Tuesday, November 19, 2019

BHS 420 Mod 1 CBT (Quantitative Reasoning) Essay

BHS 420 Mod 1 CBT (Quantitative Reasoning) - Essay Example 52). I agree with this statement and feel that it is important to learn critical thinking. Secondly, I would like to learn to understand the research process whereby accurate data can be obtained to support or disprove any particular hypothesis. Finally, I think that the ability to combine both qualitative and quantitative processes to achieve the answer to a research question is a superior approach. While both methods have their independent strengths, I believe that they are best used in combination to balance the data and increase understanding of the results. From a personal standpoint, i.e., outside of my professional career, I think that the knowledge gained from this course will allow me to perceive aspects in my daily life with a more accurate view because I will be constantly thinking about why events have happened. I will be considering possible explanations and will be equipped to analyze the information I encounter in a logical and reasonable manner; and I think this is applicable to all aspects of life. In writing about sports statistics, Guthrie (1994) stated that people â€Å"who are otherwise averse to quantitative reasoning will often become expert analysts when the subject being analyzed is of interest to them. A statistical argument presented in a context of ones experience is far more likely to be retained than one presented in the context of a hypothetical situation† (p. 1064). I think this validates my perception that critical thinking is not solely for professionals; it has application across all spectrums of hu man experience. History has revealed many people who have been considered geniuses in their field such as Beethoven in music or Earnest Hemingway in literature. Many of these individuals, however, were also known to suffer from manic-depression or what today is called Bipolar disorder. The health-related research

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