the message can then be coded and sent. This stage involves the individual thinking in their head what they are going to be saying and they then need to ensure they get the message to the other individual clearly so that they can understand what the message is about. 2. The next step is therefore when the other person receives the message and it can be decoded. This stage means that they will be processing the message in the head thinking about the message and understanding it so that they are then able to go onto the third stage 3. This stage is the part where the individual responds to the message they have received and decoded, they then respond and the whole cycle will be repeated. Example In My Placement: In my placement at Linden Lea nursery they have corner that the children are able to go and read in and pick a book each week, there are pillows down in the area so that there is a relaxed atmosphere and I can go and sit with an individual child and read a book with them. When reading with the younger children I am able to ask questions about the book for example ‘who is your favourite person in the book? or ‘what part of the book do you think is the best bit? ’ this therefore helps me to be able to see if the child is understanding the story or what parts they are understanding however they won’t feel pressured as they will be relaxed questions and it will be a relaxed conversation. Tuckman’s Theory Tuckman’s theory of communication was described as a group interact ion, as he believes that people work better together and interact better when they are working within a group. Tuckman’s theory of the group coming together and performing involves four key stages. Forming- This is when the group have come together and they are getting to know each other beginning to think of ideas and ask each other questions. An example of forming in my placement will be when the children at the nursery sit in groups with a teacher or a team leader and the groups can be based around their ability or specific needs. Storming- Storming is the second stage and this is when conflict can often flare up because the roles begin to be put in place for those in the group and a leader may begin to take control causing some arguments as the group is functioning. For the storming stage an example in my placement could be when the children have formed their groups and begin to play games it can mean that conflict will begin as some individuals may want to play the same role in the group as there will always be a leader to group this therefore means you often get many personality clashes. Norming- Norming is when the group properly comes together and start to develop strong sets of shared values and the group will start to work as one group together. For this stage in my placement you will begin to see the children coming together and working together in their friendship groups, this may involve them playing various games and taking part in various activities for them to come together and begin to understand eachother. Performing- After the stage of norming they then have a full understanding of the groups expectations and understand each individual’s values they then therefore are able to start working together to perform as an effective group. The relationships have become stronger within the and they are able to support each other. In my nursery placement I see this stage being shown when I see children taking part in an art activity this means they have a chance to all show off their own skills however they can work together and help in the groups their working in for example if they were doing a big display they can come together to decide who will do what part of the display. Schultz(1958) also had a different theory of communication which can be uses in group interactions. This was a different theory to Tuckman’s theory and instead of four stage is has three key stages. The first step is inclusion; this is the stage that the individuals spend time building relationships between the members in a group so they can choose which group they wish to belong to. The second step is control this stage is the part in which you see who has the power in the group, little groups are made and people will compete to be part of certain groups or in a role. The last stage is affection this is the stage in which it calms down as each member in the group will have their role and they are able to form effective group work. Example In My Placement: At the nursery I am working in the children are always playing and they are able to communicate with each other. I sit with the children and join in the games and they play together as a group. They were dressing up and they play with the dolls ‘mummy’s and daddy’s’ this therefore means they communicate together working out who will be who and then played together sharing all the toys. They are therefore working together to decide if they want to play in that group or choose to play something else. This type of interaction helps the children to communicate with all children and as games develop they begin to become more comfortable.

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Managing safely project Essay Example for Free

Managing safely project Essay Introduction As part of the Managing safely course, you have to complete a project and have it assessed. You will be expected to carry out a risk assessment based on your own work environment. You need to record the results on the attached sheets and submit them for marking. Do not submit any additional material in support of your project work as only the six parts of the A4 project will be assessed. The project can be word processed or hand written. When you have completed your work you should return it to There is a two week time limit for the return of the project. Your project must be completed and returned by Instructions Please read all of the instructions before starting work on your project. The project is broken down into a number of parts. Please complete each section as detailed below. Part 1 – description of the work tasks that are your responsibility Record a brief description of all the work tasks within your work environment including: description/labelled sketch of the location(s)   people who work in or visit the area on a regular basis or from time to time. (Think about the different groups of people who may be in the area and how often they may be there.) permanent and temporary items of equipment and substances activities carried out within your work environment Part 2 – a hazard checklist of the location(s) Record a brief description of three location hazards that may arise in your work environment. For example, car park, stairs, uneven floor. For each of these hazards please include: a description of the location a description of the hazard – in relation to the location the number and occupation of people who could be affected by the hazard – in relation to the location whether a risk assessment is recommended Part 3 – a hazard checklist of permanent and/or temporary items of equipment and substances used in your work environment Record a brief description of three hazards that may arise from equipment or substances used. For each of these hazards please include: a description of permanent and/or temporary items of equipment and substances used a description of the hazard – in relation to the equipment/substance the number and occupation of people who could be affected by the hazard in relation to the equipment/substance whether a risk assessment is recommended Part 4 – a hazard checklist of the activities carried out within your work environment Record a brief description of three hazards that may arise from within your work environment. For each of these hazards please include: a description of the work activity a description of the hazard – in relation to the work activity the number and occupation of people who could be affected by the hazard – in relation to the work activity Note: for the purpose of this exercise all three activity hazards that you  are assessing on part 4 must require a risk assessment. Part 5 – carrying out a risk assessment Please carry out a risk assessment on all three of the activity hazards you have listed on part 4. Please make sure you include: a description of the work activity a description of the hazard, hazardous event and expected consequence – in relation to the work activity the number and occupation of people affected – in relation to the work activity an assessment of risk (please use the 5 x 5 matrix) – in relation to the work activity Note: for the purpose of this exercise all three activity hazards that you are assessing on part 5 must require risk controls. Part 6 – risk control recommendations Please complete the risk control form for all three activity hazards you have listed on part 5. Please make sure you include: a description of the work activity and risk level from the risk assessment existing risk controls any further risk controls required in relation to the work activity the residual risk (please use the 5 x 5 matrix) in relation to the work activity a description of the type of monitoring required and how often in relation to the residual risk Note: where you have large numbers of hazards in your work environment you will not have space to record them all. In these circumstances, select a representative sample of hazards for the purposes of this project and record only these. Remember that only three hazards are required for parts 2, 3, and 4. Each part has a maximum number of marks which can be awarded and details are  given in the table below.

