Thursday, October 31, 2019

Leadership Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 60

Leadership - Essay Example One of the leadership qualities he depicted was that he was a man of character. He was man of his words and was quite trustworthy (Zenger et al, 2009). He never indulged in making promises he could not keep and if used to make any promise he used to ensure that he fulfilled that promise. But being a man of character is not enough to become a leader. In order to become a leader it is very essential that the supervisor should have personal capabilities such as professional expertise, ability to innovate and indulge in self-development (Zenger et al, 2009). He lacked these capabilities and this was quite evident because he did not have the required KSAs to supervise the department in which he was working. He was a veteran military official and lacked skills and abilities to supervise a human resource department. Other than personal capabilities he did not even enjoyed taking responsibility of the outcome of the work that was performed by his followers and team members and always held his team members responsible for any issues that took place. Furthermore, belonging to the military background he even lacked interpersonal skills (Zenger et al, 2009). He used to be quite arrogant when treating his own subordinates and used to be quite aggressive while pointing out their mistakes and rarely was indulged in developing relationship with his team

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