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Eating Disorders Essay - 1851 Words

Researchers study eating disorders to try to understand their many complexities. â€Å"Eating disorders are complicated psychiatric illnesses in which food is used to deal with unsettling emotions and difficult life issues† (Michel Willard, 2003, p. 2). To help those with eating disorders, one must understand the causes, effects and treatments associated with the disorders. Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia Nervosa and Compulsive Overeating are three common eating disorders found in society today. â€Å"No one knows exactly what causes eating disorders. However, all socioeconomic, ethnic and cultural groups are at risk† (Matthews, 2001, p.3). Eating disorders are difficult to diagnose but can be deadly if left untreated. Background The Alliance†¦show more content†¦5-6). Anorexics will deny hunger and make excuses to avoid eating or will often hide food they claim to have eaten. â€Å"Most people who diet stop when their goal is reached. Anorexics will not stop dieting† (Kirkpatrick and Caldwell, 2001, p. 21). Bulimia is an eating disorder that differs from anorexia in that sufferers continually binge and then purge themselves afterwards. Most often, large amounts of food are eaten very rapidly and the consumption takes place secretly (Levine and Maine, 2004). Sufferers of bulimia binge and purge for various reasons. For some, binging and purging occurs to let out feelings of anger, depression, stress or anxiety. For others the binge/purge syndrome occurs in response to overwhelming hunger brought on by dieting. Once the bulimic sees they can eat more food than they even want and not gain weight, they become a victim of the cycle of binging and purging (Michel and Willard, 2003, p. 13). In many ways, compulsive overeating resembles bulimia, but the compulsive overeater tends not to purge. Most compulsive overeaters have tried many diets without success. They avoid social and physical activities because of embarrassment about weight and size. Matthews (2001) asserts compulsive overeaters, like bulimics, use food to cope with emotional distress. Body weight varies in compulsive overeaters from normal body weight to severe obesity (p. 78). CausesShow MoreRelatedEating Disorders : Eating Disorder1205 Words   |  5 PagesEating Disorders in Today’s World Eating disorders are alive and well in today’s world and they are a major problem. An eating disorder can look like a few different things, ranging from a severe reduction of food intake to over eating to feelings of negativity towards your body shape or weight (Lehigh University). While some disorders can only be found in specific age groups, races, etc., eating disorders can be found amongst all and it does not necessarily have to be pointed towards food (LehighRead MoreEating Disorders : An Eating Disorder1184 Words   |  5 Pagesas an eating disorder. Weir (2016) goes on to explain the origins behind eating disorders in individuals. This topic is important because, in the United States, many women and men suffer from a clinically significant eating disorder at some point in their life. It is important to know the influences that cause an individual to experience an eating disorder. Genetically, or environmentally, or both genetically and environmentally. Anorexia ner vosa, bulimia nervosa, and binge eating disorder are eatingRead MoreEating Disorders And Eating Disorder1573 Words   |  7 Pagesaffects people called an â€Å"eating disorder.† Why did you choose this topic? I chose this topic because it is a very prevalent issue in our society today, and a close friend of mine is suffering from an eating disorder. What question(s) did you want to answer or what was your hypothesis regarding this topic? As mammals, there is no chance of escaping the need to consume food in everyday life. However, when it comes to food there can be a major concern of eating too much or eating too little. Doing eitherRead MoreEating Disorders And Eating Disorder1104 Words   |  5 PagesEating disorder is a serious problem happens in both men and women. Eating disorder is a sort of disease in which a person is having a strange routine of eating like consuming a huge amount of food each time they eat. This can incorporate not eating enough nourishment or indulging. Eating disorder influence many people around the world. The larger part of peoples who are dealing with this issue are ladies. A person with eating disorder issue may focus nonsensically on their weight and shape. EatingRead MoreEating Disorders And Eating Disorder1410 Words   |  6 Pagesâ€Å"An eating disorder is about anxiety and control and healing from trauma and food and weight are just the tools of destruction† (Floyd, Mim ms, Yelding, 2008). An eating disorder is defined as a severe disturbance in eating behavior. An eating disorder, as defined by our text book for class, is psychological disturbances that lead to certain physiological changes and serious health complications. The three most common and most easily identifiable forms of eating disorders include anorexia nervosaRead MoreEating Disorders : Eating Disorder966 Words   |  4 PagesEating Disorders Many people, both women and men of all ages, suffer from the psychological disorder, eating. Up to thirty million people in the world suffer from some kind of an eating disorder. There a two types of eating disorders, anorexia and bulimia, and have several methods of treatment. What is an eating disorder, and what do they cause? Eating disorders are maladaptive and very serious interruptions in eating. They can come in the form of overeating, or not eating enough, they are oftenRead MoreEating Disorders : Eating Disorder1031 Words   |  5 Pagesâ€Å"The eating disorder is a very jealous and abusive partner. It requires a lot of devotion in the extent that you have to devote yourself to tending to the anorexia. There s not a lot of time left over for adult life,† was stated by Dr. Doug Bunnell, a specialist in eating disorders. Eating disorders effect a variety of people. Age, race, and gender aren’t role playing keys in eating disorders. Not everyone gets an eating disorder, but if they do then, it will more than likely destroy their livesRead MoreEating Disorders And Eating Disorder1496 Words   |  6 PagesAn eating disorder is an illness that causes serious disturbances to your everyday diet, such as eating extremely small amounts of f ood or severely overeating. A person with an eating disorder may have started out just eating smaller or larger amount of food, but as some point, the urge to eat less or more has gotten out of control. Severe distress or concern about body weight or shape may also signal an eating disorder. Common eating disorders include anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, and a binge-eatingRead MoreEating Disorders : An Eating Disorder1906 Words   |  8 Pagesobtain their body goal, thus causing an eating disorder. An eating disorder is a psychological condition that is characterized by abnormal or disturbed eating habits. There are three types of eating disorders; which are Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia Nervosa, and Binge Eating.These disorders affect all aspects of a person’s life, including their psychological, emotional, and physical health. There are many factors that contribute to individuals developing eating disorders including: genetics, family pressuresRead MoreEating Disorders : Ea ting Disorder1235 Words   |  5 PagesEating Disorders Eating disorders are a very serious psychological condition that affects your mind so that you are more focused on your food and weight than you are on everything else. The most known and most commonly diagnosed eating disorders are anorexia, bulimia, and binge eating disorder; however, these are not the only eating disorders. Eating disorders cause psychical and psychological problems, which at their worst can even become life threating. Statistics show that more women are affected

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Sci207 Vocational Issues with Copd Free Essays

Social Implications for Patient’s with COPD SCI207: Social Implications of Medical Issues August 1, 2011 Social Implications for Patient’s with COPD CASE 1 Mr. L. , a 55-year-old bartender in a large metropolitan area, has been a heavy smoker for 40 years. We will write a custom essay sample on Sci207: Vocational Issues with Copd or any similar topic only for you Order Now He was diagnosed as having COPD 7 years ago. Mr. L. lives in the city and takes the city bus to work, although he still has to walk about three blocks to the bar where he works. He has found it increasingly difficult to walk the three blocks without stopping to rest at frequent intervals. At work, his manager has also expressed concern about the effect Mr. L. ’s continuous coughing has on customers. (p. 440). According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), smoking is the leading cause of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), and it is considered one of the most common lung diseases known. â€Å"COPD is a diagnostic term used to describe a group of conditions that are characterized by respiratory symptoms such as dyspnea (shortness of breath), cough, sputum production, limitation of air flow, and chronic inflammation of the lungs. † (Falvo, 2008, p. 420). Often, people have both. On the flip side, there are also the rare cases of nonsmokers who lack a protein called alpha-1 antitrypsin that can develop into emphysema. The longer a person smokes, the likelihood of developing COPD is high but there are some who are exceptionally fortunate who do not contract this disease as a result of routine, long term smoking. This paper will examine the causes, the symptoms and complications and what the social implications of having COPD that can affect an individual in an adverse way using the above case study as the example. It is known that Mr. L. began smoking at fifteen years of age. At age 48, he was diagnosed with COPD yet still continues to smoke. Let us assume that Mr. L. has had a nice physique given to him from good genetics rather than regular visits to the gym. Let us also assume that he is a New Yorker and has lived there all of his life. Because the city is so large, there is also automobile traffic that never ceases at any hour – day or night which produces high amounts of carcinogens into the air. There are still manufacturing buildings that also produce pollutants such as exposure to gases or fumes as well as tens of thousands of smokers who release second hand smoke into the environment. Add barbeques and smoke pits or poor ventilation in a smoky bar into the mix and one is exposed to heavy amounts of carcinogenic pollutants every single day. This kind of long term exposure can attribute to some of the causes that may be factored in as to why he was diagnosed with COPD. Mr. L. has been told by his physician that he needs to quit smoking and start a regular exercise routine along with the prescribed medicine to make his conditions manageable and bearable. Because Mr. L. as smoked for 40 years and lived in an urban environment with long term exposure to pollutants along with his own habit, he began to notice a â€Å"smoker’s cough† or excessive mucus that is lingering much longer than a common cold. He notices that he begins to wheeze and gets fatigued when simply walking a few blocks from his bus stop to work or home. Once at work or home, he may realize that he has a hard time catching his breath (dyspnea) with any mild activity such as changing out a k eg, moving a case of beer or carrying out the garbage. He’s given up going to the gym as it wears him out to easily and is embarrassing to him because he wheezes and coughs too often and doesn’t want to be the subject of ridicule from younger, healthy people. He has noticed more lines on his face from not only age, but the smoking has aged him even faster. His teeth are yellowed from nicotine as well as his index and middle fingers from where he holds his cigarettes. New York has passed a non-smoking law for all public places as of the year 2000 and where there were once many smokers, it seems that more have quit than smoke. His patrons have been verbal about his coughing near their beverages or how they have to wait on him as he runs out back to catch a quick smoke, and he does this quite often because he is a 2 pack a day smoker. They complain that his breath and clothing smell of stale cigarettes even though he tries to cover it with breath fresheners and cologne. The patron’s regularly harass him on his choice to smoke and taunt him to quit which annoys him and makes him irritable. Smoking which at one time made him look cool, has now made him a pariah in most social circles as well as the stigma attached to his habit and symptoms. They tease him and say that he will become one of â€Å"those† people who will have to carry an oxygen tank around with him. Johnson, Campbell, Bowers and Nichol assert that â€Å"Stigma is a social construction that defines people in terms of a distinguishing characteristic or mark, and devalues them as a consequence†. Their article further reports that, â€Å"a study involving 27 women and men living with COPD reported that respondents repeatedly described a sense of stigmatization that was a direct result of using supplemental oxygen around other people and which led to feelings of embarrassment and social isolation. (2007). Since there is no cure for COPD, clearly the fastest way to retard lung damage for Mr. L. before he absolutely needs the oxygen tank is to stop smoking. Taking his prescribed medications can treat many of the symptoms such as the wheezing, coughing and shortness of breath. He can increase the amount of time walking to build up strength. The stig ma of smoking will then change to encouragement from his patrons to see success in his effort to quit. His breath will not be so offensive nor will his clothes smell of cigarettes. His nails will begin to lose the yellow discoloration and he can whiten his teeth so that he can feel better about his physical looks along with his self pride can be restored by committing to quit. No longer will he feel dismay, embarrassment or be annoyed because of the stigma attached to a smoker that displays the outward symptoms of his disease. Mr. L. ’s whole outlook and attitude will change by simply giving up a horrible habit that can destroy not only his health, but other’s as well. References Falvo, D. R. (2008). Medical and Psychosocial Aspects of Chronic Illness and Disability. 4th ed. ). Sudbury: Jones and Bartlett Publishers. Johnson, J. L. , Campbell, A. C. , Bowers, M. Nichol, A. (2007). Understanding the Social Consequences of Chronic Obstructive Pulminary Disease: The Effects of Stigma and Gender. The Proceedings of the American Thoracic Society. Retrieved August 1, 2011 from: http://pats. atsjournals. org/cgi/content/full/4/8/680#otherarticles The Na tional Center for Biotechnology Information Web site provides information on COPD http://www. ncbi. nlm. nih. gov/pubmedhealth/PMH0001153/ How to cite Sci207: Vocational Issues with Copd, Papers

