Monday, October 7, 2019

Robinhood Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Robinhood - Essay Example 2. Weaknesses: One of the notable weaknesses of this case is the type of associates Robin Hood has allowed into his organization. While he began allowing only men with a strong sense of justice and legitimate grievance with the sheriff into the organization, he veered from this policy. Believing that there was strength in numbers, he has allowed any individual to join; in these regards, it’s highly likely that a number of individuals in his organization are of questionable moral character and are more detrimental to the organization than beneficial. 3. Opportunities: There are a number of opportunities that Robin Hood and his organization have. The first of which is the control they have over the forest and its use as a route of transport. This has given Robin Hood and his men the ability to reap considerable property from theft and could potentially be utilized as a means of collecting consistent taxes from travelers. Another opportunity is the motivated nature of Robin Hood’s followers; many having legitimate grievances against the sheriff they will be more dedicated and willing to go to extremes to see that they succeed and the sheriff fails. Finally, the barons’ growing resentment with Prince John and their attempt to conspire with Robin Hood is a solid opportunity. 4. Threats: The threats include the growing size of Robin Hood’s organization and the increasing difficulty in supplying the large number of these individuals with supplies. Another threat includes that of the potential of alienating the farmers that travel through the forest by charging them a tax. Finally, the last threat includes that of the potential that in conspiring against Prince John could result in failure and then cause greater amounts of retribution to be levied against Robin Hood and his band of men. There are a number of major issues that Robin must address. The first issue concerns whether

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