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Shouldice Hopsital Limited Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Shouldice Hopsital Limited - Research Paper Example The bed capacity later increased from 36 to 89. Dr. Shouldice died in 1965, and the facility was taken over by Dr. Nicholas Obney. Dr. Obney became the chairman and the surgeon-in-chief of the institution. Under the leadership of Dr. Obney the hospital started to operate both hospital facilities and clinical facilities. The hospital generally follows the business model of focus on a single standardized service (James & Mona, 2006). This enables the hospital to have a narrow target of clients. Quick, convenient, and reliable cure for external types of abdominal hernias is the main operation line for the hospital. The institution uses its own technique of enabling a relatively short period of recovering after undergoing an operation (James & Mona, 2006). This technique is called the Shouldice method. The basis of this technique was the incorporation of operative and posts operative processes, for instance, using local anesthetics, the nature of the operation process, the design of a fa cility to enable comfortable movement, and design and communication of the regimen by the medical staff. This communication enabled early ambulation. This whole process has cut down number of days a patient would stay in hospital. To the patients this was the most affordable option (James & Mona, 2006). ... More than 300,000 patients have been operated by the surgeons at the hospital. The success rate of operation at the hospital has been more than 99%. Operations of primary inguinal indirect hernia by the surgeons at the hospital are almost 100% (Heskett, 1987). Experience of the Doctors The hospital boosts of twelve surgeons who work on a full time basis. There are eight assistant surgeons working on a part time basis. The operations are carried in teams (Heskett, 2009). Each operation team comprises of four members. These are a senior surgeon, an assistant surgeon, a scrub nurse, and a circulating nurse. Experience of the nurses According to Heskett (2009), total of thirty four nurses are usually on duty at the hospital in a period of 24 hours. The number of nurses available in the facilities during the periods when no operation is in progress is six. These usually carry out counseling to the patients. Work distribution The number of operations carried out in a single day ranges betw een thirty patients to thirty-six patients (Heskett, 2009). The number of patients that a surgeon can operate in a day is three or four at most. A surgeon on day shift ends his or her day at 4 p.m. Hospital facilities The institution operates two facilities namely hospital and clinic in one building. The compound at the institution is divided into three levels. Level one comprises of the kitchen facilities and the dining room. The second level is composed of lounge area, an office for admission, and rooms for patients. The third level in the compound consists of additional rooms for patients and recreational areas (Heskett, 1987). How the hospital operates. The facility deals with two kinds of patients. These are local patients and patients coming from

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Film analysis Movie Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Film analysis - Movie Review Example Sideways and How This Movie Demonstrates the Social Psychological Principle of Social Perception Social perception is a social psychological principle, and this is how we understand others. This includes the kinds of impression that we have of others, and includes how we read people, deciding why people act as they do, and how we view our social world. Impressions is a part of this, and this is how people read others. In this case, there is a scene where Miles clearly is not reading Maya very well. He assumed that she was not interested in him, and he also assumed that she was married, neither of which was true. This might be attributed to a negative schema that Miles has created for himself – he has assumed that any woman, especially an attractive woman, would not be interested in him, because he sees himself as a failure. His schema may come from the fact that he was left by his wife, and his wife was set to marry a more successful man. Therefore, Miles assumes that, in a so cial situation involving a woman, a woman will not be interested in him, because his set schema would tell him that this is true. ... Miles soon knew that she was not married, therefore she could be interested in him, and she invited him out, and got close to him, and wanted him to kiss her, yet he did not. He would accept information that would fit into his schema, which was that she was not interested in him, and would reject information that would not fit into his schema, which would be her actions showing that she was interested in him. Therefore, if there was anything that Maya did which could possibly be interpreted that she was not interested in him, then Miles would take that small action and use it to confirm his schema. The opposite would be true for any actions that showed that she was interested in him. When Maya did finally dump him, because he did not tell her about Jack’s engagement, this was confirmation that his original schema was correct, as this assimilated into his world view. However, by the end of the film, there was evidence that Miles have finally rejected his schema, as she called h im and he immediately drove up to go to her house. Miles had finally rejected his own schema long enough to find love with Maya. Jack, on the other hand, appears to have an opposite schema regarding women. He has organized cognitions regarding the behavior of women, and women apparently have fallen all over him in the past, probably because of his status as an actor. Therefore, Jack has confidence in his abilities to find a woman to have sex with, because woman have traditionally been easy for him. This is indeed the way it happens, as Steph fell into bed with him very easily, and Steph is an attractive, intelligent woman. The waitress was the same way, although the waitress was not attractive. However, the waitress fawned