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Essay Who Is To Blame For The Death Of Romeo And Juliet Example For Students

Essay Who Is To Blame For The Death Of Romeo And Juliet A monologue from the play by William ShakespeareJULIET: Thou knowest the mask of night is on my face;Else would a maiden blush bepaint my cheekFor that which thou hast heard me speak to-night. Fain would I dwell on form fain, fain denyWhat I have spoke; but farewell compliment!Dost thou love me? I know thou wilt say Ay;And I will take thy word. Yet, if thou swearst,Thou mayst prove false. At lovers perjuries,They say Jove laughs. O gentle Romeo,If thou dost love, pronounce it faithfully. Or if thou thinkest I am too quickly won,Ill frown, and be perverse, and say thee nay,So thou wilt woo; but else, not for the world.In truth, fair Montague, I am too fond,And therefore thou mayst think my havior light;But trust me, gentleman, Ill prove more trueThan those that have more cunning to be strange.I should have been more strange, I must confess,But that thou overheardst, ere I was ware,My true-love passion. Therefore pardon me,And not impute this yielding to light love,Which the dark night hath so discovered.

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Morgan Stanley free essay sample

The challenges faced by Morgan Stanley as John Mack assumes a leadership role were as follows: ? internal fights were taking place at all managerial levels between divisions , as the company at that moment was split in ten divisions and each one of it was totally focusing on profit maximization into it’s own area ? there were unequal distribution of wealth among pre and post IPO partners ? he firm was in a period of rapid growth , diversification and globalization period , environment that put a lot of pressure on people generally and management especially ? traditionally rivalry btw Fisher and Greenhill , Greenhill representing the interest of investment banking division , old and conservative and Fisher being the â€Å"new wave† into the company with it’s new divisions such as Sales and Marketing , Fixed Income Division -bottom line the company was ruled by very high ego persons ? long time decision-making due to the a. . rivalry and lack of communication ? no common goal and definitely not one that is shared with the entire organization – specific goals/division ? reluctance of the old personnel(senior mngmt) within the Investment Banking Division to John’s Mack attitude as a leader and it’s ideas of change ? the fact that divisions had to teach to give up profit orientation/division and to start interact with the rest of the company and try to generate best outcomes fm related businesses and common approach to certain customers ? ntegrated strategy at firm level and known by all it’s members – last but not least having their commitment for reaching the common objective â€Å"first class business in a first class way† Change in cultural values of the company. We will write a custom essay sample on Morgan Stanley or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Before the company â€Å"motto† would have been â€Å"each on his own† and now everybody should believe in common concept , have common symbols and behaviors ? John Mack was a real cultural hero bcs he has started with MS very early and he was promoted due to his competencies perfect example to be followed ? ue to this common leadership approach , they had to adapt to a lot of new things : appearance of new rules and clear procedure with regards to Organization Development , acceptance of kind of â€Å"guru† managers that were brought into the organization by J. Mack , well structured and communicated organization scheme , a lot of interaction between division through it’s middle and senior managers . Never the less , they had to adapt to J. Mack way of doing things : being at all times close to the peoples(no meter if they were executives or secretary) and very demanding in the same time 2. /Assess John Mack’s vision and values for Morgan Stanley? What are the key elements? How different is it from the way the firm has historically operated? His vision for MS was to â€Å"be the world’s best investment bank and the Firm of choice for our clients, our people and our shareholders†. The key elements for reaching this vision were: management to assume not just the role of being a manager , also the role of a real coach for it’s team , a pipe through with best ideas to flow and a on the job trainer for it’s subordinates ? certain freedom given to the employees for being innovative and take risks but aligned with company’s policy ? have a team oriented approach at global level ?put a real emphasis on people retention and development. Give clear direction and clear communication within the company for common objectives ? stop evaluating individually , and change the was to a collective evaluation ? ave total changed the mngmt behavior and get their total support ? have a lot of informal interaction and put an emphasize on this There is a total difference between new style of leadership and the old one, actually before; the company had no leaders, just managers who were controlling the business. Historical â€Å"way of doing things† was described within the first answer and we can add the recruitment policy, the missing of clear â€Å"career path† for employees, missing of common and shared values, even missing of common objectives. . /What recommendations would you make about how the process should be redesigned? We think that the way J. Mack started is very good by getting peoples under the same â€Å"umbrella† and putting them together to work to a common goal, prize them, reward them up to their team accomplishments; allowing them to know each other under informal meetings; letting the people to feel that they are making things happened, getting their commitment and forcing the to interact and communicate. An accent should be put in our opinion on cross selling activities – way that best results can appear fm a certain business and maybe a reorganization of the company , based on industry profile of serviced customers (e. g. for customers in commodity industry maybe a division should have been created and those employees to be able to offer the whole range of products and services to that customer without to force the customer to talk to a lot of people and sign a lot of separate contracts)-promoting the â€Å"One face to the customer† concept.

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Oscar Wildes The Picture of Dorian Gray Essays

