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Leadership Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 60

Leadership - Essay Example One of the leadership qualities he depicted was that he was a man of character. He was man of his words and was quite trustworthy (Zenger et al, 2009). He never indulged in making promises he could not keep and if used to make any promise he used to ensure that he fulfilled that promise. But being a man of character is not enough to become a leader. In order to become a leader it is very essential that the supervisor should have personal capabilities such as professional expertise, ability to innovate and indulge in self-development (Zenger et al, 2009). He lacked these capabilities and this was quite evident because he did not have the required KSAs to supervise the department in which he was working. He was a veteran military official and lacked skills and abilities to supervise a human resource department. Other than personal capabilities he did not even enjoyed taking responsibility of the outcome of the work that was performed by his followers and team members and always held his team members responsible for any issues that took place. Furthermore, belonging to the military background he even lacked interpersonal skills (Zenger et al, 2009). He used to be quite arrogant when treating his own subordinates and used to be quite aggressive while pointing out their mistakes and rarely was indulged in developing relationship with his team

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English skills Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

English skills - Essay Example â€Å"Quality in Higher Education â€Å" have a high impact factor. Nevertheless, since it was a qualitative research, there always exists likelihood of slightly inaccurate interpretation of responses of the research participants. This article is primarily about internationalization. While the writers have objectively declared how they understand internationalization i.e. a process that requires sustained effort causing intensification of the relationships among different cultures, yet this definition remains a personal opinion since the writers have not cited a reference for it. Contrary to that, most ideas in the text are supported with evidence. Examples of such ideas include globalization and cultural intelligence. The article was written in the year 2009. It can be considered recent since it was written only about four years ago. The content of the text is very relevant and up-to-date with the contemporary thinking. Most organizations today tend to give international exposure to their employees by making them expatriates. Cultural intelligence and international experience are two of the most appreciated qualities about the candidates for any kind of job today. The writers have fairly complied with all the rules, guidelines and expectations concerning the language, style, structure, referencing and vocabulary that those producing material at University level are expected to follow. The text has a flow of ideas with smooth transition from one to another. The ideas are arranged in the form of points. Sections and headings help the reader understand what a paragraph entails and keep track of the

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Human Resource Management Law Example

Human Resource Management Law Example 1. There is a page in the Companys Employee Handbook that states that anything brought onto the Companys property, including the employees themselves, is subject to random search for items belonging to the Company. There is a space for the employee to acknowledge receipt of this notice. Mr. Yourprop has a copy of the handbook but never signed the page. Does that matter? Explain. Even though it is best practice to have an employee sign any company polity or handbook, it is not required by law. Handbooks should also be signed if there are any major updates to the company policies and procedures. Because the handbook outlines the policies and procedures of the company, it is important for the employees to acknowledge and promise to abide by them. The acknowledgement of the company policies and procedures can create an employment contract between the company and the employee. It there is ever an issue between the company and the employee, the acknowledgement ensures that the employee was aware of the companys policies and procedures. It is often misunderstood that be refusing or forgetting to sign the handbook means that an employee is longer held responsible for following the companys policies contained in it. A company cannot force an employee to sign the acknowledgment. However, they can get supervisors to sign for them stating that the employee received the handbook. Should a legal issues come up, the company has proof the employee was aware of the policies and procedure of the company. (Employee Handbooks, 2014) 2. Can you (or Mr. Yourprops supervisor) search Yourprops assigned locker in the Companys on-site gym for digital evidence? Support your answer. The lockers are owned by the company and are provided to the employee for their convenience. Most likely the companys handbook would include policies regarding the use of all of the facilities owned by the company and provided to the employee, including a provision to search such facilities. Mr. Yourprop is believed to be in possession of stolen material, creating reasonable suspicion. In the case of OConnor v. Ortega, 480 U.S. 709 (1987) in regards to administrative searches at the workplace, the Supreme Court ruling stands that à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ ¦only reasonable suspicion is necessary for search to be conducted. (Wikipedia, OConnor v. Ortega) 3. Can you (or Mr. Yourprops supervisor) use a master key to search Yourprops locked desk after he has left the premises for digital evidence? Support your answer. This question, like the previous one, poses the same dilemma. The fact that the supervisor has a master key and can search different areas of the building was most likely included in the company policies. To conduct a search of a private property, a search warrant would be needed. Mr. Yourprop can also argue that the desk is locked and he has a reasonable expectation of privacy. However, the equipment in question is not the property of Mr. Yourprop and so a search warrant is not needed and so he cannot have a reasonable presumption of privacy. (Solomon, 2012) 4. Makestuff Company uses a security checkpoint at the entrance to the building. A sign adjacent to the checkpoint states that the purpose of the checkpoint is for security staff to check for weapons or other materials that may be detrimental to the working environment or employee safety. Screening is casual and usually consists of verification of an employees Company ID card. Can security staff at this checkpoint be directed to open Mr. Yourprops briefcase and seize any potential digital evidence? Support your answer. Employee searches require a delicate balance of the employees rights and those of the business. The Fourth Amendment provides protection against unreasonable search and seizure of their persons, homes, and personal property. This applies to the government, and public work place, however, most private employers are exempt. Private business are allowed a number of techniques when they suspect misconduct. Private employers are allowed random searches of employees personal property such as lunchboxes, purses, briefcases and coats with advance notification. Also, electronic monitoring, surveillance and similar searches would require an employer provides notice to employees of such activity. (Garber, 2008). The company already has this policy in both the handbook and includes a sign at the entrance warning all visitors of their policy. Given that during the exit interview, Mr. Yourprop used language that could be interpreted as having committed criminal activity, the employer already has p robably cause for a search. (King, 2005) 5. Can you (or Mr. Yourprops supervisor) search Yourprops personal vehicle currently parked in the Company parking lot for digital evidence? Support your answer. In this case, the company has a legal right to search the employees vehicle while it is in the company spaces. The company has a policy in place that informed employees that it reserved the right to perform searches on employees to ensure proper policies and procedures are being followed. In this case, the company is trying to protect sensitive data which could be detrimental to the company if stolen. Generally, private employers can also perform personal property searches as long as advance notice is provided to the employee. A search of the vehicle parked on the companys premises is not unreasonable given that the employee was given notice of the potential for vehicle searches and the apparent suspicion of his job-related misconduct. (Workplace Searches, 2015). 6. If evidence of the theft of intellectual property is found, Makestuff Company may seek to pursue criminal prosecution. Can Mr. Yourprops supervisor require local police investigators to search his personal vehicle which is parked on the Company parking lot? Support your answer. The supervisor can legally direct local police to search the employees personal vehicle. The supervisor will notify to police that the vehicle is parked on company property and also contains evidence of criminal activity against the company. The search without a warrant of an automobile does not violate the Fourth Amendment. In 1925, in a case of Carroll v. United States (267 U.S. 132), the Supreme Court ruled that The warrantless search of a car does not violate the Constitution. The mobility of the automobile makes it impracticable to get a search warrant. (Wikipedia, Carroll v. United States). References: 1. Society for Human Resource Management (2014), Employee Handbooks: Should employees be required to sign an acknowledgment form for the employee handbook? What if an employee refuses?, Retrieved on March 28, 2016 from: 2. Wikipedia, OConnor v. Ortega, Retrieved on March 30, 2016 from: 3. Solomon, M. (2012) Computer Forensics JumpStart, 2nd Edition 4. Garber, John E. (2008). Introduction to the human resources discipline of workplace safety and security, Retrieved on Retrieved on March 30, 2016 from: 5. King, G. (2005), A Public Employers Right to Search in the Workplace, Retrieved on April 2, 2016 from: 6. Workplace fairness, Workplace Searches, Retrieved on April 3, 2016 from: 7. Wikipedia, Carroll v. United States, Retrieved on April 3, 2016 from:

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Medical Beneifits Of Animal Testing :: essays research papers

Argument Essay Where would we be Without Animal Testing? Is the use of animals in research justified? Should animal experimentation be permitted? Should these animals be liberated? A logical person would say the benefits justify the research. Without animal testing, products would be based on theory. No one would want to use something, which may damage eyes, be poisonous, cancerous, and cause birth defects. Animals used in testing are not from the endangered species list; also many of the types of animals used are killed each year by rat or mouse traps, animal control, exterminators, and animal shelters. Animal testing reaps great benefits such as finding effective drugs to combat disease, improve surgical procedures, and make products safe.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  When someone goes to the store and buys a product, or is prescribed medication, they don’t have to worry if the product is safe to use nor should they. The entire human race benefits from animal research. â€Å"Without animal research, medical science would come to a total standstill†(O’Neil 210). It is not as if Scientist and researchers just sit in their labs all day and torture animals for fun. Not to mention animal use is being reduced as much as possible, â€Å"most scientist are glad to use alternative test because they are usually faster and cheaper than test on animals†(Yount 72). However, â€Å"you cannot study kidney transplantation or diarrhea or high bloodpressure on a computer screen†(O’Neil 212). Besides, â€Å"Animal research has led to vaccines against diptheria, rabies, tuberculosis, polio, measles, mumps, cholera, whooping cough, and rubella. It has meant eradication of smallpox, effective treatment for diabetes and control of infection with powerful antibiotics. The cardiac pacemaker, microsurgery to reattach severed limbs, and heart, kidney, lung, liver and other transplants are all possible because of animal research†(O’Neil 210).   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  In short animal testing saves lives. Animal testing helps find causes, and cures of disease, genetic defects, birth defects, and abnormalities.

