Saturday, September 28, 2019

Intervention strategies and assessment for disasters in japan and Essay

Intervention strategies and assessment for disasters in japan and proposed ways to deal with associated difficulties - Essay Example Vulnerability is envisaged as both a biophysical hazard and a social response which is specific to a geographical domain. According to Brillinger (2003) risk analysis can be defined as a way which is used for estimating the probabilities of some rare events and the magnitudes of damage that comes along with them. The papers considered risk analysis of different natural disasters like earthquakes, floods and wildfires. Risk can be defined as probability that some hazardous event or catastrophe can occur. Statistical methods are the basic ways to assess risk and used for the computation of insurance premiums as well. These methods are favourable as they use probabilities and data which can help in risk management. McEntire (2005) discussed the positive and negative aspects related to different views about the disasters and he suggested that the concept of vulnerability can be used for finding for academia and make policy guidance for different professionals in different fields especially for the natural hazards. Paton (2007) worked and examined the relationship between people and sources of information that provide information which can influence people’s perception about the hazard/ disaster preparedness. To analyze this relationship between trust and the hazard preparedness a regression analysis was conducted. The study showed that there exists a relationship between people and the community services/civic agencies and the information they provide is very important and should be a part in planning risk communication. Strà ¶mberg (2007) examined and suggested that societal factors affect and place an important impact on disasters. This papers takes into account many of the natural disasters taking place that includes volcanoes, floods, tsunami as to where they take place and what their development with the period of time. Then this paper discusses that how come societal factors act in favour of people by

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