Oscar Wildes The Picture of Dorian Gray Essays Oscar Wildes The Picture of Dorian Gray Paper Oscar Wildes The Picture of Dorian Gray Paper Essay Topic: Call of the Wild Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde Into the Wild Literature The Picture of Dorian Gray Oscar Wildes The Picture of Dorian Gray tells the story of corruption and how it can easily spread. It focuses strongly on art and decadence and it definitely alludes to degeneration and decay throughout. Characters, especially Dorian Gray, often focus on beauty as the leading quality in the world. He also forms a double life, much like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, in the sense that has a more civilized public life with a malicious, corrupt secret life full of sin. One of the major gothic topics displayed in this text portrays civilizations lapse into corruption and barbarism while seeming still civilized on the surface. The story begins with Basil Hallward, a somewhat successful artist, painting a portrait of Dorian Gray. Basil completely worships the beautiful, pure, young Dorian Gray, and in fact even admits it to his close friend, Lord Henry. Basil paints such a vivid picture of Dorian that he convinces himself that he has put some of his own soul into the piece. This alludes to the somewhat supernatural qualities of the painting. Basil explicitly explains that he doesnt want Henry spoiling Dorian Gray, but nonetheless fails to prevent the two from meeting. Lord Henry immediately starts exerting his infectious influence on Dorian Gray. Dorian is astonished at how beautiful he looks in the portrait, but instantly starts to panic with his newfound Lord Henry outlook: Lord Henry Wotton is perfectly right. Youth is the only thing worth having. When I find that I am growing old, I shall kill myself' (26). After meeting Henry, Dorian sees the portrait as a mockery and immediately wishes for it to age and decay in his stead. This incident marks the beginning of Dorian Grays downward spiral into corruption and malice. Another intriguing detail to note about this quote relates to its foreshadowing content. Dorian mentions killing himself, which he ultimately does at the conclusion of the plot. He attains everlasting youth and beauty and still ends up slaying himself, only to return to a decayed hideous form. Dorian Grays first major act of tyranny pertains to his first love, Sibyl Vane. Sibyl Vane dazzles her audience and captivates Dorian Gray with her marvelously whimsical performances on the stage. Dorian becomes infatuated with her acting as an art, rather than her as an actual person. Sibyl, much like Dorian prior to corruption, is innocent and naive towards real life and real emotions. She lives her life through the stage and feels more alive as her characters than she does in the real world. Dorian, Dorian, she cried, before I knew you, acting was the one reality of my life. It was only in the theatre that I lived. (74). After coming into contact with Dorian, she realizes true love and begins to see her true world on the theatre as nothing more than a farce. Her realization of authentic emotions corrupts her art and she no longer possesses her beautiful eminence. The corrupting taint that eventually encompasses the life of Dorian Gray begins to manifest itself with the ruining of Sibyl Vane. Sibyls inability to continue her marvelous performances on stage infuriates Dorian Gray and he breaks her heart by basically calling her worthless. He leaves the girl with nothing but his harsh words. This devastating incident causes Sibyl Vane to commit suicide, and the first stain of degeneration that should have marked Dorian Gray, shows up on his portrait instead. The Picture of Dorian Gray contains several interesting incidents of foreshadowing. Basil remarks to Lord Henry quite early on in the story that Dorians good looks will most likely cause severe tragedy in the future. Indeed, I should be sorry to look like him. You shrug your shoulders? I am telling you the truth. There is a fatality about all physical and intellectual distinction, the sort of fatality that seems to dog through history the faltering steps of kings (7). Obviously this premonition by Basil comes true as Dorians looks eventually become the sole driving motivation for his vindictive actions, and eventually drive him to self-destruction. The other intriguing note is that Basil claims to have put himself in the portrait of Dorian Gray. Thus one could derive that this indicates a similarity to Dorian and could explain his demise as well. Another part of the novel that seemed so dreadfully obvious that I almost pinpointed its exact occurrence, pertains to Basils untimely murder by Dorian Gray. The story reveals on page one that Basil would most likely be murdered, and since Dorian Gray is the protagonist, I assumed that he would be the executioner. Basil Hallward, whose sudden disappearance some years ago, caused at the time, such public excitement, and gave rise to so many strange conjectures (1). Oscar Wilde would not have put this line into the text if we were meant to presume that Basil would eventually pass away peacefully due to old age. A sudden disappearance in a gothic story typically alludes to a murder or death. As for the actual assassination scene in the novel, Wilde spent time describing the particular night just prior to the incident, as a cold, foggy night and mentions that Dorian tries to avoid interacting with Basil in several ways. This attempt at avoidance already brings about a sense of tension. Once inside the mansion Basil repeatedly irritates Dorian with preaching which helps to increase the anxiety. Basil reveals that he was meant to catch a train to Paris later that night and points out that he has missed it. This provides Dorian Gray with an alibi as well as a period of time before Basils disappearance will be noticed. Dorian becomes increasingly agitated until he eventually sets the series of events into motion with a crazed sensation: A bitter laugh of mockery broke from the lips of the younger man. You shall see it yourself, to-night! he cried, seizing a lamp from the table. Come: it is your handiwork. Why shouldnt you look at it? (129). This quote shows that Dorian blames Basil for the corruption as well as Dorians malicious determination to suddenly show it to him. Dorian had always been dreadfully frightened at the notion of someone seeing the corruption of his dual life, and yet with the increased confrontation almost instantaneously determines to show Basil. Once Basil naively agrees to follow Dorian, I knew that he would soon meet his demise. No living soul has ever seen the corrupted version of Dorians portrait aside from Dorian, and it seemed highly likely that it was going to remain that way. Dorian Gray continually attempts to maintain a civilized front in his public life despite his increasingly tarnished dual life of sin. The magical properties of the portrait allowed his true self to be hidden on the canvas while he paraded around in a beautiful serene guise known to the public. He continually endeavors to maintain his fraudulent civilized appearance by dressing luxuriously as an aristocrat and attending fancy dinner parties with other civilized people. And yet his true contaminated self persistently acted out in barbarous ways. He murders Basil Hawthorne in a barbaric rampage, and then attempts to cover up the entire incident by blackmailing a former colleague, Alan Campbell, whose life has been ruined by Dorians corrupting influence. This wicked deed for self preservation forced upon Alan eventually places so much pressure on Alan that he eventually commits suicide, thus bringing the known Gray murder rate to a total of three. Dorian enjoys the malevolent sensation in private and feels the pleasure of his barbaric double life. Eventually Dorian Gray requires frequent trips to the opium dens of London to erase the barbaric incidents from the mind of his untainted body. Although the corrupted incidents remain as physical memoirs on the portrait that reflects Dorians secret barbaric dual life, the opium attempts to wipe clean the mind of the pure, civilized life represented by the physical body that he shows to the public. When Dorian finally confronts his savage life and attempts to dispose of the portrait by barbaric means, the two lives merge and Dorian ends up killing himself via the same means as he murdered Basil. The civilized life is ended while attempting to end the barbarous life, showing which one truly prevailed.

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Overnight Success

Overnight Success â€Å"One press account said I was an overnight success. I thought that was the longest night Ive ever spent.†Ã‚   – Sandra Cisneros Lannan Literary Award for Fiction MacArthur Fellowship American Book Awards Anisfield-Wolf Book Award Im not whats considered a huge, box-office or New York Times Bestseller success, but I do fairly well for myself as a writer and novelist. Ive found a comfort zone in balancing my craft, business, and family. Every so often, someone whos just discovered me asks how I became successful. I can give them the twenty-year version with all its twists, turns, sidesteps and walls, or the blurb about being diligent and ever trying to improve. Someone invariably says I was lucky. Someone will tell me FundsforWriters opened doors for my books, which the average person doesnt have. Some wonder who I knew who gave me a leg up. Some say I must be healthy, not have family problems, or not have to really work outside writing to pay the bills. So many think what I have cannot be achieved And I completely disagree. When writers begin writing, they are accountable to no one but themselves, writing in secret. When they begin publishing, they earn some small degree of spotlight but it will at some time feel its not worth the effort. When they publish regularly, readers suddenly learn their name. Those writers are new blips on readers radar, and No writer is an overnight success. Discovery helps to a certain degree: discovery So when you are tempted to say someone was an overnight success, check yourself. Its almost disrespectful. Writers, as well as entrepreneurs, actors, athletes, and academics, travel a long road to reach success. And you are not excluded from that potential for yourself. Take count of your efforts in the year going out, then project how to improve them in the new. Sometimes thats all it takes . . . the acceptance that every foot in front of the other needs to be uphill, with each year a stronger, more focused journey than the one before. The beginning of overnight success.

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Physician-Patient Interaction Adaptation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Physician-Patient Interaction Adaptation - Essay Example Based on these theories, the proponents substantially built a framework for their study which essentially included the concept of non-verbal communication in maintaining or obtaining genuine relationships in health care. The subjects included in this study were physicians and their respective patients confined in the hospital. The proponents were interested to dig on the non-verbal communication that existed between the physician and the patients and their probable mutual responses. Based on these responses, the researchers then had enough starting point to conclude that in physician-patient communication, mutual influence could probably exist. B. Identify the object of study (What is the researcher using to build their arguments and answer their questions?). The researchers collected sufficient number of articles or researches that are related to their study. From these studies, they tried to find important gaps particularly on the importance of effective communication in delivering quality standard health care service. They have elaborately discussed the psychosocial concerns in physician-patient interactions (Duggan & Bradshaw, 2008). All of these have become the basis of what method they should use in their study. They decided to employ videotaping technique in order to document the actual non-verbal responses of their subjects. All of the patients involved in the study were having chronic illnesses so dealing with them might probably be one of the most challenging activities for their entire treatment process. Effective communication process should be substantially required from the attending physician so as to come up with effective response such as cooperation from the patients. The proponents of the study tried to see to it that this important information should be documented through a videotape. C. Summarize the main inferences/conclusions of this article (In your own words, write the key conclusions presented in the article). The article found that no n-verbal cues or responses coming from physicians would potentially create specific reactions from patients. The said response from patients was found to be positive because it would improve the patient-physician interaction through a positive communication process prior to the delivery of quality care. What so central about this study is the ability of the researchers to find ways to investigate whether patients and physicians reciprocate nonverbal rapport-building communication behaviors and talk about how illness affects roles and relationships (Duggan & Bradshaw, 2008). D. Offer a practical application of the research (Explain how this research can have a real life application). Doctors or physicians are the ones patients would listen to as far as they would want to hear opinions regarding their health condition. Patients even confide personal and confidential information just to be able to receive the right diagnosis. It is therefore important that doctors should be able to lis ten to their patients effectively through a very effective communication process. Effective communication process as stated in the research would create rapport, and improve relationship-centered interaction between the doctor and patient, and all these can be shown in their non-verbal responses (Duggan & Bradshaw, 2008). In other words, the said research and its important findings about the importance of communication can be used by doctors and patients most particularly on improving the quality of health and service care. Doctors in particular

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BHS 420 Mod 1 CBT (Quantitative Reasoning) Essay

BHS 420 Mod 1 CBT (Quantitative Reasoning) - Essay Example 52). I agree with this statement and feel that it is important to learn critical thinking. Secondly, I would like to learn to understand the research process whereby accurate data can be obtained to support or disprove any particular hypothesis. Finally, I think that the ability to combine both qualitative and quantitative processes to achieve the answer to a research question is a superior approach. While both methods have their independent strengths, I believe that they are best used in combination to balance the data and increase understanding of the results. From a personal standpoint, i.e., outside of my professional career, I think that the knowledge gained from this course will allow me to perceive aspects in my daily life with a more accurate view because I will be constantly thinking about why events have happened. I will be considering possible explanations and will be equipped to analyze the information I encounter in a logical and reasonable manner; and I think this is applicable to all aspects of life. In writing about sports statistics, Guthrie (1994) stated that people â€Å"who are otherwise averse to quantitative reasoning will often become expert analysts when the subject being analyzed is of interest to them. A statistical argument presented in a context of ones experience is far more likely to be retained than one presented in the context of a hypothetical situation† (p. 1064). I think this validates my perception that critical thinking is not solely for professionals; it has application across all spectrums of hu man experience. History has revealed many people who have been considered geniuses in their field such as Beethoven in music or Earnest Hemingway in literature. Many of these individuals, however, were also known to suffer from manic-depression or what today is called Bipolar disorder. The health-related research

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Teaching grammar in context Essay Example for Free