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DBQ: Slavery Essay

In the 1840’s slavery was very common because of the booming cotton industry in the south, slaves were cheap and skillful, and there were plenty of them to go around, hence the reason the southern economy relied on them so heavily. However, because the North was economically sound and economically more advanced than the south, they saw the wrong behind slavery. Slavery in the south was so common that southerners began to grow used to the idea of slaves, and therefore placed most of their economy and way of life on that of a slave filled state. They saw slavery as an opportunity for the African Americans to make a life in America. â€Å"In all respects the comforts of our slaves are greatly superior to those of the English [factory] operatives, or the Irish and continental peasantry, to say nothing o the millions of paupers crowded together in those loathsome receptacles of starving humanity, the public poorhouses. . . . From this excess of labor, this actual want, and these distressing cares, our slaves are entirely exempted.† (Document A) Because southerners felt that what they were doing for and to slaves was beneficial for the southern and slave communities they saw no wrong in what they were doing, and therefore had no reason to stop slavery. When slaves worked on a plantation they had free health care, housing, and food, all things that were necessary and cost money, something that African Americans would not have had a lot of if they had come to America as immigrants. During that time there was still racial stereotypes and judgment, white land owning Americans thought of themselves as superior to African Americans and many other minority races that immigrated to America. African Americans would not have been taken seriously in the south even if slavery had not existed, they were a minority, and to the south minorities were the dirt beneath their shoes. Because the south’s main staple crop was cotton, and cotton was not a cash crop, the use of slaves made cotton prosperous. The south relied on slave labor to make money out of cotton, with slaves working the fields for little to no pay, most of the money made out of the cotton industry was circulated through the white landowning male community, which made up a very large majority of the south. slave labor being so cheap, and a large amount of slaves could be acquired at one time, made it easy for the south to place everything on slaves and cotton. William Harper in a Memoir on Slavery, 1837, stated that â€Å"the cultivation of the great staple crops [cotton] cannot be carried on in any portion of our country where there are not slaves.† This statement shows that slave labor was the largest contributor to the southern economy during the 1830’s, and therefore a reason to fight for slave labor. In a speech that Abraham Lincoln gave in Peoria, Illinois in October f 1854 he stated that â€Å"In our greedy chase to make profit of the Negro, let us let us beware lest we ‘cancel and tear in pieces’ even the white man’s charter of freedom.† This statement was a warning given by Lincoln, he thought of slavery as unprofitable and unsuited to America’s growing industrial and manufacturing industries. Hinton Helper, in The Impending Crisis, 1857, had a similar view on slave labor in the south, but a different idea on how ti abolish it. â€Å"What about Southern commerce? Is it not almost entirely tributary to the commerce of the North? Are we not dependent on New York, Philadelphia, Boston,and Cincinnati for nearly every article of merchandise, whether foreign or domestic? Where are our ships, our mariners, our naval architects? . . . We must begin to feed on a more substantial diet than that of pro-slavery politics.† Helper’s book The Impending Crisis was banned in the south and used as anti-slavery propaganda by republicans in the north. He believed that landowning white men in the south who did not own slaves were the key to the abolitionism of slavery, but he was also racist throughout The Impending Crisis. In the above quote he states that the north’s economic prosperity comes from the reliance on ports and major cities Slavery was the south’s main source of economic prosperity, therefore the south would have done anything to keep slavery alive. However, the north did not believe in slavery because it was unjust and unneeded. Abolitionists fought to destroy slavery, but the south fought to keep it alive.

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Toyota Compensation and Benefits

Toyota Compensation and Benefits Trends in Human Resources Management Teresa Hall U8a1 Instructor: John Devellier Toyota Motor Corporation has never faced an issue with their employee compensation and benefits packages. Part of their philosophy has been people are their greatest asset and they treat them as such by paying them a good salary and empowering their employees. How can they attract top talent? Well even the top executives at Toyota do not make a seven figure salary. Wages are determined with a fair market value in mind, but it is the â€Å"me† versus â€Å"we† attitude that drives Toyota's success.Describe the formal pay structure within the organization. Toyota has long marched to a different drummer when it comes to wages and compensation. Now with the economy turning upside down, Toyota has been forced into cost cutting measures to align hourly wages more closely with state manufacturing wages of where the plant is located. They have always followed the po licy of pay your employees well and they will perform better and be more productive, but also promote a policy of equal payment for each job. Describe any benchmarking activities undertaken by the organization.Include information as to whether the organization offers a competitive compensation structure. Describe incentives offered by the organization. You can take a page by the introduction of the Toyota Way to employees in the Camry Plant of Kentucky (Kentent, 2009). Initially high wages allowed Toyota to hire the cream of the crop. Daily, monthly and yearly goals were outlined for each department and offered a bonus system if goals were achieved. The bonus was distributed to each member regardless if a profit was made and not by individual performance thus enhancing the team concept.The company used also non-monetary awards, as letters of â€Å"thank you† from the president, recognition on Toyota publications, and daily recognition from their peers and supervisors. One of the highlights of the Camry plant was to build a gym, cafeteria and a nursery for the children of the employees. The upper management also does not have special parking places or any other perks to enhance the feeling of equality with their fellow employees. Describe any profit sharing, stock ownership programs that are available.While owning part of the company is not an option for most Toyota employees, profit sharing is with the gains consistently being passed on to workers throughout the years (Miller & Novak, 2008) often making Toyota employees the highest paid workers in the automaker industry. Describe how benefits are communicated to employees. Benefits are communicated to employees on their day of hire with the Toyota Handbook which explains company policy wages, benefits, health care packages, retirement and pension plans and the company mission.Also included is the (Toyota, 2003) Toyota mindset of Kaizen, continuous improvement and employee respect. Describe any problems associated with compensation policies of the organization. Some of the problems associated with compensation result in the low wages paid to employees versus other automakers. Initially Toyota offers high salaries in an effort to attract the best talent, but there it ends. Even top executives in Toyota rarely receive more than a seven figure salary. After all the training and development Toyota puts into its employees, some can be wooed away from other companies with the promise of more money.Describe the environmental factors that have influenced compensation and benefits of the organization. Toyota believes in â€Å"green† and that is passed on to its employees by making them socially aware of establishing a low carbon society. There is no waste of any kind at Toyota and sometimes that means eliminating positions and tasks that may potentially harm the environment. But that does not mean that the employee is discarded along the way. They are just retrained into another job. Describe any current issues faced by the organization as they relate to compensation and benefits. The current recession has made Toyota consider the â€Å"unthinkable† for them and that is laying people off. In previous articles this has never been an issue for Toyota as people are their most valuable asset. They have managed to avoid it thus far by reducing man hours, moving people to different operations and rethinking their benefit packages. They are in favor of tailoring an individual benefit plan instead of offering the comprehensive group plans they now offer.References: Kentent. (2009). Toyota production system. Retrieved from http://kentent. hubpages. com/hub/Toyota-Production-System Miller, J. , & Novak, V. (2008, December 11). Auto worker salaries. Retrieved from http://www. factcheck. org/2008/12/auto-worker-salaries/ Toyota. (2003). Toyota environmental and social report. Retrieved from http://www. toyota. co. jp/en/environmental_rep/03/jyugyoin03. html Toyota. ( n. d. ). Toyota motor corporation. Retrieved from http://www. toyota-global. com/sustainability/environmental_responsibility/

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Teaching Course about Excretion in Animals

Teaching Course about Excretion in Animals Introduction Organized teaching strategies are featured by credible learning tools to facilitate effective perception. We can attribute the attainment of knowledge to proper instructional design. One key and fundamental component of these designs involves the establishment of a course outline.Advertising We will write a custom proposal sample on Teaching Course about Excretion in Animals specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Consequently, this project targets on establishing an effective outline to guide the teaching of a course in a five-week e-learning class. In a bid to perform this task, I will make a comprehensive description of the outline that will include the objectives, pedagogies, and outcomes. Course Description The course will involve delivery of knowledge about excretion in animals. Apparently, students understand the basic facts of excretion in humans. This is because they had taken earlier prerequisite courses of the current course. Therefore, I expect responses for questions about excretory mechanisms in mammals. However, there must be strategies to combine the distinct and outrageous topics under this learning. I know that animals are many and they depict different mechanisms of excretion. Consequently, instructions must try to separate the topics for the students to prevent confusion among student. There are many classes of animal that will be studied in the course of teaching. These will include mammals, arthropods, birds, fishes, and reptiles among others. Since this study will be performed through e-learning, the strategies chosen must evaluate the students properly. Additionally, I will account for the limitation that arises with e-learning teaching strategies. Course Pedagogy The instructions will involve students on online discussion where questions are asked by all parties (students and the teacher). An online discussion forum will allow students to view the comments of other students. For in stance, I can raise a question about the differences of excretion in birds and reptiles. The discussion forum will allow all students to see the answers of other students. I will choose the appropriate time for online class attendance. For instance, I could set a class to begin at 1400hrs to facilitate effective discussions because most students will be available at the time. Also, the instructions will incorporate the use of assessment techniques to boost students’ interactions and corporations. Therefore, correct answers and active participation will be awarded marks accordingly.Advertising Looking for proposal on education? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Since we cannot manage to handle all the topics in classes, I will give students assignment. For instance, I could assign the students a topic on describing excretion in reptiles. After choosing this topic, I will set and announce a deadline for submitting the assignment online. If submissions are made past the deadline, extra deductions will be employed on the total marks awarded. Course Objectives Naka (1974) identified that objectives are critical tools of pedagogy. I will, therefore, set clear objectives to facilitate the attainment of the educational goals. What do I need the students to learn? At the end of the teaching, students will be able to perform the following tasks. Explain the excretory mechanisms in the class level of animals Differentiate between the mechanisms of excretion exhibited by animals Make comparison between excretory systems in the classes Knows the roles played by excretory systems to adapt animals in their habitat Explain evolution in terms of excretory systems These objectives will aim at achieving high perception and understanding in the students. After achieving these objectives, students will be potent to satisfy the ultimate goal of the course. In this case, they will satisfy the goal of understan ding excretion in animals. Course Outcomes Effective learning is reliant on the expectation that an instructor sets in his/her conscience. According to Jarvis (2005), there exists a correlation between the perception of students and a teacher’s expectation. Jarvis argued that when a teacher has high expectations on the results, s/he teaches exhaustively to attain his/her expectations. I will applaud this articulation by setting the outcomes of the instructions. In applauding the articulation, I expect that students will pay attention to the e-learning because I have devised strategies to make the classes mandatory. For instance, student will not receive marks if they do not participate on the discussions. Therefore, the regulation of class attendance will warrant commitment of the entire class to all activities in the instructions. Furthermore, students will be able to discuss, share, and discover other learning issues that will diversify their knowledge amicably. Additionall y, students will research for information regarding the assignment. This will initiate the needs to know and establish a base to distinguish between corporative students and non-corporative students. Apparently, the teaching will improve the knowledge of students and make them ready for the final exams. Conclusion Critique and effective arrangement to initiate the need of understanding and improve the perception of students is fundamental in education. Instructors must, therefore, declare to organize the teaching before attending any class. In fact, Dixon and Senior managed to research and conclude that student’s perception is directly related to the organization of an instructor.Advertising We will write a custom proposal sample on Teaching Course about Excretion in Animals specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Poor class performance, therefore, depicts that a teacher is not arranging for the instructions to deliver. Awareness is vital to caution teachers about unstructured teaching sessions that are equivalent to teaching confusions. Instead of confusing the students, it is vital to avoid the instructions and allow the student to perform their genuine studies from books, articles and other sources. References Dixon, M., Senior, K. (2011) Appearing pedagogy: from embodied learning and teaching to embodied pedagogy. Pedagogy culture society, 19(3), 473-484. Jarvis, M. (2005). The psychology of effective learning and teaching. Cheltenham: Nelson Thornes. Naka, A. (1974). Pedagogy. Tokyo: Centre of East Asian Cultural Studies.

