Thursday, November 21, 2019

Physician-Patient Interaction Adaptation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Physician-Patient Interaction Adaptation - Essay Example Based on these theories, the proponents substantially built a framework for their study which essentially included the concept of non-verbal communication in maintaining or obtaining genuine relationships in health care. The subjects included in this study were physicians and their respective patients confined in the hospital. The proponents were interested to dig on the non-verbal communication that existed between the physician and the patients and their probable mutual responses. Based on these responses, the researchers then had enough starting point to conclude that in physician-patient communication, mutual influence could probably exist. B. Identify the object of study (What is the researcher using to build their arguments and answer their questions?). The researchers collected sufficient number of articles or researches that are related to their study. From these studies, they tried to find important gaps particularly on the importance of effective communication in delivering quality standard health care service. They have elaborately discussed the psychosocial concerns in physician-patient interactions (Duggan & Bradshaw, 2008). All of these have become the basis of what method they should use in their study. They decided to employ videotaping technique in order to document the actual non-verbal responses of their subjects. All of the patients involved in the study were having chronic illnesses so dealing with them might probably be one of the most challenging activities for their entire treatment process. Effective communication process should be substantially required from the attending physician so as to come up with effective response such as cooperation from the patients. The proponents of the study tried to see to it that this important information should be documented through a videotape. C. Summarize the main inferences/conclusions of this article (In your own words, write the key conclusions presented in the article). The article found that no n-verbal cues or responses coming from physicians would potentially create specific reactions from patients. The said response from patients was found to be positive because it would improve the patient-physician interaction through a positive communication process prior to the delivery of quality care. What so central about this study is the ability of the researchers to find ways to investigate whether patients and physicians reciprocate nonverbal rapport-building communication behaviors and talk about how illness affects roles and relationships (Duggan & Bradshaw, 2008). D. Offer a practical application of the research (Explain how this research can have a real life application). Doctors or physicians are the ones patients would listen to as far as they would want to hear opinions regarding their health condition. Patients even confide personal and confidential information just to be able to receive the right diagnosis. It is therefore important that doctors should be able to lis ten to their patients effectively through a very effective communication process. Effective communication process as stated in the research would create rapport, and improve relationship-centered interaction between the doctor and patient, and all these can be shown in their non-verbal responses (Duggan & Bradshaw, 2008). In other words, the said research and its important findings about the importance of communication can be used by doctors and patients most particularly on improving the quality of health and service care. Doctors in particular

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