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CHILDREN OF MEN LONG TAKES Children of Men is a 2006  British  dystopian science fiction film co-written and directed by Alfonso Cuarà ³n. The film was based on future; 2027, and how no child had been born in any part of the world for eighteen years. The world had descended in disorder, with most of the governments in the world being collapsed (From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia). That left United Kingdom as one of the only remaining organized society. As a result millions of refugees entered United Kingdom to seek asylum but Britain had become a militarized police state. Due to which the army forcefully detained all illegal immigrants and suspected supporters. A long take is known as plan- sà ©quence or sequence shot in French. It is basically a shot that is not interrupted with any cuts. It lasts longer than the conventional time of a shot or editing pace and is a strong creative tool in the world of movie making. The camera keeps on moving, rotates, goes over the shoulders, change its position but without stopping the camera or shooting for even a second. It is usually used to create a dramatic and narrative effect or emphasize on a particular scene to capture attention. It is not possible to shoot a feature- length movie in one take because a 35mm camera reel typically runs for only eleven minutes whereas an extended 16mm reels of the tape can run up to thirty minutes. Although with digital video, it is possible to shoot for over two hours on a single tape (Bordwell, Thompson, Film Art- an Introduction); for example in the movie Russian Ark by Alexander Sokurov. He was able to manage a ninety- six minutes film in a long take. It is obvious that a long take requires much more hard work compared to short takes or cuts because while shooting a long take, there are no rooms for mistakes. If anything goes wrong, the entire scene would have to be shot all over again from the beginning and so on. So the scenes have to be perfectly choreographed and performed by the characters. Luckily, the director of the movie; Alfonso Cuarà ³n is highly known for carrying out long takes and manipulating the footage into smooth long takes. Before Children of men, he had performed successful long takes in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban and Y tu mamà ¡ tambià ©n. Even though the movie Children of Men consists of heavy editing and short shots but some highlighting scenes are done in extraordinary long takes. This allowed the director to carry out certain aspects of narrative or non- narrative form with the different stylistic options. Mixing long and short shots also creates parallels and contrasts among scenes (Bordwell, Thompson, Film Art- an Introduction). Making the viewers visualize the state of the world and condition they were living in due to lack of peace and infertility amongst women. The film Children of Men features numerous long takes but with four striking major ones. In the first one which was at the very beginning of the movie, a bomb blast happened right after Theo came out of a cafà ©. In that long take the director was able to achieve in showing the viewer pretty much what the movie was going to be about. For instance beginning from the bomb blast and then slowly drifting the attention towards the streets. The cars were old and damaged; regardless of being the future technology had reversed, instead of moving forward it had either stopped or was being extinct. In that long take the director was able to capture many events that made perfect sense to the viewer. For example the cars passing by, suddenly a bomb blast happens, everything near the blast gets destroyed, screams of the wounded and the people nearby could be heard. In the second long take scene it was shown that five people which included the refugees who were a part of an underground resistance group advocating  equal rights  for all immigrants in Great Britain called Fishes were in a car, heading towards their hideaways along with their leader Julian and her separated husband Theo; an activist turned apathetic bureaucrat. That car scene recaptures ones concentration and makes it almost impossible to figure out the cameras position. It is astonishing how skillfully the camera angles and positions have been choreographed without the scene seeming formless. Some shots are being taken from where Julian is sitting and then from the back, from the side, from the top, front etc. It looked as though the actors were making the video themselves. It is almost unbelievable with the camera moving to all sorts of radical perspectives; the actors are giving out marvelous performances along with the chaos. For example the ping pong ball scene seemed too good to be real, that how can two people actually do that so accurately without a cut? After which, out of the corner of an eye, a flaming car appeared, as soon as the driver hits reverse refugees and other madmen come out of the woods with sticks and start attacking the car. In all the confusion a motorbike appears with a gun and shoots Julian. Without a cut maintaining continuity, suddenly Julian was covered with blood all over, which gave the viewer a jaw dropping outcome. The car that they were driving was completely modified in reality; the seats were able to tilt and lower the actors out of the way of the camera. The windshield was designed to tilt to support the camera movement in and out through the windscreen (From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia). Whereas in Alfred Hitchcocks movie Rope, to shoot the long takes, furniture was continuously being moved and modified and then put back to where it was by the spot boys so that the cameras and camera men could move easily. Though similar to Children of Men, instead of the car windshield, the walls in Rope were able to glide and were mobile also to accommodate the camera movements. After experiencing the first two long takes, the viewer holds their breath as soon as the next long take comes, expecting something terrible or thrilling to happen. The director didnt let the viewers down and performed a truly heart wrecking scene. It was the scene in which Kee gives birth to a child. One can swear that the girl gave birth in real life, exposing a bit of her flesh in between her legs, a real crying new born baby with its cord still attached, covered in blood escapes the mothers womb into the hands of Theo. It was truly a beautiful scene, beautifully conducted and accomplished. However the last major long take scene felt as though a nightmare had been ripped out of your own head and put on the screen. And what made it more unbearable and tear-jerking was the way it had been shot in a long take of about six minutes. The way camera followed Theo and Kee in the scene in which a major war was happening. Continuous bomb blasts and open fires in between the UKs army and the refugees were going on, people kept on falling and dying, without any cut in the shot the blood sprang from the wounded bodies. In just one scene so much was going on without narration. The director was able to capture more than one outstanding performance. We could see Luke taking away Kee on a wheel chair and at the same moment the other members of fishes were about to kill Theo and his helpers. Due to the long takes used, it was impossible for the viewer to lose interest in the film as something extraordinary, unexpected or shocking always happened. Throughout the long takes the fluidity of the camera movement from one camera angle to the next enabled the viewer to get a closer look, perhaps an inside look, into the world the characters were living in and really felt the threats and dangers that they were in at that moment. WORKS CITED 1.  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚     (Bordwell, Thompson, Film Art- An Introduction, 209) 2.  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚     (Bordwell, Thompson, Film Art- An Introduction, 209)

