Friday, August 23, 2019

Lab report Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 6

Lab Report Example Consequently, there was need for compiling this towards calculating the maximum height fled by the model. In order to achieve the above objectives, the following equation for projectile motion was inherent. In the field of engineering, involving study of lift, thrust, gravity and even thrust, there is a great deal for considering this study. This experiment is important in engineering field especially where there is need to improve the design and reliability of air travel. It enables the study of lift required for the planes to fly thereby allowing the aerospace engineers to guide for a safe landing. In aerospace engineering, there is need for the engineers to have adequate knowledge of rocketry concept; otherwise, they would experience challenges when trying to launch either rockets or satellites for a safe landing. Predicting how high a model rocket fly is one of the integral concepts required when exploring rocketry concept, to help the engineers in guiding the rocket for a safe landing. For this rocket model, the results show that the time taken to reach the maximum height was 17.33 seconds while the maximum flight time was 34.66. The determination of the time required to reach the maximum height made it easy to use the projectile motion equation (Post 377). The velocity imparted by the machine was already known as 170 m/s. This speed is same for all rockets regardless of the launch angle because they are necessarily pressurized chambers. As it is in every projectile motion, the horizontal velocity remains constant as shown in the model drawn below. The graph obtained from the results also supports the fact that launching a model rocket assumes a projectile motion as shown in the similarity between the two. Getting the maximum time taken helped in solving for the maximum height, through assistance of the projectile motion equation. The height calculated was 1472.99 meters. Slight errors resulting from this

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