Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Feelings towards Essay Example for Free

Feelings towards Essay All throughout this scene there are various indications about the rising tension caused by Eddies feelings towards his niece Catherine. It begins when Eddie confronts Rodolfo about taking advantage of Beatrice and not treating Eddie with respect. I know, but in your own town you wouldnt just drag off some girl, without permission. Here he is highlighting the lack of respect he feels that Rodolfo treats him with. He is referring to Beatrice as some girl, which shows that in Eddies eyes Rodolfo does not see Beatrice as anything special or important. Beatrice (Eddies wife) suspects that Eddies feelings towards Catherine are un-natural and contributes throughout this scene to the rise in tension. Well he didnt exactly drag her off though, Eddie. This would annoy Eddie, as he is not receiving any support, she is also saying that Catherine is independent and chose to go with Rodolfo which would raise tension further. When Eddie tells Rodolfo that he is simply her uncle, Beatrice pounces on this and retorts Well then, be an uncle then. The others would take this at face value, however Beatrice is referring to Eddies un-natural affection for Catherine, which will shock Eddie. Marco then issues a challenge to Eddie, asking him to say what Rodolfo has done wrong. Eddie says that Catherine was never out on the street till twelve oclock at night before Rodolfo came. Marco instantly tells Rodolfo that he must come home early now. By saying this Marco has eliminated the supposed problem, which leaves Eddie with no problem in which he can camouflage his jealousy. Now that Eddie has no more problems but has a dented ego. He begins to create new problems, however he disguises them so that these problems are perceived as concern for Rodolfo; I mean suppose he gets hit by a car, wheres his papers, who is he, you know what I mean? Beatrice states that the same risk is generated during the day when he is at work. Here we see that Eddie is holding back a voice full of anger almost like a car revving up. This simple action is showing the rise in tension as a result of Eddies problem. Eddie now retreats to his rocking chair, showing that he is fighting a losing battle. As Eddie is reading his paper, awkwardness is felt in the room. Catherine reacts by putting the record Paper Doll on; the title in itself indicates the song content. Then Catherine is overcome with rebellion/revolt and asks Rodolfo to dance, causing Eddie to freeze and feel uncomfortable. Rodolfo realises this and refuses to dance however Beatrice and Catherine soon persuade him. As Eddie burns a hole through Rodolfos back he asks, Whats this, a new record? Eddie has heard this song many times before, however he is no hearing it through new ears, new jealous ears. When Marco reveals that Rodolfo is a very good cook, Eddie finds this amusing and mockingly says, Its wonderful. He sings, he cooks, he could make dresses. Thus making another dig at Rodolfo, implying that he has homosexual tendencies. Rodolfo mistakenly takes this as a compliment and smiles thankfully. This is another opportunity for Eddie to put Rodolfo down and he says that he should not be working on the boats but instead working in a dress shop. Yet again he phrases it so that it may be perceived as a compliment. During this speech he unconsciously twists his newspaper into a tight roll, which gives an insight into his somewhat angered/resentful thoughts and also symbolises the rise in tension.

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