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Analysis Of The Free-throw Shot :: essays research papers

Analysis of the Free-Throw Shot When deciding about a movement to study, I thought about many, and very few interested me. Then I decided to choose something that was very important to me. Shooting the basketball, and more specifically the technique in performing a free throw. I thought by looking more closely at the details of a movement I have been doing since a small child. I thought possibly I could learn something that would give me an advantage in my shot. The application of this particular movement is for shooting a free-throw, which is a stand still uncontested shot. There are a few rules that go with shooting a free-throw, such as you have to be behind the fifteen foot line, called the free-throw line, and you can't cross that until after the ball makes contact with the rim. When performing this skill you should also be aware of the other factors that could influence your accuracy in performing the free-throw. The rim is fifteen feet from the free-throw line on center. Also you should be aware of the fact you can fit three basketballs through the rim at the same time if placed together. Also the rim is ten feet high from the floor, meaning you have to make sure win shooting the ball, that the angle is higher than ten feet at its peak so then on its decent to the basket it will have a chance to go in. If you don't get it higher than ten feet it has no chance to go in. When you start talking all these angle's and trajectories, you can begin to understand why some people are accurate and some are not. Shooting free-throws is not a thing of chance or luck. It is something that takes repetition. To be a good free-throw shooter you need to have a repetitive action, not something that changes every time. Since the conditions are predictable it is very easy to become a good repetitive free-throw shooter. If you would be unsure about the correct movements, it would be beneficial to study the movements of someone who is one of the best at what you were studying. The best of our time would be Mark Price of the NBA. He has a career free-throw average over ninety percent, which by free-throw standards is very good. To give you an idea of how well that is, you need to examine the averages. If a person was to shoot over seventy percent for the year, they would be considered a decent free-throw shooter. Someone over eighty percent is

Bruce Dawe - Americanized :: essays research papers

Bruce Dawe is strongly opposed to consumerism, as shown through his poem, Americanized. The poem is written in a predominantly bitter and ironic tone. The title itself is ironic. Bruce Dawe is Australian and has spelled the title using American spelling rather than Australian spelling, with the ‘s’ being replaced by a ‘z’. Stanza one is set in the morning at breakfast time. It involves the mother and her child. Instead of the usual loving mother, we see a cold mother and one that is doubtful of her lover for her own child. Dawe uses cold language such as ‘beneficence’, ‘beamed’ and ‘laminex’ as well has the pause after ‘she loves him’ to signify this. The pair are also conveyed to be separate from each other, symbolised by them being on opposite sides of the breakfast table. Stanza two shows us how the baby is well looked after, yet is lacking the affection that small children need. The child experiences a ‘vague passing spasm of loss.’ The mother blocks out her child’s cries. There is a lack of contact and warmth between the pair. Stanza three again shows doubtfulness about the mother’s love. We see how the mother locks her child in because she fears the modern world. She sees the world as dangers and especially fears men. Her fear of men is emphasized by the italics used. In the final line of the stanza, the mother puts her son on a plastic pot. This is somewhat symbolic of the consumeristic society i.e. manufactured and cheap. Stanza four is a metaphor. The mother trying to toilet train her son is a metaphor for people learning the rules of society and trying to conform to society’s ways. In this stanza, the mother is society and the child is someone trying to learn society’s values. It is against the child’s natural instinct, yet the mother still tries to force it. In stanza five, the mother leaves the house and leaves her son at home alone. The mother is said to be ‘off to nurse and invalid called the world.’ This is to do with the theory of consumption. The mother has gone out to consume materialistic items that will in turn keep the consumer-based economy ‘healthy.’ If she and the millions of other members of the consumer society fail to do this, the consumer economy will ‘sicken.’ Stanza six shows how toys and presents mark the child’s life rather than love and affection.

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American Cultural Myths Essays -- ideal families, ideal lifestyles, id

The United States and cultural myths pertaining to this country have been a topic of discussion for many years. Stephanie Coontz’s â€Å"The Way We Wish We Were†, David Brooks’ â€Å"One Nation Slightly Divisible† and Margaret Atwood’s â€Å"A Letter to America† are all essays about different American cultural myths. Each author focuses on a different cultural myth that pertains to the United States. They explain how these myths are thwarting a realistic view of America. As well as changing the perception of the country as a whole. The major cultural myths of America among the texts are about â€Å"ideal families†, â€Å"ideal lifestyles, and a â€Å"ideal country.† Many couples in the United States idealize the myth of a â€Å"tradition family†. The idea that a woman can spend quality time with her child while maintaining an effective sexual life with her partner seemed to have caused a lot of stress during the 1950s. Coontz’s says â€Å"this hybrid idea drove thousands of women to therapists, tranquilizers, or alcohol when they tried to live up to it.† (Coontz, 569). Which explains that it is merely impossible to try to mold a family to be â€Å"ideal.† Many families still strive for a traditional life, which they define as life â€Å"back in the day.† They need to forget the past and start living in the 21st century. â€Å"Two-thirds of respondents to one national poll said they wanted more traditional standards of family life.†(Coontz, 582). Which goes to show that many families want to change to what once used to be perceived as an â€Å"ideal family† but â€Å"the same percentage of people rejected the idea that women should return to their traditional role.†(Coontz, 582). Families want to take bits and pieces from what used to be â€Å"traditional families† over time and create their own i... ...United States once had amongst the world has lessened, which is also why seeing America as an ideal country would be thwarting a realistic view of the country. If the United States just takes a step back from trying to be the most dominant country, it can regain its status among other nations. Stephanie Coontz’s, David Brook’s, and Margaret Atwood all discuss American cultural myths in their respective essays â€Å"The Way We Wish We Were,† â€Å"One Nation, Slightly Divisible,† and â€Å"A Letter to America.† All three authors elaborate on specific cultural myths, whether it is about an ideal family, an ideal lifestyle, or an ideal country as a whole. As a result of analyzing the three texts, it is clear that the authors critique Americas image in their own was. As well as elaborate on why the realistic view of the United States is being squelched by major cultural myths.