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Deconstruction of a Kerrang Double Page Spread Essays

Deconstruction of a Kerrang Double Page Spread Essays Deconstruction of a Kerrang Double Page Spread Essay Deconstruction of a Kerrang Double Page Spread Essay There is only one image on this double page spread, which is of Oli Sykes from the band Bring Me The Horizon , and it takes up only one page, the left side, of the spread. The camera shot shows the singer from just above the waist sitting at a reflective table. He is wearing what I presume to be a black jacket with a white top. The image has been shot in black and white so it gives the effect that this interview is a formal, serious one and it takes up one whole page of the double page spread. There is nothing bright on both pages so the whiteness of his top really stands out.Oli s expression is serious and his lips are slightly pursed. You can see on the table that he s sitting at, a wine glass but it has been blurred so that the reader automatically focuses on him. The lighting looks as though its coming from a the left of him as there are shadows on the right side of his face. Use of Layout: Each page of Kerrang! is just shorter than an A4 page. There is a little dead space on this double page spread and there are three columns that take up just over half of the right page. The page is text-led as the interview takes up more space.The only pull-out quote from the interview acts as the title and is in bold, white font. The subheading is yellow and all of the text is on a black background so that it stands out. The limited colour palette mainly consists of 3 colours, black, white and grey, but there is the odd splash of yellow text. Again, the whole interview has been placed on a black background because the text is mainly white and small, so this makes it easier to be read. On this double page spread there are 3 different fonts. The title of the interview ir and the star instead of actually being between the interviewer and interviewee.The caption used to anchor the main image is Facing the Future which is appropriate as Oli feels as though his bands reputation, as well as his own, will change after what has happened. There are quite a few screamers within the interview as he makes argues his point to the interviewer and the reader. The sentences aren t really that long but they re not short either. There have been 11 questions asked in the interview but only 5 of them have been answered with 1 to 4 word sentences. The average paragraph in the interview is about 6 or 7 sentences long.The sentence construction is compound, not too simple and not too hard to understand even though the subject is a complicated one. Brand Identity: The magazines brand identity is about rock music and anything related. News Articles such as this one wouldn t be shown on world wide news like the BBC. In the music industry, rock star incidents aren t really that important to broadcast on TV whereas news such as Britney Spears losing custody of her children is, because of the fact that she s more famous and more people know who she is.The target audience of this article must consist of people who are actually interested in the band Bring Me The Horizon , the true fans and those who idolise Oli Sykes for his musical talent and character. I think that if someone who didn t know who this band was or the lead singer, picked up this issue of Kerrang! and read this article, they would quickly misjudge him for what he was accused of doing and stereotype every other person in rock to be a trouble maker.

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Animal Trainer

For education animal trainers often need just a high school diploma or GED equivalent. Some require a bachelor’s degree and additional skills. For example marine mammal trainers usually need a bachelor’s degree in biology, marine biology, animal science, psychology, or a related field. Skills needed for the job are moderately challenging because of the amount of hard labor work involved. They include training, feeding, grooming, bathing, exercising, and cleaning the animals as well as disinfecting and repairing the cages. For references there isn’t much needed. Having a certification is advantageous. For a certification applicants have to demonstrate their practical skills and pass two written exams. As for summer jobs, there are a few that can be helpful to shelter workers or veterinarians. Just volunteering is a good way to get your foot in the door for a good job in that field such as an animal trainer. As an entry level job u would start with on-the-job training learning the basics of taking care of the animals. Employees do prefer to hire people with experience so it’s better to start with an education and work your way up. The working conditions of an animal trainer are tough. It’s unpleasant and physically or emotionally demanding at times. Most workers have to clean cages and lift hold or restrain animals, risking being bitten or other injuries. Trainers may work outdoors in all kinds of weather, and the work setting can be noisy. For animal trainers hours are very irregular. Often weekend and holiday shifts. Some are on duty 24 hours a day. For vacation time, that isn’t blatantly specified, but based on the facts I know already unless a person is off on the holiday shifts it seems like animal trainers don’t get much of a vacation. Salaries for this job are significantly low at around a max of $31,590 a year. Average salaries are between 16k and 24k. Physical and emotional stress is big in this job. All of the hours worked caretaking for animals, lifting, cleaning; the skills needed basically, can really take a toll on someone in this job. Usually the people that work in this field are veterinarians, animal control, other animal helpers, etc. and they are usually animal lovers. I personally am not an animal lover but I like to have a dog or pet. You’re evaluated by your peer employees and the employees above you or at a higher authority such as the manager of the establishment. To me there aren’t many advantages to this job besides it works with animals and it’s an easy job to be hired at. The disadvantages are numerous. The hours worked, the time not spent with family, the amount of pain possibly involved and with all of that hard work, not very much in return with a very low salary. If I chose to apply for this job it could definitely help me in the long run if I play my cards right. The more I work as an animal trainer the more I am recognized and could possibly be advanced which includes a higher salary, more time with family, and higher salary, as well as a better future! As an animal trainer I’d also have a lot of opportunities in my career path, such as advancing up to adoption coordinators, animal control officer, emergency rescue driver, assistant shelter manager, or shelter director. In conclusion, am I suited for this career? , in my opinion no. Referring back to the disadvantages, the amount of hours away from family is a big part of that and the stress involved. That kind of work I can do but it’s not something I’d enjoy as a career. The positive side is there are a lot of job openings for an animal trainer that if all else fails it are something to fall back on. To possibly attain the goal of being an animal trainer and enjoy it is a stretch but very possible. Possibly a raise or knowing that I will have fun at times. Being able to see my family is what bothers me the most, but a job is a job. I’ll need one anyway I can get it especially in the shape the economy is in.

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The Hybrid Status of Immigrants Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

The Hybrid Status of Immigrants - Essay Example When a person happens to live in another community, which has different characteristics than the one he or she is born into, the individual becomes forced to accept some traits of that community and thus assumes a mixed personality. Immigrants, who migrate from their nation of origin to another country in the pursuit of education, job opportunities or business purposes, hence will become hybrids as they latently possess the characteristics of their original culture and absorb some aspects of the new culture. While this transformation has its rewards, it plunges them into a state of belonging neither here nor there and forces them to live between two cultures and worlds. The essays, â€Å"Mother Tongue,† by Amy Tan and, â€Å"To the Border,† by Richard Rodriguez, deftly illustrate the torment of immigrants as they deal with the consequences and dangers of living between worlds. Amy Tan dwells on the issues that language creates for an average immigrant in the new land, w here he or she migrates to. Most of the times either they are unable to understand the mechanics of the new language or they cannot completely eschew the nuances of their original language and its cultural impacts. Tan, from her personal experience show that the people in America look down on immigrants, who are not capable of speaking the language as the natives do and hardly listen to them or assist them. Her mother, who speaks â€Å"broken or fractured English† in the US, confronts a lot of problems because she cannot converse with the natives in a befitting style (Tan, p.2). Her stockbroker ignores her demands and delays sending her the check because she is not able to talk to him properly.