Teaching grammar in context Essay According to Constance Weaver’s book entitled Teaching Grammar in Context, this particular aspect of education helps the students used their language in a correct manner of putting phrases and thoughts together to create a single message that sends a rightful idea to the readers or the listeners of the message. This I the primary reason why teaching grammar is encourages to be within the context of teaching speech and writing practices to the students. This is to primarily allow the students to use in actual practice what they are learning regarding grammar through writing and speaking as well. Knowing the basic ideas regarding the facts about what process writing and teaching grammar in context means, elaborating the ideas that pertain to this particular discussion indeed helps in enriching the discussion presented herein. Through the utilization of the ideas of other writers in this particular matter, proving the fact that teaching grammar in context within the curriculum of teaching the processes of writing is a more effective approach in t4eaching language to students of all ages. Presentation of sources As mentioned earlier, the book entitled â€Å"Teaching grammar in context† as authored by Constance Weaver discusses the most basic ideas that pertain to the fact that the effects of teaching grammar and process writing in an integrated manner gives better results among students, especially in the manner that they try to apply their learned strategies of writing in an effective manner that they are able to send the ample and actual message that they want to sent to their readers. In this particular reading material, Weaver points out several important points of consideration that would indeed help in the process of integrating grammar lessons within the procedures of teaching writing skills to students. The said points are as follows: teaching concepts of subject, verb, clause, sentence, and related editing concepts When teaching the basic skills that are needed to be considered in writing, the lessons on verbs as well as subjects and other parts of speech would indeed help in the procedures of helping the student understand the importance of using the right words and right phrases to be able to send the actual message needed to be conveyed to the readers. teaching style through sentence combining and generating When editing processes are discussed, the sentence structure discussion could also be generated to help the students identify what particular parts of the written work needs to be revised so as to be able to send the correct ideas to the reading audience. teaching sentence sense and style through manipulation of syntactic elements Syntactic elements and being able to understand the importance of this particular aspect of grammar in creating sensible sentences helps the writers create a better piece of work with a much clarified message and a much more furnished work. teaching the power of dialects and dialects of power The correct usage of language helps in creating a more clarified message within the context of any written work. Being able to learn this particular power of language shall encourage students, or writers at that in careful choosing the words that they use in their writing as well as furnishing the grammar that they utilize in their writing procedures. Teaching punctuation and mechanics for convention, clarity, and style- the impact of learning how to clarify the messages through the effective use of punctuations and clarifying styles of writing shall indeed help writers in being able to understand the importance of sending clarified ideas through the enhancement of the usage of correct punctuations within sentences to denote impact and feelings of the writers towards the topic.

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Whether Abortion is Good or Bad for Our Society Essay -- Pregnancy Abo

Whether Abortion is Good or Bad for Our Society Abortion. Abortion is when a pregnancy is terminated. This could happen naturally or on purpose. Natural abortions are caused for a variety of reasons, some in which the fetus does not develop normally, or if the mother has an injury or disorder that would prevent the birth of the child. Most people refer to the naturally occurring abortions as miscarriages. Other abortions are purposely committed to prevent the birth of a child. These abortions are done because the pregnancy is not wanted, or the pregnancy will endanger the woman’s health. Abortions are now easier, less dangerous, and simpler than they once were. Abortion is one of the key topics in United States courtrooms; the United States Congress is constantly working on making laws regarding abortion every day. There are many ethical and social issues regarding abortion. There are several different techniques to perform abortions. One, which is the Menstrual Extraction, Vacuum Aspiration, Dilatation and Evacuation, and many more. Some methods contain a higher risk of cancer, or one method is has a longer impact on the woman. There are different techniques; some are instrumental, surgical, or medical. The most common technique is the Vacuum Aspiration; this is a less complicated procedure. Different methods are for different reasons. A woman might have to go with one method because she is 20 weeks into her pregnancy, versus a woman who is 3 weeks into her pregnancy. The earlier you perform the abortion, the options you have when it comes to the procedure. The vacuum aspiration technique is by far the most popular technique used today. Almost 97% of women seeking abortions use this technique. The abortion can be performed up to 14 weeks LMP. The vacuum aspiration was first used in Communist China around 1958. However, the United States did not adopt the method until 1967. This technique replaced the older Dilatation and Sharp Curettage, which was more dangerous. There are several advantages to Dilatation and Curettage, although the vacuum aspiration is technically better, this method requires less time than the others. There is also more complete removal of the tissue; there is also less blood loss. There are fewer major complications, and the method is adaptable to the local anesthesia. There is another technique called... ...a, headaches, weakness, and fatigue. These side effects are similar to pregnancy, â€Å"morning sickness† (Francke, 39). About close to 80% of women experience cramps and abdominal pain, like a very heavy menstrual period. One third of women will experience severe vomiting or diarrhea, close enough that they may need immediate medical attention. Some women experience vaginal bleeding and spotting. In some cases, vacuum aspiration may be needed to stop the bleeding. It is unbelievable, four out of one hundred cases the abortion is unsuccessful. If the abortion is unsuccessful the women must have vacuum aspiration. You may ask yourself, is abortion moral or immoral, is it politically correct, is it legal? The answer to that is in the process of being solved. Day by day politicians and the United States congress are debating that same question. Do you really want to kill thousands of fetuses each year? Those fetuses would soon turn into little babies, whom would turn into kids, and those kids will soon turn into the future of the United States, those adults will then be the leaders of America. Abortion remains and will always be one of the topics discussed in the U.S. courtrooms.

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Heuristics and Biased Essay

Daniel Kahneman along side of Amos Tversky revolutionized research on human judgment. They conceptualized the idea of the â€Å"heuristics and biases† program – that judgment under uncertainty Often rests on a limited number of simplifying heuristics rather than extensive algorithmic processing. Gigerenzer criticized Kehneman and Tverskys research stating that humans are capable of processing more complex algorithms than what Kehneman and Tversky were giving homage to. Thus a debate of what the cognitive capacity is and the deviations between normative models and actual human reasoning has been called into question by casting doubt on the appropriateness of the normative models used to evaluate performance, a form of the â€Å"reject-the-norm† strategy. It has been noted the Panglossians, exclusively used the reject the-norm-application strategy to eliminate gaps between descriptive models of performance and normative models. When this type of critique is employed, the normative model that is suggested as a substitute for the one traditionally used in the heuristics and biases literature is one that coincides perfectly with the descriptive model of the subjects’ performance, thus preserving a view of human reasoning and rationale as ideal. Gigerenzer urged that the cognitively capacity is in fact more than this. Gigerenzer urged that there is sufficient evidence for the existence of two types of processing in Human reasoning, decision making, and social cognition. One type fast, automatic, effortless, and non-conscious, the other slow, controlled, effortful, and conscious, which may deliver different and sometimes conflicting results. More recently, some cognitive psychologists have proposed ambitious theories of cognitive architecture, according to which humans possess two distinct reasoning systems, almost two Minds, known as System 1 and System 2. A composite characterization of the two systems runs as follows. System 1thinking, one relies heavily on a number of heuristics (cognitive maneuvers), key situational characteristics, readily associated ideas, and vivid memories to arrive quickly and confidently at a judgment. System 1: thinking is particularly helpful in familiar situations when time is short and immediate action is required. System 2 is more recent, and its processes are slow, controlled, effortful, conscious, serial, shaped by culture and formal tuition, demanding of working Memory and related to general intelligence. It is reasoning based on what we have learned through careful analysis, evaluation, explanation, and elf-correction. This is the system which values intellectual honesty, analytically anticipating what happens next, maturity of judgment, fair-mindedness, elimination of biases, and truth-seeking In addition, it is often claimed that the two systems employ different procedures and serve different goals, with System 1 being highly contextualized, associative, heuristic, and directed to goals that serve the reproductive interests of our genes, and System 2 being decontextualized, rule-governed, analytic, and serving our goals as individuals. This is a very strong hypothesis, and theorists are already recognizing that it requires substantial qualification and complication. Gigerenzer is not denying that normatives appropriate for simple case judgments exist, but rather expostulates that the existence and the nature of such normative have been imperiously assumed by the heuristics and biases literature. Gigerenzer argues that some of the biases identified by Kahneman and Tversky are unstable, in the sense that for example in some cases their magnitude can be considerably reduced by asking questions in terms of frequencies rather than in terms of probabilities. Second, on a methodological level, Gigerenzer argues that, because Kahneman and Tversky’s heuristics are formulated by means of vague, theoretical terms like representativeness, the appeal to these heuristics as generators of biases has limited explanatory power; Gigerenzer advocates instead an increasing emphasis on investigating the cognitive processes that underlie judgment under uncertainty. Third, on a normative level, Gigerenzer argues that it may be inappropriate to characterize some of the biases identified by Kahneman and Tversky as â€Å"errors† or â€Å"fallacies†. Gigerenzer’s reason for objecting to the use of the term â€Å"bias† Gigerenzer argues that Kahneman and Tversky may be comparing the performance of the participants in their experiments with incorrect normatives. Many critics have insisted that in fact it is Kahneman & Tversky, not their subjects, who have failed to grasp the logic of the problem. Or that if a â€Å"fallacy† is involved; it is probably more attributable to the researchers than to the subjects. When ordinary people reject the answers given by normative theories, they may do so out of ignorance and lack of expertise, or they may be signaling the fact that the normative theory is inadequate.