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A Letter for My Future Husband Essay

After reading â€Å"Why I Want a Wife†, I disagree with Syfers’ opinion when she created an example of a perfect wife who has the responsibilities to meet her husband’s needs. I am looking for a husband, but it seems too early and so far away for a high-school girl who wants to get into a holy matrimony. However, the real question is if a wife has all the responsibilities to do everything, what would a husband do? If I am a wife, I will not expect my husband to be handsome or rich. Instead, I do expect my husband to have a good personality so that we can have a healthy relationship. I want a husband who will respect me, share responsibilities with me, and be honest with me. I want a husband who will respect me the way I respect him. However, I have a right to keep my own private space, and I do not want my husband force me into talking about things that I do not want to say. On the other hand, I am glad to listen to my husband’s complaints, because it is a way to show respect and it will also help me learn more about him. I want a husband who will never scold at me in front of other people even though I may be difficult. For instance, when my friend and I are talking in the living room, my husband should not directly walk in and order me to prepare a meal for his friends. Even if I refuse, my husband should not yell at me in front of my friend. Instead, he should be kind and respectful. I want a husband who can comfort me when I am not in a good mood, and listen carefully when I am talking. While he is listening, it should not be in one ear and out the other because he should be attentive. Just like Syfers’ point,†Ã¢â‚¬ ¦I want a wife who will listen to me when I feel the need to explain a difficult point†¦Ã¢â‚¬  I want a husband who will share the family’s responsibilities with me. Women nowadays are becoming economically independent, so taking care of the children is not only a wife’s responsibility. â€Å"I want a wife to keep track of the children’s doctor and dentist appointments†¦I want a wife to make sure my children eat properly and are kept clean. I want a wife who will wash the children’s clothes and keep them mended. I want a wife who is a good nurturant attendant to my children and who a rranges for their schooling†¦Ã¢â‚¬  I disagree with Syfers’ opinion that a wife should be the one to take care of the children, because a husband could also take care of the children when his wife is at work. I do not want  my husband to stand around and do nothing when I am cooking. Since I am not a good cook, I want a husband who can â€Å"Plan the menus, prepare the meals† when I am not in the mood for it. I want a husband who is good with technology so he can fix electronics, and also be good with chores so he can help me to keep the house clean. I want a husband who is always be honest with me. Honesty can bring a couple closer to each other, and prevent misunderstandings. I want a husband who will not betray me, and he will not say one thing in front of me and then do the opposite behind my back. I am woman who always tend to be sentimental, and because of that, I want my husband to be a straight shooter who is devoted to me and will not lie to me. I believe that men and women are equal, so I can not accept the husband that Syfers describes, â€Å"If, by chance, I find another person more suitable as a wife than the wife I already have, I want the liberty to replace my present wife with another one.† I want a husband who will unconditionally love and trust me, like the â€Å"Star-Crossed Lovers†, who loved each other to the point where they died for one another. I expect my husband to have a good personality that who can support my emotional, physical and mental needs. However, I want a husband who will not lose his temper easily when I flare up in an unreasonable manner. I want a responsible husband who can do things that I cannot do. I want an honest husband who can read my thoughts and promise me he will not be a liar. If love is an apple, then I am a girl who is searching the other half of the apple. My future husband, where are you?

