Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Empirical Action Research on Behavior Management Systems Article

Empirical Action Research on Behavior Management Systems - Article Example It was noted that there are specific collaboration characteristics which work in a positive or negative manner while the behaviors changed not only with basic management but also in terms of the relationship to collaboration with others working with the management components. The method which was used was associated with the various theories and practice which were in the workspace. Disciplinary perspectives were used and combined with case studies, projects and theoretical reviews that were associated with collaboration. The study, while using various perspectives from theories, did not have practical applications used from various corporations. When looking at the dynamics of various cultures, a noted difference would be made with the practice of behavioral management. The weakness of this article was based on not having the correct approach to the methodology while drawing conclusions based on other references and perspectives. The second article associated behavior management with newer components which were a part of the functions within the corporation, specifically with the uses of technology. This was based on how technology was able to create a direct association to the corporation while changing the behavioral responses of employees. The ideology was furthered with the question of how technology changed the dynamics with managers and the associations which each had to the work area. In this study, it was found that there was a link to the behavioral management and the uses of technology. The behavior altered according to the reliance on technology, belief of what the tools should do and the pro-active responses by managers. The behavior of managers had a direct change when there were more technology pieces which were used, as opposed to having more interactions within the work space. The relevance was

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