Global economy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words - 1

Global economy - Essay Example Nevertheless, the end of 2010 was marked with the U.S.’s decision to throw additional money into the domestic economy, to encourage economic growth and slow down the economic downturn. Controversial and radical, the decision to apply to quantitative easing became one of the most actively discussed issues in economics. That quantitative easing has far-reaching implications for the domestic and global economy cannot be denied, but its role in the development and expansion of the positive economic growth is yet to be defined. At the end of 2010, the Central Bank of America announced its decision to pump up additional $600bn into the domestic economy (Elliott & Inman 2010). The decision to use quantitative easing mechanisms was justified by the failure of the American federal authorities and the Fed to accelerate economic growth, encourage lending, and reduce unemployment (Elliott & Inman 2010). It should be noted, that the past recession became the worst economic downturn in Amer ica and the rest of the world since the Great Depression (Elliott & Inman 2010). As a result, traditional instruments of economic recovery failed to improve the situation. Quantitative decision for the U.S. was similar to the instrument of last resort, when there is nothing else the Fed can do to alleviate the burden of economic problems within the country. As part of its strategy, the Fed would purchase long-term Treasury bills every month, until the middle of the year, totaling to $75bn (Elliott & Inman 2010). The United States claims that quantitative easing is simply inevitable, when the state wants to preserve â€Å"ultra-low† interest rates for an extended period, thus keeping the amount of the borrowing costs unchanged for at least two years (Elliott & Inman 2010). The principal intentions of quantitative easing are but positive. The reality, however, is not as bright as economic theory tries to create it. Even if quantitative easing has a potential to support relative stability in the U.S., it may have damaging and even fracturing effects on the global economy. It should be noted, that economic theory treats quantitative easing as â€Å"the central bank’s asset purchases that are designed to inject money directly into the economy to raise asset prices, boost spending and so keep inflation on track to meet the 2% target† (Ganley 2010). The most probable sources of additional assets for the Central Bank include â€Å"insurance companies, banks and non-financial institutions, pension funds and firms† (Ganley 2010). Such injections directly into the economy are justified by the rapid contractions in the amount of spending that follow global financial crises (Ganley 2010). More often than not, quantitative easing is used to stop price deflation and encourage real output (Ganley 2010). The history of quantitative easing dates back to the beginning of the 1990s, when Japan found itself in the midst of a deep economic and financial crisis (Kurihara 2006). â€Å"The development and implementation of the zero interest policy had to encourage economic recovery but did not produce any real effect on the economic development in the country† (Kurihara 2006). Quantitative easing was introduced to initiate long-term economic growth in Japan. Unfortunately, and after so many years of economic recovery and growth in Japan, whether quantitative easi

Bibliography and Discussion Board Answer Assignment

Bibliography and Discussion Board Answer - Assignment Example The focus of this journal is at researchers and clinicians concentrating on enhancing the knowledge base for the diagnosing, medical prognosis and intervention of mental health considerations in adolescents and children. Along with considering the aspects of neuropsychology and neurobiology neglected in other traditional journals. This journal is aimed to assist the integration process of basic sciences, medical research as well as practical application of such findings. According to Scimago Lab (2012), this journal offers a scientifically thorough and generally open forum for cross cultural as well as interdisciplinary interchange of explored information, necessitating pediatrics, psychologists, adolescent and child psychiatrists, neuroscientists, as well as allied disciplines. While contributions are principally from psychiatry, psychology, social work, nursing, medicine, education, law enforcement, anthropology and legislature, CAPMH promotes the pertained lay person and the child focused proponent organizations to add. CAPMH is a peer-reviewed publication that works while following its strict guidelines for the review. The articles are chiefly research oriented while depending upon the author’s thought some are also practitioner oriented. Few articles that I found relating to the different sorts of psychiatric disorders faced by children were providing a comprehensive view of the topic. This journal started its publication in 2007 and since then six of its volumes have been issued publishing 193 articles. The articles of this journal are all accessible completely to various scholarly databases like Pubmed etc. While searching, Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry was also noticed as the relevant source of information on the topic. It entails, as mentioned by Elsevier (2012), JAACAP is the authorized periodical of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. It is the one of the leading journals

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THELMA AND LOUISE Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

THELMA AND LOUISE - Essay Example There are many things that can be taken from this memorable film, and the characters including how they are portrayed make the whole picture seamless. The issue of sexuality is the main foundation of the story. From the beginning we are introduced to the two main characters that represent different sides of the spectrum. We see Louise, a waitress, who is characterized as a modern woman who takes charge. She is confident in her job, smokes and drives a convertible muscle car nonetheless. She seems to live alone without a family despite her marrying age and all we know at first are passive references to a boyfriend. Then we see Thelma who perceptibly struggles in her day-to-day living with an abusive husband but without a child to care for. Thelma labors on the kitchen when Louise calls her about the out of town trip that she wants them to take. The latter was finally able to coerce her into going despite Darryl, her husband, unwilling to let her go based on his inherent proclivity to shelter her and prevent her from doing just about anything. The characters are shaped from the start of the film and their transformation is as interesting as it is revealing. Thelma’s changes were significant to the progression of the plot. To describe it in Louise’s own words, she had always been â€Å"sedated† from her life as a housewife and having to live with her husband. Prompted on Louise’s promise of fun on their road trip, Thelma’s loosening was taken to a whole new ground when they went to a bar which started the whole predicament. Having had too much to drink, Harlan, a too friendly guy took advantage and tried to rape her before Louise steps in to prevent his devious motive. Instigated by the arrogance of the man, Louise pulls the trigger and kills him. From here we watch as the two friends try to come up with a solution to evade their problems. Louise comes out as the problem solver as she had always been between the two of them, and struggles to pull herself together for both of them. She had been the stronger character up until J.D. shows up and steals their money which was their last remaining chance to get out for a clean break to Mexico. Suddenly, something changes on Thelma and she takes the foreground by robbing a convenience store with ease and composure. The criminal propensity is right within her all along and from â€Å"sedated† to â€Å"disturbed† she became just downright â€Å"crazy,† as Louise puts it. Thelma quips, â€Å"Oh man! You wouldn'ta believed it, it was like I was doing it all my life, nobody woulda believed it† (Thelma & Louise). The subdued housewife became the criminal mind who single-handedly robbed a store, thought of and carried out locking a policeman in the trunk of a police car. She had even deliberately thought it through by firing to create breathing holes, and was able to get comfortable with a gun she never wanted to handle in the first place and managed to blow up an entire truck. The repressed housewife, in a matter of days, let go of her morals and all the connotations of the abiding wife she had been expected to be. Louise is the other equally captivating character of the movie. The background of her story is the binding force behind her actions. What exactly happened in Texas

Supporting Organizational Strategies Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Supporting Organizational Strategies - Essay Example According to a survey conducted by New Zealand’s Business NZ and the Industry Training Federation in 2003 (Jeremy et al, 2003), 55% responding firms indicated that the need to continue to provide training, or begin providing training, within the enterprise depends on shortage of skilled workers and if suitable courses to meet such training needs were available. Other important drivers for training were identified as customer requirements (49%), a desire to growth within the enterprise (48%), skill shortages in the industry (where these exist) (48%), and actual growth in the enterprise (47%). All in all, it was realized that firms involved in training and skill development gained much from the training. When firms take on extensive training and skill development, there is that tendency that quality of output will improve. Employees who have gone through such training learn new ways of production and ameliorate their ideas of the whole production process. Looking at theories of motivation, employee motivation leads to survival and positive productivity within the firm (Smith, 1994). It is absolutely important for managers to understand what makes employees motivated, because employee motivating factors are complex and change everyday (Bowen and Radhakrishna, 1991). Therefore, just that aspect of recognition within the industry to undergo training and skill development to some employees is a motivating factor (Vroom, 1964). When employees are motivated, there is increase in productivity and consequently growth in the business. Therefore through skill development and training programs, there is obviously employee motivation and increase knowledge in knew production skills and consequently, business growth. When employees gain new skills, there is considerable positive effect on health and safety of the enterprises. This is because, when new skills are gained, the company stands a better competitive place on the market with her competitors

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Home Burglaries and Forensic Evidence Term Paper

Home Burglaries and Forensic Evidence - Term Paper Example Property crimes make up slightly over 75% of all crimes committed in the United States of America and burglaries constitute approximately 25% of those figures. The average loss of a home burglary is about $ 1,725 and 70% of all burglaries were committed in homes. A curious and perhaps interesting fact is that most burglaries occurred during the daytime, at between 6 am and 6 pm, which is contrary to common belief that burglaries happen at night. Most burglars (34%) entered through the front door (12% of burglaries are due to unlocked doors) because people are careless, too trusting or plainly not security conscious. In the U.S., a burglary happens every 15 seconds and burglars spend on average just 8-12 minutes inside the burgled home (FBI, n.d., p. 1). These crime statistics are certainly very alarming and the next logical question to ask is what is being done about it by the concerned authorities?Burglaries are crimes against property and may merit a lower focus of attention from l aw enforcement authorities who are sometimes stretched to the limit due to constraints to the resources available to them. Nevertheless, most residential burglaries went unsolved with low solution and conviction rates. The figures show only 8.2% of reported cases had resulted in arrests and a dismally 3.2% of referred cases producing a conviction (Baskin and Sommers, 2011, p. 70). These low figures should be a big reason for concern because it affords criminal persons the opportunity to become repeat offenders.