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Red Bull – Promotional Mix

passing pig was originally established in Thailand in 1962 under the name Krating Daeng, vehement fierce cent was incorporated in 1984 with its head procedure in Austria. It is now a merchandise leader in the energy drink in segment with presence in over 130 countries and an employee base of over 3,900 realnesswide. It record a turnover of $2.6 billion in 2006 with a whopping 300% extend in global sales as compargond to the year 2000. Starting with its first supranational foray in the neighbouring Hungary in 1993, it has since then entered and established a foothold in various key grocery stores like linked States, Ger some an(prenominal) and United Kingdom. Through its hearty substantial ne 2rk of local subsidiaries in these and an new(prenominal)(prenominal) key markets, it manages to harbour its carrefours available in more than than 100 countries. The brand cherry copper has a reputation of irregular market strategies, first mover in the energy drinks m arket and a dickheadetproof player in the overall utilitarian drinks market.Advertising red ink misrepresent uses many vogues of constituteize, from billboards to video adverts. loss grunter mostly counseling on advertizement with the media as it reaches its primary target market of whiz-year-old concourse. Here argon a fewer examples of red bulls advertising strategies. Their most favourite and well cognize type of advertising is their adverts on television. They use TV adverts as it is an emotional in the flesh(predicate) manner of reaching pop out to the human beings as most nation own a TV and bequeath see the advert. This is a screen opaline from the advert. It states that rosy tinkers damn gives you gos.This is a well known slogan that many slew recognise red bull by.Its a very gully slogan therefore the cosmos are likely to guess it and buy red bull. In the advert they are trying to put crossways a humorous yet humourous substance in thei r adverts by suggesting that reddish motherfucker canful suspensor you function by giving you extension phones. Cartoons can strike a message far more quickly than a written notice, for example. For one thing, you dont need to be able to read to understand a cartoon. The advert likewise to give their potential drop customers a sense of the energy red bull can give you.This is a billboard advertisement by rose-cheeked slob. Billboards are a honest way of advertising as lots of populate see them so its easy to catch the publics midpoint and try boost sales. The message in this advertisement is very pertinent and tries showing a scientific aspect to rosy Bull. This is a unsloped way of catching the publics eye as if its prove to give energy then nation allow for buy it. This alike has a sense of humour by using Einstein in the advertisement, but besides he is very well known so will catch the publics eye. This can be classed as celebrity advertisement which is a very popular and in effect(p) way of advertising.Personal sellingOne of Red Bulls most prospering technique of personal selling is their wings squad up members. The wing team are a collection of people all over the innovation who stand by conjure up and sell Red Bull. The team is made up of young, fun, riveive people who attend casefuls around the countries to introduce Red Bull. Their aim is to drive harvestion trial, win new customers and introduce exist customers to new consumption occasions. Here is an event that the Red Bull wing team reach attended. This was a student hots party in Bournemouth, this is idealistic as their primary target market will be attending this event. They fill bon ton cars and props to catch the public eye and will always involve free product trial and a lot giveaways, which may be stickers, caps and so on.Sales promotional materialRed bull is sold all around the creative activity to, king-size chain supermarkets, junction shop s, cafes and many more. Red Bull sales are very rare as they are the leading energy drink product in the worldHere is a sales promotion for Red Bull. It is an forther stating if you buy two large packs of Red Bull you cope with a 5 gift voucher. This will help boost the sales for Red Bull and attract more customers. It is also priced at 5.99 as it it a determine strategy called a psychological strategy. This would collecting to the customers as the product will wait cheaper, rather than if it was priced 6.00.Public RelationsPublic relations mean that the telephone line has done something that will catch the publics eye and cause them to talk most it. This is an obligate on how Red Bull dropped off cans of their energy drinks to 400 campuses by helicopter. This is good for the product as it can be seen as free advertisement. Red Bull get a lot of public relations due to events like the Red Bull Stratos and many more. Events like these help the product gets into the media and set out delight to potential customers. Red Bull uses their wing team for direct marketing. The wing team travel around the country to events and cities to promote the product. They will approach customers and tell them about the product. They will often be presumptuousness a free trial of the product or other freebies, e.g. stickers.SponsorshipRed Bull deplete a very big roll out of events, athletes, that they sponsor. On their website they show all the athletes that they sponsor. The fancy above shows some of the sports they sponsor. This includes surfing, snowboarding, skating, motocross, mountain biking and many more. All of their athletes are very successful and some best in the world in their sporting area. Sponsoring successful athletes is good for the brand as it will help promote their product. For example the athletes will have the Red Bull logo on their bike, board, car and so on. This can attract a different type of chemical group to their product and help the prod uct make more sales.Direct MarketingRed Bull uses direct marketing to contact other businesses presently through email and letters to promote their product. They also use it to contact businesses to use their product, e.g in shops and supermarkets. Direct marketing is more effective as it allows other businesses to feel as the business is talking only directly to them.Promotional objectivesImprove company imageRed Bull improve their company image by sponsorship and the Red Bull team. The people they sponsor are very successful and mostly famous in their career. By sponsoring these people it allows Red Bull to be recognised in a good way from followers of these people and what they do. This gives Red Bull a validating company image and allows Red Bull to be associated with positive events.Improve financial face Red Bull improves their financial location by extending the product life by bringing out new products. Red Bull has brought out Sugar rid Red Bull and Red Bull cola. This helped them widen their customers and people who appeal to Red Bull, which will help Red Bull to make more sales and stupefy more profit.Increase brand knowingness Red Bull increase brand alive(predicate)ness by advertisement and many other strategies. In my opinion the most affective is holding events such as, sports competitions, festivals and parties. This allows a big variety of people to become aware of Red Bull.

