Sunday, August 25, 2019

Discuss how to create a manager development program within your Essay

Discuss how to create a manager development program within your current organization (or previous organization if you are not currently employed). Ensure you address the following topics in your paper - Essay Example In addition, this paper gives a rough budget of the estimated values expected to be incurred in the process. Although this paper is written in detail the topic is wide and would be almost impossible to cover exhaustively. Organizing, staffing, planning, directing, controlling and leading an organization is dynamic and changes with the time, environment and policies. Traditionally, managers had a fairly consistent and somewhat rigid way of performing their duties, but today periodic training sessions are held to enhance and sharpen their managerial skills (Kate 2006). Management development is necessary if managers are to improve their knowledge and abilities not only for their own benefit but also for their employing organization. Management responsibilities are now broader ,integrative and more challenging therefore they require more efficient methods, new attitudes, approaches and skills and thus the need for management development programs. This paper will cover how to create manager development models, how to recruit managers and train them with reference to a particular case study. Safari Tours is a business organization formed in 2000 with an aim to transport tourists in Africa, within the countries being visited, at an affordable price. What started as a sole proprietorship evolved into a corporation and was registered as one in 2008. Safari tours has had a total of five managers all of whom are still part of the business but have either relocated to other branches or elevated into new statuses. The tourism industry is highly dynamic and for Safari tours to keep up with it, constant change and continued expansion has been taking place over the last ten years. Mr. Rodgers’, the director of Safari tours, main aim as he started the organization was only to provide transport to tourists within the country being visited but now he has incorporated services such as tour guiding, soliciting accommodation for tourists, advertising various tourist

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