Supporting Organizational Strategies Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Supporting Organizational Strategies - Essay Example According to a survey conducted by New Zealand’s Business NZ and the Industry Training Federation in 2003 (Jeremy et al, 2003), 55% responding firms indicated that the need to continue to provide training, or begin providing training, within the enterprise depends on shortage of skilled workers and if suitable courses to meet such training needs were available. Other important drivers for training were identified as customer requirements (49%), a desire to growth within the enterprise (48%), skill shortages in the industry (where these exist) (48%), and actual growth in the enterprise (47%). All in all, it was realized that firms involved in training and skill development gained much from the training. When firms take on extensive training and skill development, there is that tendency that quality of output will improve. Employees who have gone through such training learn new ways of production and ameliorate their ideas of the whole production process. Looking at theories of motivation, employee motivation leads to survival and positive productivity within the firm (Smith, 1994). It is absolutely important for managers to understand what makes employees motivated, because employee motivating factors are complex and change everyday (Bowen and Radhakrishna, 1991). Therefore, just that aspect of recognition within the industry to undergo training and skill development to some employees is a motivating factor (Vroom, 1964). When employees are motivated, there is increase in productivity and consequently growth in the business. Therefore through skill development and training programs, there is obviously employee motivation and increase knowledge in knew production skills and consequently, business growth. When employees gain new skills, there is considerable positive effect on health and safety of the enterprises. This is because, when new skills are gained, the company stands a better competitive place on the market with her competitors

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Feelings towards Essay Example for Free

Feelings towards Essay All throughout this scene there are various indications about the rising tension caused by Eddies feelings towards his niece Catherine. It begins when Eddie confronts Rodolfo about taking advantage of Beatrice and not treating Eddie with respect. I know, but in your own town you wouldnt just drag off some girl, without permission. Here he is highlighting the lack of respect he feels that Rodolfo treats him with. He is referring to Beatrice as some girl, which shows that in Eddies eyes Rodolfo does not see Beatrice as anything special or important. Beatrice (Eddies wife) suspects that Eddies feelings towards Catherine are un-natural and contributes throughout this scene to the rise in tension. Well he didnt exactly drag her off though, Eddie. This would annoy Eddie, as he is not receiving any support, she is also saying that Catherine is independent and chose to go with Rodolfo which would raise tension further. When Eddie tells Rodolfo that he is simply her uncle, Beatrice pounces on this and retorts Well then, be an uncle then. The others would take this at face value, however Beatrice is referring to Eddies un-natural affection for Catherine, which will shock Eddie. Marco then issues a challenge to Eddie, asking him to say what Rodolfo has done wrong. Eddie says that Catherine was never out on the street till twelve oclock at night before Rodolfo came. Marco instantly tells Rodolfo that he must come home early now. By saying this Marco has eliminated the supposed problem, which leaves Eddie with no problem in which he can camouflage his jealousy. Now that Eddie has no more problems but has a dented ego. He begins to create new problems, however he disguises them so that these problems are perceived as concern for Rodolfo; I mean suppose he gets hit by a car, wheres his papers, who is he, you know what I mean? Beatrice states that the same risk is generated during the day when he is at work. Here we see that Eddie is holding back a voice full of anger almost like a car revving up. This simple action is showing the rise in tension as a result of Eddies problem. Eddie now retreats to his rocking chair, showing that he is fighting a losing battle. As Eddie is reading his paper, awkwardness is felt in the room. Catherine reacts by putting the record Paper Doll on; the title in itself indicates the song content. Then Catherine is overcome with rebellion/revolt and asks Rodolfo to dance, causing Eddie to freeze and feel uncomfortable. Rodolfo realises this and refuses to dance however Beatrice and Catherine soon persuade him. As Eddie burns a hole through Rodolfos back he asks, Whats this, a new record? Eddie has heard this song many times before, however he is no hearing it through new ears, new jealous ears. When Marco reveals that Rodolfo is a very good cook, Eddie finds this amusing and mockingly says, Its wonderful. He sings, he cooks, he could make dresses. Thus making another dig at Rodolfo, implying that he has homosexual tendencies. Rodolfo mistakenly takes this as a compliment and smiles thankfully. This is another opportunity for Eddie to put Rodolfo down and he says that he should not be working on the boats but instead working in a dress shop. Yet again he phrases it so that it may be perceived as a compliment. During this speech he unconsciously twists his newspaper into a tight roll, which gives an insight into his somewhat angered/resentful thoughts and also symbolises the rise in tension.

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Breast Tumor Classification Using FFT based Fractal Analysis