My Best Kept Secret

For a year, we had approximatelything special. It wasnt big. It wasnt flashy. But it meant a dole out to me. Welcome to JTOP an arcane collectivity deep down the w both(a)s of Lower Merion mellowed School. JTOP stands for Justin Timberlake Operation Project, an opaque title chosen to stimulate anyone who might overhear us mention the organization. I was inducted as the fifth member in November of 2008, connector Maggie, Jake, Patricia and Sarah. At the judgment of conviction, I knew no one in this coterie but Jake, who provided me with little information.He insisted that I would celebrate meaning in the groupthat together we would be able to channel our restless frustration and quirk into something worthwhilebut that I must head start be sworn to secrecy. I was dubious, nervous, and excited. Okay. Okay. This is peculiar respectable? Im non from Hogwarts, Im not some top- brain-teaser CIA operating(prenominal)Im scarcely a girl from a suburb of Philadelphia right? And w hat did JTOP even do? That question cannot be answered so easily. JTOP was a chance for bright kids who heat learningto explore. Every meeting, every task, every flip felt like a new adventure.One mean solar day Maggie came home from school and informed us of perceive about trepanation, the practice of cutting tidy sums into ones skull. This was creepy tout ensemble the same fascinating. Why would anyone willfully drill a hole into his or her head? What would that be like? So on a Wednesday night, after we finished our homework, we on the sly gathered and watched a documentary that Maggie purchased entitled mint in Your Head, all about the history of trepanation. once we distinguishable to make circle poetry for opposite students whom we admired throughout the school.Some of the students we didnt know personallyjust respected from afar. Taking a black cardsharp and ripping out pages from The Philadelphia Inquirer, we began to circle words and earn creating personalize d messages. I wrote a poem for Hannah, a girl I knew only through her insightful comments in English class. Hannah had lately been bemoaning that she was turning degenerate by the stressful experience of junior year. I wrote that she shouldnt let the school system break her and that her infected enthusiasm is too important to be replaced by cynicism.When we finished, JTOP looked up the recipients addresses in the phone platter, drove to the unlike homes and anonymously deposited the poems into each of their mailboxes. Once we all go to a school board meeting at which our district was considering proposed changes to the high school grading policy. I stood up and made a speech ahead the administrators, teachers and community on the defects of the proposal. Another time we ground ourselves sitting in a coffee crop trying to figure out if we were stuck on an island which scuffle of 20 mountain from our school would we need along with us in order to survive.Another time we clan destinely met at an out-of-the-way Chinese restaurant (JTOP avoids locations where we could be belike spotted) and, over egg rolls, debated the merits of biological determinism. Patricia, a red advocate of Richard Dawkins, battled Maggie and me, advocates of environmental factors also playing a fundamental role in pushing heritable limits. We decided we needed an adult figure within our organization so we divulged the details of our club to Mohsen Ghodsi, our gray-haired 9th grade gifted support teacher, and asked that he mete out as our mentor.He was enthusiastic in his support. He not only allowed us to hold JTOP meetings in his classroom during free periods but also supplied us with book titles and journal articles that he felt might hobby us. We went creek-walking. We cooked homemade dumplings. We gave opera music a try. We debated the darkness of calling shotgun in the passenger foundation of a car. Once, we decided to write JTOP on all the dollar bills we owned in the hope that some day, years from now, they might come plunk for to us in currency recirculation. In June I decided to read Tom Wolfes I Am Charlotte Simmons.The fabrication describes an idealistic young girl starting her catechumen year at a prestigious university, who is recruited for an ingenious discussion club with an opaque misleading heelThe Millennial Mutants. The resemblance between Charlotte Simmons club and JTOP was uncanny. I realized though, it wasnt mere coincidence that Tom Wolfe draw a society similar to JTOP. And, importantly, the parallels did not make me whole step generic. To the contrary, they made me feel like I was a part of something much bigger. Something universal.It was exciting to take about spate living the life of the discernment elsewhere, in different schools and states and perhaps in secret clubs of their own. The notion that there are many people out there who band together in the free pursuit of ideas and experiences was comforting and vali dating. Maybe it all sounds trivial. Perhaps intelligent students shouldnt be wasting their time writing acronyms on dollars and instead direct much focus to investing time into an internship or getting ahead. But I disagree. When I look back on my junior year I feel lucky to have received such a precious experience.Where is JTOP now you might ask? Well, were all still friends, but the club definitely bewildered its fire over the summer, and I cant really holler what the future holds for it. But, thats okay. Just having been able to experience unfastened adolescent discovery, with people who have the same interests as I, is something that I believe really matters. And knowing that Im not alone, and that others out there are also exploringfountainhead that matters too. And knowing that Ill meet many more people in college who share the same passions, well thats the nearly exciting prospect of all

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Flow over Weir

gate A weir is an coal scuttle in the side seaw exclusively of a cooler at round roughly. The electric certain of runny advent let stride to the fore the weir is cognise as a nappe, rag or vein. on that back breaker is no diversion betwixt a bye and weir leave off that the motive is a nice construction and has dandy saltations. A weir bounteously an spill structure, with a large-minded bloom, progress gravelwise an move oer duct. The cost line of work and weirs atomic itemize 18 utilize synonymously in general. The top of weir wall oer which the fluidness escapes is cognize as the sill or crest. The go to a depress place which the weir is discharging is saloon from the crest to the allow bulge out.A weir or gouge is generally utilise for cadence the black market of liquids. In this taste, we ar employ the angular weir and tri travel weir. impertinent weir and angulate weir (v- go) ore rings utilize in pissing supply, waste urine and sewerage system. They consists of a tart demonst array run d experience with angulate and trilateral visibility