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World Religions Paper

World Religion Paper (Rough Draft) By: Allison Workman The religion that I have chosen for my report is Wicca. Wicca is the religion of Witchcraft also referred to as the Craft. There are many myths that are associated with the Wiccan religion. Witches do not perform ride brooms and they are not â€Å"bad or scary† people. In fact most witches are normal people we come in contact with every day. I have learned many interesting facts in my weeks researching this religion. At this time my site visit and interview have not been completed due to family medical problems with my source. However, the interview and site visit are both scheduled for April 3, 2011 I will attempt to submit a summary of those by mid week next week for review. Compare and Contrast Wicca and Christianity are actually quite similar in many ways. However, there are vast differences in the beliefs of the parties as well. Both Christianity and Wicca have a symbol that is prominent within the religion. Christians have the cross that represents the death of Jesus to wash away the sins of mankind. Wicca’s symbol is the pentagram. Despite the reports to the contrary the pentagram is not the symbol of a Satanist; in fact Satan does not even exist in the Wiccan culture. The pentagram is the symbol of the four elements (water, air, fire, earth) and the sprit which draws them all together. Both religions have groups that worship together. Christians call these congregations and they usually meet in a Church. When a group of witches gather to worship the group is referred to as a Coven and they generally practice outdoors though not always. Some Covens will gather at the home of the High Priestess to worship. Meeting places will differ from Coven to Coven. Many of the Ethical and Social views of these religions are similar as well. The Wiccan Rede is â€Å"If it harms none, do what you will†. Christians generally try to live by the Golden Rule. â€Å"Do unto others as you would have them do unto you†. These two phrases have a similar meaning. Both religions believe that women and men are equal in value as human beings. Both religions also accept women in secular leadership roles. All Wiccan religious groups believe that women should hold religious leadership roles as well; some denominations of the Christian faiths are accepting of this, but others still believe that men should be the religious leader of the family/church. The number of differences between these two groups is much larger that the similarities. One of the most notable is that Christianity is a monotheistic religion and Wicca is a polytheistic religion. While Christians worship God. The Wiccans worship the God and Goddess simultaneously. The Wiccan religion is all about balabance so the worship of the God and the Goddess signifies the balance, though the primary focus to a witch is the goddess. Witches accept homosexuality completely where Christians believe that homosexuality is a sin. Christians worship every Sunday and Witches worship on the 13 full moons of the years and also perform rituals on the Sabbats.

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The Airline Industry And The Challenges Tourism Essay Essay Example