Breast Tumor Classification Using FFT based Fractal Analysis B.MONICA JENEFER V.CYRILRAJ Abstract Breast cancer is formed by abnormal cells, it causes fast death among human and it is shapeless. The growth of the cancer is also fast and it should be removed from the earlier stage itself. In this study, we have introduced and implemented an FFT based fractal model to analyze the breast tumor and classify it as benign or malignant according to their shapes. The benign and malignant are different in contour and shape where benign have a smooth contour and macrolobulated shapes and malignant have rough contour and irregular shapes. In this study, the contours are classified using fractal based Fourier transform method. The magnitude and frequency based features are utilized for classification. This approach achieved 92% of accuracy in tumor classification using fractal based fourier transform. Keywords: Fractal Analysis, Breast Cancer, Background study A fractal is a mathematical object representing a fractional dimension [1] where fractal geometry is vocabulary of irregular shapes.Due to uncontrolled growth of the bad cells, breast cancer occurs in breast tissue [2]. Fractal analysis helps the clinical experts for pre-screening the breast cancer in earlier stage itself. Various shape based object detection and classification can be obtained mostly using the bounding box method in digital image processing. Since, the shape of the breast cancer has been irregular and it cannot be obtained by bounding method [3]. Malignancy associated changes in the breast cells are discussed for computing the distance between the tumor cells and non-tumor cells is an effective method for screening breast cancer [4, 5]. The main symptoms of breast cancer are increasing DNFA –[De Novo Fatty Acid] and cholesterol synthesis where it related to tumor growth and poorer prognosis [6, 7].Present studies are discussing about fractal geometry to genera te a sampling model for tumor appearance and its impacts. According to the wonderful growth of present researches in understanding the molecular mechanisms of cancer, most of the medical diagnosis is done by examining visual objects for radiological images, direct observation of tissues and microscopy of biopsy specimens and so on [1].These fractal model analyses are used to classify abnormality of medical images due to the structure or high indices of mitosis. This modeling method is one of the reproducible methods which helps to analyze the medical images with computational tools. Also fractal analysis is a morphometric measure of the shapeless structure of tumor growth.Various comprehensive reviews used and discussed mathematical models for medical image diagnosis, especially in pathology is currently appearing in the literature [8-16]. From the digital mammogram image, the shape of the benign tumor is round and smooth, but the shape of the malignant tumor is irregular and roughly bounded. This main difference is utilized to categorize the benign tumor and malignant tumor. The following Figure-1 depicts the morphological spectrum of the breast masses frequently seen in digital mammograms. Figure-1:(a). Round Benign (b). Lobulated benign (c). Malignant (d). Malignant Proposed Model Most of the medical image processing applications used fractal analysis and which is focused in various researches on the digital mammograms. In this study, it is experimenting using the FFT based fractal analysis and classifying the breast lesions. The complete flow of this study is depicted in Figure-2. Figure-2: Overall Flow of the Proposed Approach The structure of this study is described as given below, section-III discussed about the hybrid filter and its applications. Section-IV discussed about the basic information about the fractal analysis method. Section-V described about Fractals based or Fourier Transform method. Section-VI described about our experiment and results. Section-VI provides the conclusion about this study and suggestion for further enhancement work. Hybrid Filter The hybrid filter combines morphological filter with the Gabor filter for removing the noise from the mammogram image to improve the quality of the image. Morphological filter is a non-linear filter work based on the set theory rules and Gaussian filter is a linear filter work based on vectors and both are used to remove noise.The main motto of this hybrid filter is to completely remove various noises occur under different conditions in the image, to improve the performance of the proposed approach. Morphological filter can remove the noise on the contour of the image and Gabor filter remove the noise in the inside of the image. Morphological filter utilized various morphological transform using different structuring elements. In this study also, different morphological transform is tested while experimenting to improve the appearance of the contour. The morphological functions are defined as: (1) Where denotes the opening operation and denotes the dilation and denotes the morphological erosion operation. Device’s mechanism introduced two kinds of noise such as coherence and no-coherence noise. The Gaussian noise is represented by statistical noise, having a probability density function, which is called as a Gaussian distribution. The original pixel value in the image is changed from its inventive value by a minute amount in the Gaussian noise. Due to the central bound theorem, Gaussian distribution is generally can provide a good quality representation. The probability density function of a Gaussian random variable is given by: (2) Alternatively, a process is Gaussian if and only if for every finite set of indices in the index set (3) It is a multivariate Gaussian random variable. The Gaussian property can be formulated by using the features functions of random variables as:, such that (4) The hybrid filter can effectively remove all the noise in the mammogram image which can provide more accuracy in classification. Fractal Analysis There are various fractal analysis techniques are existing but most of the techniques follow power law basics. In the exisiting work [17], tumor growth was studied with the help of a model which says that the tumor is a rising tissues. Mathematical model and numerical simulations of this model were examined to obtain the macroscopic dynamics of the tumor growth. It experimented and well known that the growth of the tumor is proportional to the time [17] suggested from power law. It is also can be simulated using a one-dimensional (1D) CA model, shows the linear growth of the entire cells. From this, it is observed that in both the 1D and 2D cases, tumor diameter grows linearly according in terms of time.The dimension of the fractal model is estimated using various techniques such as sandboxes, bounding-box, Fourier spectrum and so on. When applying these techniques, the scaling relationships of the cells are obtained according to a power law relationship. The basic geometric objects can be understood by the Euclidean objects as lines, planes and circles. All the objects do not resemble the Euclidean objects. By utilizing the fractal geometry, it is easy to create models for nature objects and which can provide a better definition in various conditions. Mandelbrot [9] introduced the first fractal theory. The unique difference among the Euclidean and fractal geometry is the self similarity denoting by un-uniform scaling. The variance of the shape of the objects continuously varying in increasing or decreasing the size of the objects. It is clear that one of the problems in scaling is texture, and describing the texture also depends on scaling. Hence, this problem can be overcome by the fractal geometry of texture. The definition of Hausdroff-Besicovitch of the fractal dimension is described using the following equation (5). (5) Where is the self similar pieces 1/r is the magnificent factor. Since, the fractal dimension indicates the surface roughness, people always use the texture as fine, coarse, gained and smooth etc. Mostly the fractal dimension of an image can be estimated by the bounding-box, fractal Brownian motion and fractal interpolation method. In this study, the fractal of filtered contour of the breast tumors are analyzed and tested using FFT based methods. Fractal based Fourier Transform In this study, it is adopted that Fourier fractal methodology is used for classifying the tumors. The filtered contour is taken and fed as input for testing. The growth of the tumor is randomness and it is in certain degrees, complex irregular in shape. So that, the fractal analysis can give a good measure in order to measure the complex patterns than the traditional Euclidean geometry. In this study, the fractal dimension is measures using Fourier transform method. In our experiment the radical magnitude accusations are calculated and plot in the form of log-log magnitude plot for classifying the tumors. From the centroid to all directions, the magnitude variation is measured to compute the magnitude accumulation testing. The Fourier transforms and phase angle calculations are obtained using Equations (3) and 4) respectively. The filtered contour is defined in X-axis with M – mean value and it can be implemented as: (6) (7) In this study, the fractal dimension of the breast tumor is calculated according to the average slop variations of log-log magnitude plot. Also the log-log plot can be drawn among the magnitude accumulation in entire radial components and number radial components of the respective input images. The accurate and absolute values of average variations are more for malignant tumor than the benign tumors. Experiment and Results To experiment Fractal based fourier transform analysis method the matlab software is choosen to implement, due to its capability in image processing. In this study, it is considered that some of the available contours are the input for the experiment. For pre-processing the image, to remove, the higher order frequency components are taken as artifacts, the input contours are applied into hybrid filters. The result of the hybrid filter is separated into small segments with dissimilar radius length by dividing the contour uniformly in all directions. In our experiment, the contour is divided into 24 equal parts. Then the fractal dimension method using FFT is applied to extract shape variables in each segment. In our experiment, five contours are considered as the input, at five, three contours are the type of malignancy and the remaining contours belongs to the type of benign. The following Table-1 depicts the log-log magnitude plot and absolute values of the slop variations in terms of respective contour. After filtering the input contour it is divided into 24 segments in all the directions with equal radial distance and then the magnitude variation of all the directions is counted and accumulated for all the radial components. It is well known that the malignant tumor has more variations than the benign tumors. According to the accumulations of the magnitude variations the malignant tumors are having more variations than the benign masses. The fractal dimension is calculated using the log-log plot drawing method between the accumulations of magnitude variations and the number of radial components. The absolute value [a threshold value used for decision making] is drawn in the log-log plot to compute the average variation of the magnitude. To provide difference the slop, the colors used to plot are different. The absolute value of the average slop variation according to the threshold is used to classify the tumors. In this experiment, a threshold value is used for decision making, for tumor classification. The absolute value of the average slop difference is high for malignant and for the same value it is less for benign. From this scenario, it is observed that, the variations of magnitude accumulations in terms of number of radius are more for malignant tumor and small for a benign tumor. Table-1: Fractal Analysis based on FFT Tumor classification In most of the cases the average slope values are greater than the threshold values for our test images used in the experiment. Originally the test image 1 is the benign and the other images are the malignant images. Generally Image 4 is malignant image, but according to the average slop variations and threshold values it is defined as benign. In this paper, we experiment with 25 images[ but in table-1 only five images and their results are displayed]. Out of 25 it correctly classifies 23 images. From this experiment 92% of success rate. Conclusion and Future Enhancement The FFT based fractal analysis method is easy to implement and classify the tumors based on the shape of the tumors. In this study, from the experiment, FFT based fractal analysis method achieved 92% of the classification accuracy. Since this study can provide better results than the existing approaches. The accuracy can be improved in the future enhancement of this study. FFT based fractal analysis is one of the easiest methods and best software for doctors to prescribing the tumor and understand the tumor shapes accurately and fast. References [1].James W. Baish and Rakesh K. Jain, â€Å"Fractals and Cancer†, American Association for Cancer Research -2000. [2]. Breast cancer facts and figures [3]. Syed Abdaheer.M and Ekram Khan, â€Å"Shape Based Classification Of Breast Tumors Using Fractal Analysis†, IEEE-2009. [4] Us-Krasovec M, Erzen J, Zganec M et. Al, â€Å"Malignancy associated changes in epithelial cells of buccal mucosa: a potential cancer detection test†, Anal Quant Cytol Histol. 27(5): 254-62, Oct. 2005. [5] Andrushkiw R.I., Boroday N.V., Klyushin D.A., â€Å"Petunin Yu.A. Computer-aided cytogenetic method of cancer diagnosis†, New York: Nova Science Publishers, 2007. [6]. Pelton K, Freeman MR, Solomon KR, â€Å"Cholesterol and prostate cancer†, Curr Opin Pharmacol 12: 751 – 759-2012. [7]. Zadra G, Photopoulos C, Loda M, â€Å"The fat side of prostate cancer†, Biochim Biophys Acta 1831: 1518 – 1532-2013. [8]. Ramis-Conde I, Drasdo D, Anderson AR, Chaplain MA, â€Å"Modeling the inuence of the e-cadherin-beta-catenin pathway in cancer cell invasion: a multiscale approach†, Biophys J 1: 155–165-2008. [9]. Rietman EA, Friesen DE, Hahnfeldt P, Gatenby R, Hlatky L, et al, â€Å"An integrated multidisciplinary model describing initiation of cancer and the warburg hypothesis†, Theor Biol Med Model 10-2010. [10]. Gillies RJ, Verduzco D, Gatenby RA, â€Å"Evolutionary dynamics of carcinogenesis and why targeted therapy does not work†, Nat Rev Cancer 12: 2012. [11]. Preziosi L, Vitale G, â€Å"A multiphase model of tumor and tissue growth including cell adhesion and plastic reorganization†, Math Models Methods Appl 21: 1901–32-2011. [12]. Bellomo N, Delitala M, â€Å"From the mathematical kinetic, and stochastic game theory to modelling mutations, onset, progression and immune competition of cancer cells†, Physics of Life Reviews 5: 183–206-2008. [13]. Anderson AR, Quaranta V, â€Å"Integrative mathematical oncology†, Nat Rev Cancer 8: 227–34-2008. [14]. Anderson AR, Weaver AM, Cummings PT, Quaranta V, â€Å"Tumor morphology and phenotypic evolution driven by selective pressure from the microenvironment†, Cell 127: 905–15-2008 [15]. Agur Z, Vuk-Pavlovic ´ S, â€Å"Mathematical modeling in immunotherapy of cancer: personalizing clinical trials†, Mol Ther 20: 2012. [16]. Silva AS, Gatenby RA,†A theoretical quantitative model for evolution of cancer chemotherapy resistance†, Biol Direct 5-2010. [17]. Vainstein, V., Kirnasovsky, O.U., Kogan, Y., Agur, Z.: â€Å"Strategies for cancer stem cell elimination: Insights from mathematical modeling†. J. Theor. Biol. 298, 32-41 (2012).

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Slavery and Sex Trafficking Essay -- Ethical Issues, HIV/AIDS

When we hear the word slavery our mind paints a picture of colonial America down in the South with big plantation houses harvesting wheat, with workers being unpaid and unfairly treated. At this time in our county we were struggling with the idea of equality for all. America has come a long way from those days but not with out a fight. Abraham Lincoln, the Civil Rights moment and free and public education has been addressed. Today, we face a new conflicts and a different type of slavery. Slavery and sex trafficking is occurring not just abroad but at home as well. In 2004, â€Å"800,000 to 9000,000 men women and children are trafficked across international borders every year, including 18,000 to 20,000 in the US. Worldwide slavery is in the millions† But the issue doesn’t stop at just slavery but at also includes sex trafficking and prostitution. (p. 506) In Kate Butchers article she discusses the difference between prostitution and sex trafficking and that solution to this problem is to address and promote human rights and working with laws that are already in place to address health issues such as HIV/AIDS and the human rights of people in the sex industry. In John R. Millers article he believes that sex trafficking should be put under strict regulations and do to so we must support and ask for action to be done at home and aboard and the government must have willingness to impose economic penalties on counties that give antislavery laws meaning. In 2003 the Leadership Against HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria Act of 2003 was passed. Its said, â€Å"No funds made available to carry out this Act†¦may be used to provide assistance to any group to organization that does not have a policy explicitly opposing prostitution and sex traffickin... ...e face corrupy and complit police and trying to fight diseases such as HIV/AIDS it’s a challenge. (p.506) Miller poses that here at home and abroad we need to support action taken against antislavery and have a willingness to impose economic penalties. I do agree that something needs to be done but I believe that Miller is over looking the economic effects his plan has on normal everyday children, women and men in those counties that benefit from exports and imports. If the government is corrupted they won’t care about the workers or the poor man. They want to make money in any possible way. To solve the problem of prostitution, sex trafficking, human trafficking, the speed of HIV/AIDS and slavery something has to be done. However, we should keep in mind the people we will be affecting and all the ripples are laws will create in every aspect of their life’s.