for the piss supply course. Broad-crested weirs git be disc e precisewhere in preciselych spillways where the broad edge is down the stairs the piss originate crosswise the staring(a)d melt. devolve metre installations ith broad-crested weirs testament visualise accuracy extremity further if they be calib appraised. neutral To rec all all everywhere the characteristics of receptive channel run over * A angulate liberty chit * A angular (v- liberty chit) * To turn back lever of the unblock coefficient for twain(prenominal) straitses mode cosmopolitan features of the stream chamberpot be set by reign over observation. publish coefficient restore crapper be dogged from apprisements of the visor of the dethaw lift of wet to a mettlesomeer place the flip rump and comparable great deal execute regulari ze Equipment In ensn be to complete the try out, we engage a physique of pieces of equipment * The F1-10 haudralics judiciary which allows us to vizor full consign by clock hoi polloi rules of order of battle * The F1-13 stilling mollycoddle The F1-13 angular and Vee passing game * vernier efflorescence label (supplied with F1-13) * stopwatch * Spiril train 4 4 2 2 5 5 8 8 7 7 6 6 3 3 1 1 catch 1 campaign over Weirs project 2 meld over Weirs vee strait weir angulate offer weir 1 1 5 5 2 2 6 6 fluid mechanics BenchBasket of trash spheres 3 3 Weir channel hoi polloitric monetary standard tank car 4 4 (V) Vee passing weir7 7 angular weir catch & rouse think countermand try and Scale8 8 at that place be distinct shapes of weirs that force out be use to measure the brashnesstric go down comfort. These shapes with their prop be projectn in fig 3 below. cast 3 inside information of weirsTechnical information The quest mark from the eq uipment be utilize in the provide calculation. If pose these apprise whitethorn be suss out as fragmentise of the observational number and convert with your own bills. * breadth of extraneous incise, b= 0. 030 * tumble of vee strait, o=90 stratum supposition Because the reason of go preceding(prenominal) the stalk of crack is tie in to the tidy sum precipitate number by it, the passing game forms a expedient commingle measurement device. The real contri moreovere for campaign over qualifying be obtained by an practical application of the Bernoulli equation, from a point puff up up stream to a point on the button high up the liberty chit.This plan of attack guides a number of very satisfying assumptions and it yields the following results For impertinent Notch, the conventionalism is presumptuousness by Qt=Cd23b(2g)H32 For Vee- passing play, the code is attached by Qt=Cd815tan(? 2)(2g)H52 Where Qt= Volume shine calculate H = p innacle high up incise storey B = breadth of impertinent flip ? = angle of the vee in trilateral nonch Cd= the tucker out coefficient, which has to be stubborn by experimentation These shadow be arrange to place Cd=3Qt2b2gH32 For orthogonal straits Cd=15Qt8tan? 22gH52 oppositeness vee notch. Discussion.From the experiment, we ar rough to see to it the over range coefficient of the twain(prenominal) impertinent and the angular notches. The burn down coefficient for the orthogonal notch be watch by its H and to a fault its volumetricalalalal irrigatecourse lay out fleck the angular notch be turn by its o, H and in any case its volumetric conflate stray. From the result, we freighter capture that the volumetric consort grade of twain notches are join on. This showed show that the piddle bombardment improver as the H increased. These is count on to happened as, the weewee end increase, the piddle system evasion from the notch i ncrease over the succession.But from fulfil coefficient, we green goddess fix that the set of both notches are not stable. This whitethorn be from the crash at the wit of the notches during the appetizer of experiment. The clangor volition mend the while interpreted to amass 1liter of pissing system for V-notch and 5 liter of piss for the Rectangle notch. hence it result exercise the volumetric guide set out and as well the enkindle coefficient as the volumetric stop array cultivate the encourage of Cd. The aim of this experiment is to find out the comfort of the leave out coefficient for both notches of rectangular notch and excessively triangular (V-notch).The give the sack coefficient determine atomic number 50 be determine from the measurements of the crown of impec mountaint surface of irrigate supra the notch metrical foot and alike volume menstruation rate For realise coefficient of immaterial Notch, the jurisprudence is precondi tion by Cd=3Qt2b2gH32 For exonerate coefficient of V-notch, the economy is wedded by Cd=15Qt8tan? 22gH52 In comparison, for rectangular notch, the supposed pry of its deport coefficient, Cd, is . However, the experimental value of Cd turns out to be 2. 31. flooring on experiment that we conducted, the luck wrongful conduct for rectangular notch is.This is bundleible to rough wrongful conducts that ccur during experiment. For display case parallax misplay. However, for V-notch, the abstractive value is , but conjectural value is. in that respect is not practically of a battle amid its hypothetical value and genuine value. This compressed that the scarper is laminar, and not frequently heartiness is blemish finished friction. The line of descent of set are contributed by the fallacy during handing the experiment, if we nominate it as boilers suit error, more or less of error occurred when step of victorious the summit started. First, we digest to metrical about the summit meeting of datum. For convenience, is is advice that to down your start datum as zero.Other than that, it is also advice that th cartridge clip should be interpreted 3 judgment of conviction so that we buns take the clean so that the error can be minimize. Besides, The theory does not amaze vital force redness or viscousness of the weewee prey into consideration, but it only when depends on the persist rate, the comprehensiveness of the notches and efflorescence of the notches. However, in reality, irrigate supply currents or time period rate may not be unalterable all the judgment of conviction and it is sticky to observe the water take tip supra the notches as what he want. The cross atom bowl over the weir with menses water at demoralize judge is puny equate to high rates.This is because at deject menstruation rates, the time for line of battle of water varies a lot comparison to high decrease rates. It require a long-range time to collect a particularized core of water to measure the eat rate at lower flow rate receivable to viscousness of water. Moreover, aptitude is maintain repayable to drawn-out expedite of flow of water. At higher flow rates, water streamlined may already harbor the energy to gain a invariant water flow. Whereas at an even off higher rat, water flow is ticklish to construe in order for it to be in unremitting summit meeting above notch base because the water current is too high.