The Airline Industry And The Challenges Tourism Essay Essay Example The Airline Industry And The Challenges Tourism Essay Essay The Airline Industry And The Challenges Tourism Essay Essay Introduction Today, the engagement of Middle Eastern air hoses in extra-regional operations varies, but is already comparably high. Emirates is offering 82 % of its place capacity on extra-regional services. Most other of import bearers from the part like Etihad Airways ( 74 % ) , Qatar Airways ( 66 % ) and Gulf Air ( 54 % ) besides operate more than half of their seats on extra-regional flights ( AEA, 2006 ) . Air France ( 26 % ) and Lufthansa ( 23 % ) show that the portion of excess regional offer for European web bearers is well less, bespeaking that these bearers have stronger domestic markets. It has besides projected the following for its fiscal twelvemonth mentality. Qatar Airways aims for 40 % leap in grosss, says CEO Akbar Al Baker. Defying the planetary fiscal downswing, Qatar Airways is anticipating to enter a 40 per cent addition in its grosss in its current fiscal twelvemonth stoping March 31, 2011 over the last twelvemonth, harmonizing to the Doha-based air hose s main executive officer. We are aiming a 40 per cent addition in grosss for this twelvemonth, which is somewhat over the addition in the air hose s capacity of around 30 per cent. Qatar has besides come up with balance selling Mix to as to switch from rival of Emirates to chief participant in the air hose industry in the Gulf part. The Airline Industry and The Challenges The commercial air power industry has been characterized by a cyclic nature since its origin. During times of economic prosperity, rider traffic demand grows and air hoses seek to add capacity to run into that demand. Conversely, during economic downswings, air hoses respond to decreased travel demand through call offing flights, anchoring or selling aircraft and by and large shriveling capacity. By 2005, a new moving ridge of brash exuberance was experienced in the air hose industry, and aircraft orders skyrocketed fourfold, twelvemonth over-year, to record degrees of more than 2000 units, split reasonably equally between Airbus and Boeing. ( See Fig. 1. ) A ample part of aircraft purchasing originated with air hoses based in the Gulf Region. Traffic growing in that part of the universe was strong, and bearers like Emirates, Etihad and Qatar began puting big aircraft orders, frequently in duals of one-upmanship at assorted air-shows such as Paris, Farnborough and Dubai. The air hose industry has been bedeviled in the recent times by economic downswing, skyrocketing fuel costs, perceived menace of terrorist act, the possible eruption of the bird grippe virus and monolithic insurance premiums the international air hose industry faces an unsure, deregulating that has hit major industrialized state air hoses and disputing future. North America is 2nd largest of the four parts examined, with 2827 orders, but with over 80 % of these orders being placed for narrow-body equipment ( by and large 100-200 seats ) , most of which are destined to fall in the fleets of LCC air hoses in the United States, Canada and Mexico. Europe is the 3rd largest part, at over 2600 orders, besides to a great extent weighted dedicated to narrow-body purchases ( 70 % ) , once more to a big extent ordered to increase the fleets of turning LCCs such as EasyJet and Ryanair. The Middle East is the 4th largest part examined, and though aircraft orders figure merely over 400, a cardi nal differentiation from the other parts is that more than 60 % of these orders are for twin-aisle widebody ( 200-400 seats ) and Very Large Aircraft ( greater than 400 seats, such as the Airbus A380 ) , as shown in Fig. 2. Fig. 1. Aircraft orders of Gulf States: 1995-2007. Beginning: www.airbus.com, www.boeing.com. Fig. 3. Airbus A380 orders by part. Beginning: Airline Monitor, November 2007. Situation analysis Company analysis Qatar Airways is the national air hose company of Qatar which one of the fastest turning air hoses in the universe. Since its re-launch in 1997, Qatar Airways has achieved astonishing growing in fleet size and rider Numberss. From merely four aircraft in 1997, the air hose grew to a fleet size of 28 aircraft by the terminal of 2003 and a milepost 50 by October 2006. Today, the air hose operates 68 Boeing and Airbus aircraft. By 2013, the fleet size will about duplicate to 110 aircraft. Qatar Airways presently has more than 200 aircraft on order worth over US $ 40 billion for bringing over the following few old ages ( www.linkedin.com ) . Presently, Qatar Airways has a fleet of 87 aircraft functioning 92 finishs worldwide. The company employs more than 15,000 employees across Far East, Middle East, Central Asia, Europe, the Africa, North America, South America and Oceania. Qatar Airways vision is to put in and keep, a turning fleet of immature and modern aircraft winging to identify concern and leisure finishs worldwide. Furthermore, company s mission includes safety first , client focused , culturally cognizant and financially strong . Furthermore Qatar Airways set up its end which is to be a universe s top aeroplanes company. Rivals Katar is strategically located in the Gulf States. It has become one of the concern hub and way station. Its air hose industry, has come under increasing competition from rivals such as Emirates, Etihad, Bahrain air hoses. Airlines in the Middle East presently account for merely 9 % of long draw capacity worldwide, but are responsible for approximately 25 % of all planetary long-haul aircraft bringings over the following decennary ( Flanagan, 2006 ) . Dubai-based Emirates Airlines is the largest purchaser, with about 70 % of all new long-haul aircraft orders in the Middle East the air hose is be aftering to more than duplicate its all-wide organic structure fleet capacity by 2012 ( Flanagan, 2006 ) . Once all these aircrafts are in usage, Emirates Airlines will be the universe s largest long-haul bearer. Other air hoses in the part with ample broad organic structure aircraft orders include Qatar Airways with an order book of about 140 widebody aircraft aircraft and Etihad Airways with approximately 20 aircrafts pending bringing. Whilst aircraft orders of Gulf bearers represent existent fleet enlargements, aircraft orders placed by incumbent bearers are chiefly used to replace bing capacity ( Fig. 1 ) . Overall, aircraft orders by Middle Eastern bearers are valued at 40 billion USD ( list monetary values ) . In-between Eastern bearers are constructing their growing scheme on widebody aircraft aircraft that offer expanded scope, enhanced rider comfort, and improved operating economic sciences. These aircrafts will assist Middle Eastern bearers to extenuate the likely on-going slot deficits and congestion jobs experienced at some airdromes. New-generation aircraft are cardinal to the development of long-haul hubs in the Middle East, leting the bearers to stay competitory by maintaining unit costs low ( OConnell, 2006 ) . Qatar airways merely like other air hoses in the Gulf States is portion of the authorities scheme to diversify its gross base, economic systems, commercialism, touristry and planetary conveyance importance. The air hose has a rich mission statement which is Excellence in everything we do. Harmonizing to a study carried out by Pearce and David ( 1987 ) to analyse the mission contents of air hose companies, the mission, it showed that Qatar s mission statement is one of the best in the universe. Amongst 9 points, it has 6 points. Fleet enlargement programs of Middle Eastern bearers ( as March 2008 ) . Source Journal of Transport Geography 18 ( 2008 ) 388-394 Confederates ( world-wide spouses, codeshare ) Code sharing or codeshare is an air power concern term for the pattern of multiple air hoses selling infinite on the same flights, where a place can be purchased on one air hose but is really operated by a collaborating air hose under a different flight figure or codification. The term codification refers to the identifier used in flight agenda, by and large the 2-character IATA air hose designator codification and flight figure. Qatar Airways is proud to be codeshare spouses with some of the universe s premier air hoses such Nippon Airways, Asiana Airlines, BMI, Lufthansa, Malaysia Airlines, Philippine Airlines, US Airways and United Airlines which indicated as Star Alliance. ( Qatar.com ) Climate Macro environment ( PESTLE analysis ) PESTLE Analysis which is an acronym of Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Legal, is a tool that aids organisation brand schemes by assisting them to understand the external environment in which they operate now and in the close hereafter. Below is a tabulated External analysis in which Qatar air line operates. Political Looking at both the demand and the supply side of Middle Eastern air power growing, it becomes clear that the development has both a demand and a supply side drift to it. The rise of bearers from the part has become possible due to the overall addition in demand for air travel. Additionally, traffic has already been diverted from the established bearers. However, there is besides another side to the growing procedure: Induced demand . This is because of political stableness in the Gulf part non merely in Qatar. Economic Domestic demand benefits from the topography of the Gulf states, which favours traveling by air for intra-regional conveyance. Furthermore, a high per capita income that is still increasing rapidly, offers a base for a strong air power industry. But there are socio-economic restraints, restricting both domestic leisure and concern travel potency. Besides, wealth is unevenly distributed, with an estimated proportion of 20 % to 45 % of the population life below the poorness line ( AEA, 2006 ) . The United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Qatar have a combined 5.5 million people which is merely about the population of the Philadelphia metropolitan country. With more people populating above the poorness line, the air hose industry has a bright hereafter. Social UAE lies in the bosom of the Middle East ( ME ) and is one of the universe s fastest turning economic systems with a per capita income of US $ 31,000 ( IMD, 2005 ) . Worldwide, in 2006, the ME Travel and Tourism economic system was graded figure nine in footings of absolute size ( US $ 150 billion ) and is expected to turn to US $ 280 billion by 2020 ( WTTC, 2007a ; Husain, 2007a ) . UAE ranks 18th in the universe and figure one in the Arab universe, harmonizing to the planetary touristry competitiveness study by the World Economic Forum ( Rahman, 2007a, B ) . Global Futures and Foresight, a British think armored combat vehicle expects the investing in touristry and substructure for the ME to be about US $ 3 trillion by 2020, with current investings standing at US $ 1 trillion which is much higher than what is considered current planetary outgo ( Husain, 2007a ) . Non-oil grosss contribute 63 per centum to the GDP ( UAE Interact, 2007a ) . Abu Dhabi contributes 59 per centum to the G DP of UAE ( 56 per centum which is oil dependant ) . Qatar scheme is to feed from the Dubai market. Technological Delaies, cancellations and recreations are the most seeable grounds of the effects of these breaks on the air hoses. By and large, each of these consequences in aircraft and crews being out of place relation to planned paths. Passengers are inconvenienced as reachings are delayed and scheduled connexions missed. As a consequence, an air hose may go responsible for the cost of alternate transit, housing, nutrient and, if the hold is sufficiently long, a hard currency payment to counterbalance the traveller for any incommodiousness. Qatar has achieved great technological effort to avoid such holds unless when the flight is at their hub and they are anticipating some flights to do bash. Legal Qatar airways is a signer of unfastened skies understandings. Between 1990 and 2003, the United States implemented a series of Open Skies Agreements, supplying a alone chance to measure the consequence that a alteration in the competition government has on monetary values. In our sample, Open Skies Agreements cut down air conveyance costs by 9 % and addition by 7 % the portion of imports geting by air. Those consequences hold for developed and upper-middle-income developing states but for lower-middle-income and low-income developing states Open Skies Agreements do non cut down air conveyance costs. SWOT analysis SWOT analysis helps to research the internal and external environmental factors impacting Qatar Airways and therefore enable us to do strategic determinations ( Aaker, 2005 ) . The recommended schemes that would be adopted in this paper would be based on the on the SWOT analysis of the company. SWOT analysis for Qatar Airways Strength Failing The lone 5-star ranked in-between eastern air hose Over 90 Finishs Worldwide Codeshare spouses with most of the universe s premier air hoses Qatar Airways net incomes from the really low charges at its place airdrome High ticket monetary values Young air hoses which established in 1994 Operation costs is really high due to investings on airdrome Reconstructions and purchasing high-class aircrafts Opportunity Menace Qatar s favourable location for concern The new airdrome is scheduled to be operational from the terminal of 2011 Qatar holds a major Association of Southeast Asian Nations and international sporting activities, late Qatar won offering to host FIFA World Cup 2022. Investing on Environmental Studies ( first commercial flight with GTL Jet fuel- without peculiar emanations in 2009 ) Unstable political environment of vicinity states High hazard of terroristic activities Strong neighboring province rivals ( Emirates Airlines, Gulf Air ) Qatar Airways has over 200 aircraft pending bringing with the orders worth more than US $ 40 billion by Boeing. Company aims Marketing aims To assist drive their enlargement in the UK and internationally, Qatar were looking for an chance that would present the right audience and wide coverage with twelvemonth unit of ammunition presence. While Qatar and their bureau Starcom were looking at assorted conditions chances available in the market, we were convinced that the comprehensiveness and deepness of our offering via the award winning Sky News would do it a clear victor they agreed. The run comprised of 5 different sing platforms leting Qatar to make Sky News desirable and flush audience via multiple touch points. Coverage besides included Sky News International, driving the trade name into over 70 million places and 1 million hotel suites worldwide. The relationship has now spanned over 4 old ages with a new 2 twelvemonth extension merely agreed. Aims Grow trade name consciousness and perceptual experience in the UK and internationally Raise consciousness of Qatar as a premium 5-star air hose Communicate the quality of the Qatar service Increase portion of voice against the competition hypertext transfer protocol: //www.skymedia.co.uk/Audience-Insight/Case-Studies/qatar-airlines.aspx Fiscal aims Qatar Airways aims for 40 % leap in grosss, says CEO Akbar Al Baker. Defying the planetary fiscal downswing, Qatar Airways is anticipating to enter a 40 per cent addition in its grosss in its current fiscal twelvemonth stoping March 31, 2011 over the last twelvemonth, harmonizing to the Doha-based air hose s main executive officer. We are aiming a 40 per cent addition in grosss for this twelvemonth, which is somewhat over the addition in the air hose s capacity of around 30 per cent, Akbar Al Baker, told Emirates Business. He added that the air hose will see a similar capacity addition in the undermentioned twelvemonth. Marketing cleavage and mark market Geographic Cleavage: Qatar Airways is presently runing in most of the parts of the universe. They are soon trusting to spread out their paths to include the south Pacific paths of Australia and its adjacent states. Qatar Airways is a dynamic, high service bearer, which utilizes the geographic location of its Middle Eastern hub to associate 72 international metropoliss. See the company s web site for more information. Target Market Merchandise Differentiation: Akbar Al Baker, Qatar Airways Chief Executive Officer, stated, By offering a assortment of amusement options, we are able to distinguish our rider service through unrecorded amusement programming while besides puting new criterions of comfort to guarantee we are the air hose of pick ( Rockwell Collins, 2005, p. 1 ) . Some of the characteristics of distinction are: Biggest and best concern category in the Middle East Synergistic Audio, Video on Demand Entertainment System Largest personal Television screens in the Middle East Electronic place controls In-seat back massage First Middle East air hose in First Class with level beds. Current Marketing Mix ( Ansoff merchandise mix A ; 4P s ) Merchandise Strategy utilizing Ansoff merchandise mix: Servicess is defined as affecting one party offering something that is basically intangible and where the interaction does non ensue in ownership of anything ( Kotler, 2008 ) . Using Ansoff merchandise grid matrix, it can be said that Qatar air hoses is still in market incursion. This is because the air hose as was shown in the introductory subdivision of the work, has projected the figure of aircraft it wish to purchase before 2012. The properties of a company in growing phase of company life rhythm is expansionary qualities. New Merchandises Existing Merchandises Existing Market Market Penetration Merchandise Development New Market Market Development Diversification ansoff s merchandise / market matrix The properties of market incursion scheme in which Qatar air passages are utilizing include: aˆ? Maintain or increase the market portion of current merchandises this can be achieved by a combination of competitory pricing schemes, advertisement, gross revenues publicity and possibly more resources dedicated to personal merchandising As portion of this growing program, Qatar Airways will widen its path web to 50 finishs by the terminal of 2003. It has late added Manchester and Rome to its increasing path web. It will shortly be adding Shanghai, Seoul and Tripoli to its path web. ( Airhighways Magazine, 2005, p. 1 ) . aˆ? Secure laterality of growing markets. Qatar air hoses have been known to rule the of all time busy African- Middle east air paths. The company ever has some flights available from any portion of Africa to the Gulf States. The topology of the country has encouraged the air hose to run in merchandise incursion scheme of Ansoff merchandise grid. Its sparsely populated country has encouraged traveling by air for intra-regional conveyance. Furthermore, a high per capita income that is still increasing rapidly, offers a base for a strong air power industry. But there are socio-economic restraints, restricting both domestic leisure and concern travel potency. aˆ? Increase use by bing clients for illustration by presenting trueness strategies.A market incursion selling scheme is really much about concern as usual . The concern is concentrating on markets and merchandises it knows good. It is likely to hold good information on rivals and on client demands. It is improbable, hence, that this scheme will necessitate much investing in new market research. There is no grounds that Qatar airways is puting on market research because they are non spread outing into unknown paths such as Kula-lumpur Sydney path. Pricing Scheme: Going-rate-pricing scheme Soon Qatar air hose pattern what is called Going-rate-pricing scheme. The market leader in the middle- east air hose industry remains Emirates. Qatar charges its menu based on the monetary value of Emirates which is somewhat higher. This is because being the market follower, Qatar does non necessitate to upset the constituted market dynamism because it might non be able to vie on the same degree with Emirates. Comparing the monetary value of Qatar and Emirates, on the same path of Kuala-lumpur ( Malaysia ) Johannesburg ( South Africa ) : Monetary value of Qatar Airways on 21st Nov returning on 23rd Dec from Kuala-Lumpur to Johannesburg Monetary value of Emirates on 21st Nov returning on 23rd Dec from Kuala-Lumpur to Johannesburg Promotion Strategy Qatar air hoses are non practising merchandise distinction but it is practising publicity distinction. Harmonizing to its main Executive Officer Akbar Al Baker he said that Qatar By offering a assortment of amusement options, we are able to distinguish our rider service through unrecorded amusement programming while besides puting new criterions of comfort to guarantee we are the air hose of pick ( Rockwell Collins, 2005, p. 1 ) . Some of their publicity schemes are as listed below and experienced by its riders are as Biggest and best concern category in the Middle East Synergistic Audio, Video on Demand Entertainment System Largest personal Television screens in the Middle East Electronic place controls In-seat back massage First Middle East air hose in First Class with level beds Katar has engaged the services of Global media industries to assist distribute the good intelligence. Such Television, Corporate Videos, BBC Campaign to place it as a premium bearer, CNN testimonies from air hose staff, Sky News studies as a patron of the conditions service and Sponsors a travel show through Al-Jazeera. Qatar is a major patron of high profile featuring activities such as World Tourism Day, World Travel and Tourism Council Summit, World Economic Forum, Leading International athleticss events. Qatar air hoses was the official patron of 15th Asiatic Games, Doha 2006. The company has come up with a new merchandise called Flying Oryx Newsletter that it distributes to go agents. The newssheet is besides available through its web sites. More links could be established to the newssheet through the Internet. The air hoses besides give off merchandises to riders that promote the logo of the Burgundy Oryx and Taking you personally, such as tickers, computing machine mouse and manus towels. .Place Scheme: This places a small impact on the concern scheme of Qatar. Qatar air passages like any other air passages have developed a system of acquiring their ticket. Unlike the normal concerns, whose distribution channel goes from the maker wholesaler-retailer-consumer. The normal concern rhythm Qatar air hose and other air passages are from the air hose operators to consumers when online engagement is done or through traveller agent. Airline operator Airline operator Manufacturer Jobber Traveling Agent Consumer Retailer Consumer Consumer Traditional Supply channel Online engagement channel Intermediary engagement channel Marketing Execution Budget ( short amp ; long term projections ) Qatar air hoses being a authorities company operates a closed system whereby no 1 knows their fiscal projections. But based on Boeing s Economic Overview fort the following 20 old ages, the company predicts an overall economic growing of the international air hoses industry will be at 2.9 % , the international growing in rider traffic will be 4.8 % , and the largest country of growing will be in lading at 6.2 % . Although the industry will still confront highs and depressions, which is built-in, the Boeing study says that the long-run mentality is that of positive growing. Part of the factors of positive growing are globalisation, increases in international trade, growing of GDP, the liberalizing of ordinances in assorted states to let more entree and services. World GDP growing is at 2.9 % and this is one of the major factors for the growing in the air hoses industry. Harmonizing to that same study, the GDP growing in the Middle East is 3.6 % , and growing in the rider traffic is es timated at 5.5 % . Of class, this growing in higher in parts where the GDP is higher. Other factors impacting increased growing in the Middle East are increasing populations and the belief that oil costs will be sustainable long-run. Integrated Selling Plan Low cost Qatar air passages have the purchase to prosecute in more competitory monetary values that what they are offering soon. They should borrow a leave from what Qantas did. Qantas came up with a low cost bearer called JETSTAR. The low cost scheme can vie in the low cost flight class of the air hose industry while the parent company keeps their normal criterion. Alliances Qatar air passages have the trade name image to organize strategic confederations with many similar air hoses where they can acquire the benefits of economic sciences of graduated table. This might come in the signifier taking one air hose company in the continent to organize a cringle. They might borrow a expression from what Singapore air hoses deed as shown below. Singapore Airlines Air New Zealand Leading Alliance Diners Club Avis Singapore Airlines confederation web ; strategic confederation, follower ( Kotler Pg 812, 2008 ) Decrease of booking agents Committees and other inducements to gross revenues staff add to the operational cost of the company. These costs either passed on to the clients or absorbed by the organisation lowers the borders of the company. The company should come up with a construction of naming GSA ( General Gross saless Agent ) in major metropoliss and towns. They might even go through it to the station office to sale for them since they post office has their fixed cost already running. Web Friendly Site The company should as a affair of urgency design a friendly user web site. Their current web site is non user friendly. They should borrow a cue at Airasia web site. Airasia web site is fast, user friendly and updates every proceedingss. This has greatly encouraged clients to utilize the web more often than physical office infinite thereby restricting people or topographic point contacts to the barest lower limit. Decision For Middle Eastern participants, there are three possible beginnings of rider demand. Firstly, domestic demand arising in the Gulf part can add to make full fleets and airdromes. Second, demand can originate from foreign riders that are bound for Middle Eastern states may they be leisure or concern travellers. And thirdly, stop-over travel that is utilizing the Middle Eastern airports as hubs and that is heading for finishs beyond the Gulf states can be a beginning of demand. These factors are favourable to Qatar air hoses. However, reacting to the growing processes in the Middle East merely by cutting costs is an deficient scheme for the incumbent participants. Pricing systems, for illustration, have been developed in decade-long procedures and are hard to copy. Other of import Fieldss and assets for reaction are strategic webs and co-operations, frequent circular plans and booking systems.