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To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee :: To Kill a Mockingbird Essays

Irony is the opposite of what is and what seems to be. Harper Lee uses irony in her novel To Kill A Mockingbird on several occasions to illustrate the difference between appearance versus reality. An example of this is the cementing of the tree.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Jem and Scout received many gifts from the oak tree like: chewing gum, a ball of twine, soap carvings of Jem and Scout, a spelling medal, Indian-heads, and a pocket watch. Jem and Scout write the gift-giver a thank you note intending to put it in the tree hole the very next day. When they arrive at the tree they noticed that the hole had been cemented. Jem and Scout asked Mr. Radley why he filled the hole with cement and his reply was, 'Tree's dying. You plug 'em with cement when they're sick. You ought to know that, Jem'; (pg. 67). Later that same day Scout finds Jem crying because he had realized that Mr. Radley was preventing his brother Boo from pursuing a friendship with them. The difference between appearance and reality comes into affect. First, Mr. Radley tells Jem and Scout that he cemented the tree because it was sick when it was not. Secondly, Jem realized that Mr. Radley had lied just to keep Boo from having any friends from the outside world. Harper Lee uses irony when Aunt Alexandra hosts the missionary circle.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  The ladies that attended Aunt Alexandra's missionary circle acted as hypocrites. She says, '...I made a pledge in my heart. I said to myself, when I go home I'm going to give a course on the Mrunas and bring J. Grimes Everett's message to Maycomb...'; (pg. 233-234). The are speaking with compassion of neglected Blacks somewhere in Africa while treating the Negroes that live in and around Maycomb with very little respect. Later in the conversation Mrs. Merriweather tells Scout, 'Out there in J. Grimes Everett's land there's nothing but sin and squalor'; (pg. 234). Harper Lee was showing us the difference between appearance and reality at the missionary circle. The ladies feel sorry for the Blacks in Africa but not the ones in Maycomb. They are both black, what difference does it make where they live? All the Blacks in Maycomb country are being prejudiced against by all the whites. A lesson on democracy teaches us that even whites can become prejudiced against other whites.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Cecil Jacobs talks about his current event article about Adolf Hitler persecuting

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Black Pedagogy

Black pedagogy, or poisonous pedagogy, is a type of child rearing or methodical upbringing process intended to instill a sense of social superego within the child, and implement a defense against their psyche. Many theorists describe the behaviors and communications associated with the concept to be very violent and manipulative. The parents intentions focus primarily around honing obedience and preparing children for a dominant adult culture.The story of â€Å"Little Red Riding Hood† ties in heavily with black pedagogy. During the eighteenth and early nineteenth century, a majority of children's literature existed as a way of â€Å"civilizing children according to stringent codes of class behavior. † The girls mother deliberately leads her into a pedagogical situation in which she cant get out, and ultimately subjects her to dangerous experiences and eventual death.The girl is a quintessential example of the ideal child of black pedagogy, with her devout obedience and determination to carry out the mothers orders. The mothers only requirements serve grave importance as she tells her to stay on the path and not to ruin the food for her grandmother, which hints at the importance of primacy of family, and unquestioned filial loyal. The links between black pedagogy as described in Zornado's article and Erika and Thomas Mann's book titled School for Barbarians are highly evident.While black pedagogy associated with the eighteenth and early nineteenth century centers more around parental supervisions, this process in School for Barbarians focuses on the loyalty and appreciation of the fascist dictatorship under Hitler's rule, and the transformations it had on the Nazi Germany educational system. Hitlers hopes were to create a violently active, and dominating brutal youth beginning a a very young age.The schooling systems, with their obnoxious children's stories and exaggerated world news filled the students with a false sense of education that allowed Hitler to heavily manipulate the youth. â€Å"Heil Hitler! † was said anywhere from 50 to 150 times a day, and it accompanied anything from a greeting to prayer closings. The students were heavily devoted to their loyalty of this enormous governmental change because they simply knew of no other alternative.

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Diabetes Mellitus II

Diabetes mellitus refers to â€Å"a group of metabolic diseases characterized by high blood sugar (glucose) levels that result from defects in insulin secretion, or action, or both. † (Mathur, 2009) This chronic medical condition occurs when the production of insulin, a hormone released by the pancreas in order to regulate the blood sugar levels, is absent or insufficient. Two major types of diabetes are 1. ) type 1 diabetes which requires the affected person to be insulin-dependent as his pancreas has been damaged by auto-immune attacks, making it unable to release the hormone and 2. type 2 diabetes which is also called non-insulin diabetes mellitus as the patients who suffer from this disease can still produce their own insulin.As a matter of fact, for the latter, excessive amounts of insulin are produced by the body. This, however, damages the beta cell, the part of the pancreas that releases insulin, and causes the depletion of the production of insulin in the long run. Th is paper will focus on diabetes mellitus 2, the causes of this chronic disease as well as the physiological limitations that it can impose on a person’s exercise program.It will also include the symptoms that a fitness instructor must watch out for when training an individual suffering from type 2 diabetes. This information will be used to create an exercise program for a subject with this chronic disease. In this section, the intensity, frequency, duration and the method for determining how the program should progress will be identified. Any prescribed medication that may affect the person’s performance should also be considered in the creation of this program.Although diabetes mellitus II is coined adult-onset diabetes as it normally develops in adults who are forty years and above, the number of children who have been diagnosed with this disease has also increased in number. Although genetics or complications during pregnancy may play a role in the development of th is disease, obesity is still identified as the major cause of this problem. An individual who has a Body Mass Index (BMI) that is 20% higher than the ideal has a higher chance of becoming diabetic.Other major risk factors associated with diabetes are age, family history, race, a history of previous impaired glucose tolerance (IGT) or impaired fasting glucose (IFG), hypertension, a history of gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM) and polycystic ovarian syndrome. (Votey & Peters, 2009) In the past, people ages 40 and above are more prone to this disease. But, now, due to the sharp increase in the number of children with this disease, this might as well be considered as a pediatric disease. A person’s family history should also be considered when determining a person’s risk to acquire this disease.People with first degree relatives who are diabetic can have a higher chance of acquiring this disease. They may have acquired the gene that stimulates the production of a protein that inhibits the role of insulin in cellular glucose transport. A person’s ethnic group can also increase a person’s risk of acquiring this disease. Afro-Americans, Hispanic Americans, Pacific Islanders, American Indians and Asians have a higher chance of becoming diabetic. A person’s blood pressure and cholesterol level can also determine if he is prone to diabetes.People with a blood pressure of 140/90 mmHg and above, a cholesterol level of 35 mg-dL-1 or below or a triglycerol level of 250 mg-dL-1 will have a higher risk of becoming diabetic. (McArdle, p. 452, 2007) For people with type 2 diabetes, an increase in glucose levels occur because of relative insulin deficiency or the insufficient production of insulin by the pancreas, insulin resistance or the decrease in the effects of insulin on peripheral tissues, especially muscles, or a combination of these two problems.Of course, insulin resistance, doesn’t necessarily mean that a person has diabetes . This, however, can cause diabetes in the long run, especially if the person’s diet is rich in simple carbohydrates. Because of insulin resistance, glucose is converted to triacylglycerol and is stored as fat. Since fat cells have a tendency to be insulin-resistant due to its reduced insulin receptor density, the person’s insulin resistance can reach a level that exceeds the maximum output of the pancreas.Both resistance and aerobic training can help in the management of these factors by improving insulin are glucagon responses. Since skeletal muscles consume a lot of glucose, approximately 70 to 90% of the glucose present in the body, resistance training which increases muscle mass can increase insulin sensitivity, leading to better glucose control. Endurance training, on the other hand, â€Å"maintains the blood level of insulin and glucagon during exercise closer to resting values. † (McArdle, p. 451, 2007)Ideally, the management of diabetes involves dieting , exercising and taking in the prescribed medication, if there is any. There are, however, some cases when the blood sugar level of the patient is too high and exercise needs to be put off. At the same time, although exercise can be very beneficial to diabetics, it can be counterproductive if the condition of the client is not examined properly. Before a client is given a program, the instructor must first make sure that he has his doctor’s consent.The instructor should also know if the client has the following complications: retinal hemorrhage, increased proteinuria, acceleration of microvascular lesions, cardiac arrhythmias, ischemic heart disease, excessive blood pressure during exercise, postexercise orthostatic hyerptension, increased hyperglycemia, increased ketosis, foot ulcers, orthopedic injury related to neuropathy and accelerated degenerative joint disease. The exercise should be adjusted based on these factors.Obese individuals, for example, should be given lesser weight-bearing exercises. At the same time, they should also be given longer rest periods in order to avoid increase in blood pressure. People with heart and blood pressure problems must not be allowed to exercise when the temperature is too high or the atmosphere is too humid. They should also be given ample rest in between sets. They should also avoid isometric exercises as well as exercises that involve raising the weight overhead or holding positions wherein the head is lower than legs.Aside from the risks caused by complications, the instructor should also pay attention to signs of hypoglycemia, especially if the client is taking in insulin or oral hypoglycemic agents. Mild hypoglycemia is characterized by trembling or shakiness, nervousness, palpitations, increased sweating and excessive hunger. People with moderate hypoglycemic reactions experience headaches, irritability and abrupt mood changes, impaired concentration and attentiveness, mental confusion and drowsiness.In se vere cases, the individual becomes unresponsive and unconscious and experiences convulsions. For such instances, the instructor must be attentive to these symptoms so that he can react immediately. Since some patients take ß-blocker medication, hypoglycemic unawareness should be expected and it is up to the instructor to make the client stop exercising, measure his glucose level and have him eat some simple carbohydrates like hard candies and sugar cubes if hypoglycemia is confirmed. The client should then be asked to rest for ten to fifteen minutes.After that, his glucose level should once again be measured before allowing him to continue the exercise regiment. Another risk that should be avoided is late-onset hypoglycemia wherein the diabetic’s blood sugar remains low even after four to forty-eight hours has passed. This can happen if the client’s exercise is too strenuous for him. For this reason, high-intensity exercise should not be administered to a diabetic i ndividual, especially if he has been prescribed some insulin or hypoglycemic agents.He should begin with a low-intensity program that gradually increases in intensity. Changes in intensity must be made after a period of three to six weeks so that the individual would be given enough time to adjust. According to Erikkson's study (Janot & Kravitz, 2009), doing some resistance training twice a week is enough to show results. Beginning with this frequency is also advisable as the instructor would be given the time to observe the client's reaction to the exercise. He would also be able to clear him of late-onset hypoglycemia.The study done by Ishii and his colleagues (Janot & Kravitz, 2009) shows that the range of the load given to diabetic individuals should be 40 to 50% of their 1 rep max. They should do around 2 sets of 25 repetitions. And, they should be given 30 to 120 seconds of rest in between sets. Based on the FITT principle, people with type 2 diabetes can have 3 to 5 times a w eek of aerobic exercise. The intensity should be 40 to 60% of the maximum HR and the duration should be around 30 to 60 minutes, unless the person is taking hypoglycemic agents or insulin.