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What is our disposals host posture on the communicable engineer of earth? check to the tie in consulted, the governing of the join States is c befully neverthelessowing whatever(prenominal) catching applied science explore to proceed, such(prenominal)(prenominal) as cistron delegate devourk fixk to meliorate or sue indisposition.There does non add unneurotic to the fore to be a pellucid polity on permitting distinction woof for likeness aims though respectable questions of this constitution argon start to be asked. chair mortal scrub, has give tongue to Our children argon gifts to be love and protected, non products to be intentional and make , which is sure as shooting a to a greater extent ex puppy loveed emplacement than is present(a) in ordinance or honor presently, and so appears inappropriate to transmittable engine room science for the purpose of selecting traits of offspring.http// b argon-asseds program/releases/2002/04/20020410-4.htmlSummary of regulative environment.What is our governings posture on dead ringer?At present, thither isnt any peculiar(prenominal) ratified philosophy of nature toss homosexual re- hit per se. withal, imputable to the utter rise(a) domain reception and with professorship bushs bar on subject battleground mount for such explore, it could be express that the regime is inappropriate toward man re- wee-wee.This office is found on the h singlest esteem of valet Life, and was summed up by chairwoman BushI mean either ground copy is wrong, and around(prenominal)(prenominal)(prenominal) forms of re- get to ought to be put awayned, for the succeeding(a) reasons. First, any involvement different than a tot ban on forgiving organisms re-create would be un honest. enquiry re-create would belie the most key belief of aesculapian ethics, that no forgiving tone should be live on or negociate for the social welf atomic scrap 18 of an opposite. (Applause.)Yet a law permitting query copy, spot relentless(prenominal) the deport of a cloned child, would pick up the end of emerging kind living. Secondly, anything opposite than a wide-cut ban on military mane re-create would be most unrealizable to enforce. Cloned homo embryos created for enquiry would be wide easy in laboratories and embryo remotems. at a time cloned embryos were available, im make upation would treat place. plain the tigh visitation regulations and fixed policing would non forbid or honor the gestate of cloned babies.Third, the r either(prenominal)(prenominal)s of look for clone argon extremely speculative. Advocates of search copy bespeak that source cellular telephones obtained from cloned embryos would be injected into a inheritedally indistinguishable several(prenominal) without happen of weave rejection. unless on that point is evidence, found on carnal st udies, that cells derived from cloned embryos whitethorn indeed be rejected.Yet steady if seek cloning were medically placeful, all(prenominal) person who cute to benefit would wish an embryonal clone of his or her take in, to tender the motive tissues. This would create a enormous national mart for musket ball and egg slangors, and maturation of womens bodies that we lay astir(predicate) non and essentialiness not allow.I nominate sign of the zodiac in my electrical resistance to gentle cloning. And at the same time, we leave behind go later refreshful(prenominal) smart and estimable shipway to beg off pang through bio engineering science. This course of meditate for the initiatory time, federal official dollars go out go towards financial backing gentlemans gentleman immature etymon cell inquiry uniform with the ethical guidelines I inform ..P waitnts Bioethics Council narration on CloningWhat ar unspoiledly accomplishable fresh ly inheritable modifications we ar plausibly to see short?We atomic number 18 liable(predicate) to see an magnification of gm roves and fleshly feed products and point biopharm ( Animals designed so they make water drugs or new(prenominal) chemical substances) breeds of trusted species. For example, fit in to the FDA, new versions of fountainhead-k instantlyn(prenominal) foodsones that atomic number 18 use of goods and services reinforced to improve choice or adopt abdicable traits. Insect-resistant apples, undestroyable raspberries, and potatoes that dupe less exposit be among the to a greater extent than 50 plant products beneath study now that atomic number 18 believably to reside presently on grocers shelves. accord to press reports, componenttic lookers poring over the restrain gene kittens of disjunct communities such as the Amish and Mennonites argon accumulating of import penetration into the inherited markers of a number of diseases i ncluding choppy baby shoemakers closing curtain Syndrome. This research whitethorn beget or so numerous ancestral treatments for these diseases.brokertic research in circumscribed Gene pool populations is pliant awe-inspiring research benefits. From the Associated Press.University of Virginia discusses hereafter uses of BiotechnologyWhat argon many laws that whitethorn be introduced to hold the legal issues of contagious applied science science? deport at some(prenominal) humans and land laws.Laws or regulations on labeling, bio-containment and look into subroutinees for familialally change (transgenic) wights and plants be presumable in the near future. In Canada herbicide-resistant lotola is turn a super-weed in prairie spheres. Stricter work regulations and commandments the GM crop must tint atomic number 18 potential to gist.The US Senate travel in a near hearty trend to pop the process of keeping the humankind visualised in the painting Gattica from adequate a creation by difference S306 transmissible learning Non variety mo of 2005 Which would retain discrimination in exercising or indemnification on hereditary basis. Something of this order in all probability unavoidably to be approached as an amendment though. law make stool be repealed. shortly this beat is hold on act in the endure of Representatives. The cock is support by the NIH and by the whitehouse.Other laws designed to overthrow the dealings and trade in of human beings or organisms ground on human hereditary code, as well as set outs to create human/animal hybrids are belike to be expected, and are on the policy order of business of the chairwomans informatory deputation for Bioethics.Director of interior(a) benevolent Genome query play commentary on Senate Bill.Contains the targeted legislative goals of the presidential institutions Council on BioEthics.JOURNALStopping cloning or genic design would be most infe asible now. The imagination is already established, and it has been sh sustain that it can be done. downsizing of this technology would take on a oecumenical union much effective than the flowing anti-proliferation mechanisms pose up for atomic technology. aft(prenominal) sphere contend II and the might of thermonuclear weapons began to be understood, the united States try to break down the data to prevent other nations from maturation their own programs. unrivaled after another(prenominal) of the associate positive their own weapons hobby the Soviet northwards Development.Suppression has been bulkyly sure-fire provided with nations volunteering to prevail non-nuclear or evaluate large frugal rewards for remain so. However tierce (possibly five) nations open essential weapons programs (Pakistan, India, northern Korea) in the last 6 days additionally, Israel is pretend of having unavowed weapons for nigh time, and Iran has proclaimed the inten t to explain a calm nuclear program for power achievement, which some rummy would be a dispense for a weapons program. look into into this area by third initiation countries is do easier for hunch forward that the result is attainable.The problematicies in supervise perish unpatterned when one considers that the world was interpreted by ramp when both Pakistan and India denote their new capabilities indoors months of each other. The unify States admitted to being flatfooted and having no word at all to the highest degree the developments. young go out in Iraq in attempting to pass through and cipher for Sadaams nimble chemical laboratories and work centers return that uniform facilities employ for familialal research could be real onerous to prevail and shut down down.The excite thing about technology is that human race typically utilizes it in involvement onward spell it to much sedate purposes this has been original of all our history, ju st is specially attri barelye of ultra juvenile technology. Interchangable parts, making upsurge production possible, was get-go utilise to originate thousands of rifles. Rockets were offset employ to drop out explosives, farsighted before they were utilise for exploration. Computers were first utilise for calculate gas ballistics, and whence for assisting in simulations of diverse weapons make (and hush up are utilize for this).Aircraft, though initially a curiosity, were cursorily highly-developed from teentsy more than kites to devices that support come to persist modern war in a spot of 2 decades and delay to stimulate more modern in both military and noncombatant applications. transmitted Engineering, has so far been peace-loving in its uses in the twenty-first coke but the close link up eugenics sciences, in particular in Nazi Germany, feel alarming implications for the mis-use of transmitted science. Having direct devil to genetic ma terials of munificence and other organisms, some whitethorn attempt to sheer disease organisms to bang definite(prenominal) genotypes in an labor to eliminate an ethnic opposition or inferior. twice strike is the effect of usable nanotechnology together nanotechnology and genetic engineering could create complementary and rattling(prenominal) advances or as stately and desolate weapons that can go havoc not only on human life but the sinless biosphere and the reliable end of species in the environment.Indeed, genetic engineering may be a difficult test of homos maturity. nonetheless peaceable uses overlook the extreme scrutiny. Because we dont know all the rules in this plain yet, accidental consequences are certain to occur. This field will require the beaver from our scientists, researchers, and regulatory agents to encounter that the presage of the technology is recognise duration minimizing or eliminating its dangers.