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Ideal Gas Law Example Problem

Ideal Gas Law Example Problem The ideal gas law is  an equation of state the describes the behavior of an ideal gas and also a real gas under conditions of ordinary temperature and low pressure. This is one of the most useful gas laws to know because it can be used to find pressure, volume, number of moles, or temperature of a gas. The formula for the ideal gas law is: PV nRT P pressureV volumen number of moles of gasR   ideal or universal  gas constant   0.08 L atm / mol KT   absolute temperature  in Kelvin Sometimes, you may use another version of the ideal gas law: PV NkT where: N number of moleculesk   Boltzmann constant 1.38066 x 10-23  J/K 8.617385 x 10-5  eV/K Ideal Gas Law Example One of the easiest applications of the ideal gas law is to find the unknown value, given all the others. 6.2 liters of an ideal gas is contained at 3.0 atm and 37  °C. How many moles of this gas are present? Solution The ideal gas law states PV nRT Because the units of the gas constant are given using atmospheres, moles, and Kelvin, its important to make sure you convert values given in other temperature or pressure scales. For this problem, convert  °C temperature to K using the equation: T  °C 273 T 37  °C 273T 310 K Now, you can plug in the values. Solve ideal gas law for the number of moles n PV / RT n ( 3.0 atm x 6.2 L ) / ( 0.08 L atm /mol K x 310 K)n 0.75 mol Answer There are 0.75 mol of the ideal gas present in the system.

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The burden of proof Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

The burden of proof - Essay Example The Union’s past practice argument cannot hold because the assessment test has already been given to previous applicants in the Technical Department.   The Union claimed that the company awarded the job to senior bidders in the past.   However, the Union did not take into consideration that seniority was not the only requirement, passing the assessment test was a minimum qualification for the position being bided for.3. Does it matter which type of assessment is used by the Company?  Yes, the type of assessment used by the Company matters because it will determine if a certain applicant is qualified to do the job or not.   The type of assessment should be able to measure the capabilities of the applicant which are necessary in accomplishing a certain job.4. If the Union alleged that the Work Keys Assessment was not valid, which party wouldhave to prove the validity?  The validity of the Work Keys Assessment should be proven by the company through the Subject Matter E xperts (SMEs) who designed it and approved its use.   The SMEs have been with the company for an average of more than 17 years.   As stated by the company, â€Å"Who better to determine the tasks and skills required for an entry-level position than those who have performed it?"   The SMEs are in a position to state that those who pass the test have the necessary skill levels for entry and effective performance in the extra hand position.5. You are the arbitrator. What is your decision? Why? If I were the arbitrator of the case, my decision is that Ms. Boone.

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Leadership Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 60

Leadership - Essay Example One of the leadership qualities he depicted was that he was a man of character. He was man of his words and was quite trustworthy (Zenger et al, 2009). He never indulged in making promises he could not keep and if used to make any promise he used to ensure that he fulfilled that promise. But being a man of character is not enough to become a leader. In order to become a leader it is very essential that the supervisor should have personal capabilities such as professional expertise, ability to innovate and indulge in self-development (Zenger et al, 2009). He lacked these capabilities and this was quite evident because he did not have the required KSAs to supervise the department in which he was working. He was a veteran military official and lacked skills and abilities to supervise a human resource department. Other than personal capabilities he did not even enjoyed taking responsibility of the outcome of the work that was performed by his followers and team members and always held his team members responsible for any issues that took place. Furthermore, belonging to the military background he even lacked interpersonal skills (Zenger et al, 2009). He used to be quite arrogant when treating his own subordinates and used to be quite aggressive while pointing out their mistakes and rarely was indulged in developing relationship with his team

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English skills Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

English skills - Essay Example â€Å"Quality in Higher Education â€Å" have a high impact factor. Nevertheless, since it was a qualitative research, there always exists likelihood of slightly inaccurate interpretation of responses of the research participants. This article is primarily about internationalization. While the writers have objectively declared how they understand internationalization i.e. a process that requires sustained effort causing intensification of the relationships among different cultures, yet this definition remains a personal opinion since the writers have not cited a reference for it. Contrary to that, most ideas in the text are supported with evidence. Examples of such ideas include globalization and cultural intelligence. The article was written in the year 2009. It can be considered recent since it was written only about four years ago. The content of the text is very relevant and up-to-date with the contemporary thinking. Most organizations today tend to give international exposure to their employees by making them expatriates. Cultural intelligence and international experience are two of the most appreciated qualities about the candidates for any kind of job today. The writers have fairly complied with all the rules, guidelines and expectations concerning the language, style, structure, referencing and vocabulary that those producing material at University level are expected to follow. The text has a flow of ideas with smooth transition from one to another. The ideas are arranged in the form of points. Sections and headings help the reader understand what a paragraph entails and keep track of the

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Human Resource Management Law Example