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Monitor a Safe Workplace Essay

|Unit BSBOHS407A |Qualification | |Monitor a Safe Workplace |Certificate IV in Frontline Management | | | |Learner | |Start Date | | |Assessor | |Due Date | | | | |Task |Description |Who |What |Duration | |( 1 |Complete your workbook |Student |Workbook |10 hours | | | | |Text book | | |( 2 |Journal entry (one per week) |Student |Diary |20 mins | |( 3 |Scenario and Questions |Student |Questionnaire |1.5 hours | |( 4 |Underpinning Knowledge Questions |Student |Questionnaire |1.5 hours | |( 5 |Workplace Project |Student |Computer |6 hours (report) | | | | |Work Team |+ time on the job | |( 6 |Supervisor’s Checklist |Supervisor |Checklist |15 mins | | | | |Workplace Project: | | | | | |Create an OHS file for the information you collect while working through this unit. Consider your own organisation, or one that you have researched. | |Include the following: | |description of your organisation; | |organisational chart of your workplace with list of names, positions and responsibilities; | |floor plan of your workplace with emergency exits labeled; | |your organisation’s OHS policy and procedures; | |organisational chart and job descriptions; | |information from relevant state or territory’s OHS au thorities; | |information from national OHS authorities; | |Risk Assessment forms and instructions/procedure | |copies of your organisation’s records and reports relating to OHS; and | |information from employees and health and safety representatives. | | | |Categorise the information and write a contents page for the folder/file. | | | |Conduct two (2) Risk Assessments on potential workplace hazards using the organisation’s procedures; attach the documentation. | | | | | |Contact your assessor if you require further information. | | | | | | | |_______________________________________ | |Student Signature | |DECLARATION: The attached information is all my own work | | | Certificate IV in Frontline Management BSBOHS407A: Monitor a Safe Workplace Candidate’s Name: ___________________________________________________ | |C |NYC | |FEEDBACK FROM MANAGER/SUPERVISOR | | | | | | | |Please consider how the candidate GENERALLY performs. | | | |Does your feedback confirm that the candidate can: | | | |Provide information to the workgroup about OH&S policies and procedures |( |( | |Implement and monitor participative arrangements for the management of OH&S |( |( | |Implement and monitor an organisation’s procedures for providing OH&S training |( |( | |Implement and monitor procedures for identifying hazards and assessing risks |( |( | |Implement and monitor the organisation’s procedures for controlling risks |( |( | |Implement and monitor the organisation’s procedures for maintaining OH&S for the team |( |( | | | |How does the candidate monitor safety in the workplace? | | | | | | | | | | | |COMMENTS FROM SUPERVISOR REGARDING CANDIDATE’S PERFORMANCE AGAINST THESE COMPETENCIES | | | | | | | |Supervisor’s Name and Signature: | | | |Email: | | | |Qualifications: | | | |Date: | Important: The candidate cannot be deemed competent until this checklist is returned. Please contact the assessor to discuss issues relating to this assessment, Corelink 02 9779 9800. Certificate IV in Frontline Management BSBOHS407A: Monitor a Safe Workplace Candidate’s Name: __________________________________ | | | |ASSESSOR’S OBSERVATIONS |Satisfactory | | | | | |Yes No | |Participates in group activities and group discussion in the learning & development environment, OR, responded to |( |( | |assessor’s questions in the required time frame and to the required standard. | | | |Completed workbook activities to appropriate standard |( |( | |Recorded legitimate details of workplace issues in his/her journal and offered these issues and other discussion |( |( | |generating evidence to the workshop group | | | |Discussed and demonstrated an ability to work through issues raised on a one-to-one basis with the assessor (where |( |( | |the assessor coached the candidate through the issue) | | | |Demonstrated underpinning knowledge of the performance criteria for this unit |( |( | |Performance in the learning & development environment was at a standard that reflected the candidate’s knowledge and |( |( | |understanding of this unit | | | |Ability to recognise opportunities to transfer learnings from group activities and discussions into the workplace |( |( | |Knowledge of how the elements and performance criteria of this unit integrate with and relate to the candidate’s |( |( | |organisation’s actual strategy | | | |ALL evidence submitted for assessment was appropriate for the level at which the candidate is being assessed |( |( | |Used effective people skills to relate to and communicate with others whilst in the learning & development |( |( | |environment | | | | | |COMMENTS FROM ASSESSOR REGARDING CANDIDATE’S PERFORMANCE | | | | | | | | | | | | | |Assessor Name and Signature: Date: | Important: The candidate cannot be deemed competent until this checklist is returned. ———————– 1. Notes to Learner: †¢ ALL evidence should be checked off and attached to this document prior to submission for assessment. It is important you supply enough evidence so you can demonstrate that you are capable of performing at the appropriate standard in the workplace. Without the required evidence, you cannot be assessed as COMPETENT IN THE WORKPLACE by your assessor. †¢ The supervisor/third party checklist is to be completed by your supervisor. If you do not have a supervisor (for example, if you are a business owner), contact your assessor to arrange for a suitable third party to complete the checklist. †¢ Whether you are participating in FLM facilitated-learning workshops or learning self-paced, the assessor will complete a checklist to record evidence of your participation in group discussion, group activities or one-on-one interviews and emails. This will record an assessment of your underpinning knowledge and ability to transfer the learnings from the discussion and activities back to the workplace. †¢ Please contact your assessor if you require any assistance whilst preparing or collecting this evidence. †¢ If you do not have the instructions about how to keep a Journal, please contact your assessor. †¢ If you do not understand anything fully, contact your assessor. †¢ Go to Corelink’s website if you need tips on studying via distance learning. QUESTIONNAIRE Certificate IV in Frontline Management BSBOHS407A: Monitor a Safe Workplace SCENARIO Complete your answers using a word processor. The answers do not need to be lengthy (bullet points will do). The company you work for was recently purchased by another, much larger company. Although the employees have been assured that no retrenchments would occur they are still skeptical about what the future holds for them. The new managers appear to be quite open with staff about their vision for the company and have introduced major changes to its work practices to help them achieve their objectives. Workers are required to move to a new safety system. There has never been a formal system in place before. You have been put in charge of the project. Describe how you would go about the following: a. Information Sessions on OHS Legislation b. Method of explaining industry regulations to staff c. Draft of a suitable OHS Policy d. Explanation of how accessible this policy should be to employees e. Procedure for electing OHS representatives and committee f. Explanation of how meetings will be conducted g. Consultation methods you will use, and as assessment of that consultation with employees regarding the identification of workplace hazards h. Training requirements i. A checklist relating to hazards in your work area j. Draft of an Incident Reporting Procedure UNDERPINNING KNOWLEDGE QUESTIONNAIRE Certificate IV in Frontline Management BSBOHS407A: Monitor a Safe Workplace Complete your answers using a word processor. The answers do not need to be lengthy (bullet points will do). 1. Discuss the responsibilities that OH&S legislation places on employees and managers 2. Describe the legal responsibilities of safety representatives and committees 3. What is meant by an employer’s OH&S ‘Duty of Care’? 4. What should OH&S audits evaluate? 5. What OH&S records should be maintained? 6. Why do we have OH&S policies and procedures? 7. ———————– Corelink PTY LTDAssessment Tool  ©Corelink Pty LtdAssessment Tool

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Discussion Board Post Response Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 31

Discussion Board Post Response - Essay Example One of the threats relating to your identified need is exposing patients and care providers to risks particularly in relation to toxicity due to overdose. Therefore, strategic planning in this case would help in effective planning of care processes and implementation of standardization strategies aimed at preventing negative outcomes linked with self medication in hospitals. Long queues in ERs is a major challenge in many healthcare organizations. In this regard, I agree that achievement of optimal waiting periods at the ER is an example of an unmet need. According to Dr. Carol Huston in the media, strategic planning involves analysis of both the internal and external environment in an effort to identify unmet needs (Laureate Education, 2013d). Your assertion that attending minor injuries and illnesses in the ER is costly and inefficient shows an existing problem that ought to be addressed. Forecasting is also an element of strategic planning. Your proposition that opening small urgent care centers around the county to reduce number of patient in the main ER is an illustration of strategic planning involving looking at the desired future of the organization (Laureate Education, 2013d). I also agree that involvement of clinical staff, board of directors, and the community as stakeholders is imperative for the achievement of the projected outcomes. Strubhar, A. J. (2011). The application of an environmental scanning and strategic planning framework in an academic department of physical therapy.Journal of Physical Therapy Education, 25(3),