Monday, September 2, 2019

C.Ronaldo and Messi

World best soccer players C. Ronaldo and Messi Have you ever watched a game of C. Ronaldo and Messi? Their performances are so outstanding that most of soccer fans would think 21th century is the era of C. Ronaldo and Messi. However, there are big differences between C. Ronaldo and Messi. Firstly, their physical conditions are quite different. C. Ronaldo looks like a movie star. He is very tall and has a firm body like a horse. His inverted triangle line seduces a lot of girls and every man envies his body shape.Tight muscles cover all of his body so that we can feel his power even when he is just standing. In contrast, Messi looks like a dwarf. When he was eleven, he was diagnosed with a growth hormone deficiency. So when he stood next to Ronaldo in order to get a prize, he looked humble. And his body is plain and looks like ordinary people. In accordance with the differences in physical condition, their play styles are also different. Ronaldo usually tries to break through defense line with his speed and power coming from his outstanding physical condition.When he is on the dead run, only a few world class defenders can catch up with him. And most of defenders are knocked out by Ronaldo’s wild and strong movement. Furthermore, his shooting is so powerful that he sometimes makes a goal in an incredibly long distance. Messi’s play is very exquisite. Messi developed his own skills to overcome his physical disadvantages. His foot skills are very simple, but no one can stop him because his dribble is so delicate that the ball seems attached to his foot.So whenever defenders tackle him, he easily avoids them and breaks through the defense line like a squirrel. And he prefers accurate shooting to powerful one.. Both C. Ronaldo and Messi are unprecedented soccer players, but they have two distinguishing points, physical condition and play style. In a manner of speaking, it is meaningless to arrange what’s different between them because it is natu ral that every person in the world has different circumstances and different personality.However people have always been interested in comparing rivals like Superman and Batman, Taegwon V and Mazinga Z. People will always regard Ronaldo and Messi as rivals until they retire. And ‘Who is the greatest soccer player in the world? ’ will be the most interesting question among trillions of soccer fans. People might have different thoughts about who the best soccer player is, but they all would think that it is lucky to watch fantastic plays of Ronaldo and Messi.

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