Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Supporting Organizational Strategies Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Supporting Organizational Strategies - Essay Example According to a survey conducted by New Zealand’s Business NZ and the Industry Training Federation in 2003 (Jeremy et al, 2003), 55% responding firms indicated that the need to continue to provide training, or begin providing training, within the enterprise depends on shortage of skilled workers and if suitable courses to meet such training needs were available. Other important drivers for training were identified as customer requirements (49%), a desire to growth within the enterprise (48%), skill shortages in the industry (where these exist) (48%), and actual growth in the enterprise (47%). All in all, it was realized that firms involved in training and skill development gained much from the training. When firms take on extensive training and skill development, there is that tendency that quality of output will improve. Employees who have gone through such training learn new ways of production and ameliorate their ideas of the whole production process. Looking at theories of motivation, employee motivation leads to survival and positive productivity within the firm (Smith, 1994). It is absolutely important for managers to understand what makes employees motivated, because employee motivating factors are complex and change everyday (Bowen and Radhakrishna, 1991). Therefore, just that aspect of recognition within the industry to undergo training and skill development to some employees is a motivating factor (Vroom, 1964). When employees are motivated, there is increase in productivity and consequently growth in the business. Therefore through skill development and training programs, there is obviously employee motivation and increase knowledge in knew production skills and consequently, business growth. When employees gain new skills, there is considerable positive effect on health and safety of the enterprises. This is because, when new skills are gained, the company stands a better competitive place on the market with her competitors

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