Human Resource Management Law Example 1. There is a page in the Companys Employee Handbook that states that anything brought onto the Companys property, including the employees themselves, is subject to random search for items belonging to the Company. There is a space for the employee to acknowledge receipt of this notice. Mr. Yourprop has a copy of the handbook but never signed the page. Does that matter? Explain. Even though it is best practice to have an employee sign any company polity or handbook, it is not required by law. Handbooks should also be signed if there are any major updates to the company policies and procedures. Because the handbook outlines the policies and procedures of the company, it is important for the employees to acknowledge and promise to abide by them. The acknowledgement of the company policies and procedures can create an employment contract between the company and the employee. It there is ever an issue between the company and the employee, the acknowledgement ensures that the employee was aware of the companys policies and procedures. It is often misunderstood that be refusing or forgetting to sign the handbook means that an employee is longer held responsible for following the companys policies contained in it. A company cannot force an employee to sign the acknowledgment. However, they can get supervisors to sign for them stating that the employee received the handbook. Should a legal issues come up, the company has proof the employee was aware of the policies and procedure of the company. (Employee Handbooks, 2014) 2. Can you (or Mr. Yourprops supervisor) search Yourprops assigned locker in the Companys on-site gym for digital evidence? Support your answer. The lockers are owned by the company and are provided to the employee for their convenience. Most likely the companys handbook would include policies regarding the use of all of the facilities owned by the company and provided to the employee, including a provision to search such facilities. Mr. Yourprop is believed to be in possession of stolen material, creating reasonable suspicion. In the case of OConnor v. Ortega, 480 U.S. 709 (1987) in regards to administrative searches at the workplace, the Supreme Court ruling stands that à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ ¦only reasonable suspicion is necessary for search to be conducted. (Wikipedia, OConnor v. Ortega) 3. Can you (or Mr. Yourprops supervisor) use a master key to search Yourprops locked desk after he has left the premises for digital evidence? Support your answer. This question, like the previous one, poses the same dilemma. The fact that the supervisor has a master key and can search different areas of the building was most likely included in the company policies. To conduct a search of a private property, a search warrant would be needed. Mr. Yourprop can also argue that the desk is locked and he has a reasonable expectation of privacy. However, the equipment in question is not the property of Mr. Yourprop and so a search warrant is not needed and so he cannot have a reasonable presumption of privacy. (Solomon, 2012) 4. Makestuff Company uses a security checkpoint at the entrance to the building. A sign adjacent to the checkpoint states that the purpose of the checkpoint is for security staff to check for weapons or other materials that may be detrimental to the working environment or employee safety. Screening is casual and usually consists of verification of an employees Company ID card. Can security staff at this checkpoint be directed to open Mr. Yourprops briefcase and seize any potential digital evidence? Support your answer. Employee searches require a delicate balance of the employees rights and those of the business. The Fourth Amendment provides protection against unreasonable search and seizure of their persons, homes, and personal property. This applies to the government, and public work place, however, most private employers are exempt. Private business are allowed a number of techniques when they suspect misconduct. Private employers are allowed random searches of employees personal property such as lunchboxes, purses, briefcases and coats with advance notification. Also, electronic monitoring, surveillance and similar searches would require an employer provides notice to employees of such activity. (Garber, 2008). The company already has this policy in both the handbook and includes a sign at the entrance warning all visitors of their policy. Given that during the exit interview, Mr. Yourprop used language that could be interpreted as having committed criminal activity, the employer already has p robably cause for a search. (King, 2005) 5. Can you (or Mr. Yourprops supervisor) search Yourprops personal vehicle currently parked in the Company parking lot for digital evidence? Support your answer. In this case, the company has a legal right to search the employees vehicle while it is in the company spaces. The company has a policy in place that informed employees that it reserved the right to perform searches on employees to ensure proper policies and procedures are being followed. In this case, the company is trying to protect sensitive data which could be detrimental to the company if stolen. Generally, private employers can also perform personal property searches as long as advance notice is provided to the employee. A search of the vehicle parked on the companys premises is not unreasonable given that the employee was given notice of the potential for vehicle searches and the apparent suspicion of his job-related misconduct. (Workplace Searches, 2015). 6. If evidence of the theft of intellectual property is found, Makestuff Company may seek to pursue criminal prosecution. Can Mr. Yourprops supervisor require local police investigators to search his personal vehicle which is parked on the Company parking lot? Support your answer. The supervisor can legally direct local police to search the employees personal vehicle. The supervisor will notify to police that the vehicle is parked on company property and also contains evidence of criminal activity against the company. The search without a warrant of an automobile does not violate the Fourth Amendment. In 1925, in a case of Carroll v. United States (267 U.S. 132), the Supreme Court ruled that The warrantless search of a car does not violate the Constitution. The mobility of the automobile makes it impracticable to get a search warrant. (Wikipedia, Carroll v. United States). References: 1. Society for Human Resource Management (2014), Employee Handbooks: Should employees be required to sign an acknowledgment form for the employee handbook? What if an employee refuses?, Retrieved on March 28, 2016 from: http://www.shrm.org/templatestools/hrqa/pages/signeehandbook.aspx 2. Wikipedia, OConnor v. Ortega, Retrieved on March 30, 2016 from: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/OConnor_v._Ortega 3. Solomon, M. (2012) Computer Forensics JumpStart, 2nd Edition 4. Garber, John E. (2008). Introduction to the human resources discipline of workplace safety and security, Retrieved on Retrieved on March 30, 2016 from: https://www.shrm.org/templatestools/toolkits/pages/introsafetyandsecurity.aspx 5. King, G. (2005), A Public Employers Right to Search in the Workplace, Retrieved on April 2, 2016 from: https://www.mml.org/insurance/shared/publications/leaf_newsletter/right_to_search.pdf 6. Workplace fairness, Workplace Searches, Retrieved on April 3, 2016 from: https://www.workplacefairness.org/workplace-searches 7. Wikipedia, Carroll v. United States, Retrieved on April 3, 2016 from: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carroll_v._United_States

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Medical Beneifits Of Animal Testing :: essays research papers

Argument Essay Where would we be Without Animal Testing? Is the use of animals in research justified? Should animal experimentation be permitted? Should these animals be liberated? A logical person would say the benefits justify the research. Without animal testing, products would be based on theory. No one would want to use something, which may damage eyes, be poisonous, cancerous, and cause birth defects. Animals used in testing are not from the endangered species list; also many of the types of animals used are killed each year by rat or mouse traps, animal control, exterminators, and animal shelters. Animal testing reaps great benefits such as finding effective drugs to combat disease, improve surgical procedures, and make products safe.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  When someone goes to the store and buys a product, or is prescribed medication, they don’t have to worry if the product is safe to use nor should they. The entire human race benefits from animal research. â€Å"Without animal research, medical science would come to a total standstill†(O’Neil 210). It is not as if Scientist and researchers just sit in their labs all day and torture animals for fun. Not to mention animal use is being reduced as much as possible, â€Å"most scientist are glad to use alternative test because they are usually faster and cheaper than test on animals†(Yount 72). However, â€Å"you cannot study kidney transplantation or diarrhea or high bloodpressure on a computer screen†(O’Neil 212). Besides, â€Å"Animal research has led to vaccines against diptheria, rabies, tuberculosis, polio, measles, mumps, cholera, whooping cough, and rubella. It has meant eradication of smallpox, effective treatment for diabetes and control of infection with powerful antibiotics. The cardiac pacemaker, microsurgery to reattach severed limbs, and heart, kidney, lung, liver and other transplants are all possible because of animal research†(O’Neil 210).   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  In short animal testing saves lives. Animal testing helps find causes, and cures of disease, genetic defects, birth defects, and abnormalities.

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DBQ: Slavery Essay

In the 1840’s slavery was very common because of the booming cotton industry in the south, slaves were cheap and skillful, and there were plenty of them to go around, hence the reason the southern economy relied on them so heavily. However, because the North was economically sound and economically more advanced than the south, they saw the wrong behind slavery. Slavery in the south was so common that southerners began to grow used to the idea of slaves, and therefore placed most of their economy and way of life on that of a slave filled state. They saw slavery as an opportunity for the African Americans to make a life in America. â€Å"In all respects the comforts of our slaves are greatly superior to those of the English [factory] operatives, or the Irish and continental peasantry, to say nothing o the millions of paupers crowded together in those loathsome receptacles of starving humanity, the public poorhouses. . . . From this excess of labor, this actual want, and these distressing cares, our slaves are entirely exempted.† (Document A) Because southerners felt that what they were doing for and to slaves was beneficial for the southern and slave communities they saw no wrong in what they were doing, and therefore had no reason to stop slavery. When slaves worked on a plantation they had free health care, housing, and food, all things that were necessary and cost money, something that African Americans would not have had a lot of if they had come to America as immigrants. During that time there was still racial stereotypes and judgment, white land owning Americans thought of themselves as superior to African Americans and many other minority races that immigrated to America. African Americans would not have been taken seriously in the south even if slavery had not existed, they were a minority, and to the south minorities were the dirt beneath their shoes. Because the south’s main staple crop was cotton, and cotton was not a cash crop, the use of slaves made cotton prosperous. The south relied on slave labor to make money out of cotton, with slaves working the fields for little to no pay, most of the money made out of the cotton industry was circulated through the white landowning male community, which made up a very large majority of the south. slave labor being so cheap, and a large amount of slaves could be acquired at one time, made it easy for the south to place everything on slaves and cotton. William Harper in a Memoir on Slavery, 1837, stated that â€Å"the cultivation of the great staple crops [cotton] cannot be carried on in any portion of our country where there are not slaves.† This statement shows that slave labor was the largest contributor to the southern economy during the 1830’s, and therefore a reason to fight for slave labor. In a speech that Abraham Lincoln gave in Peoria, Illinois in October f 1854 he stated that â€Å"In our greedy chase to make profit of the Negro, let us let us beware lest we ‘cancel and tear in pieces’ even the white man’s charter of freedom.† This statement was a warning given by Lincoln, he thought of slavery as unprofitable and unsuited to America’s growing industrial and manufacturing industries. Hinton Helper, in The Impending Crisis, 1857, had a similar view on slave labor in the south, but a different idea on how ti abolish it. â€Å"What about Southern commerce? Is it not almost entirely tributary to the commerce of the North? Are we not dependent on New York, Philadelphia, Boston,and Cincinnati for nearly every article of merchandise, whether foreign or domestic? Where are our ships, our mariners, our naval architects? . . . We must begin to feed on a more substantial diet than that of pro-slavery politics.† Helper’s book The Impending Crisis was banned in the south and used as anti-slavery propaganda by republicans in the north. He believed that landowning white men in the south who did not own slaves were the key to the abolitionism of slavery, but he was also racist throughout The Impending Crisis. In the above quote he states that the north’s economic prosperity comes from the reliance on ports and major cities Slavery was the south’s main source of economic prosperity, therefore the south would have done anything to keep slavery alive. However, the north did not believe in slavery because it was unjust and unneeded. Abolitionists fought to destroy slavery, but the south fought to keep it alive.