Monday, October 21, 2019

Deconstruction of a Kerrang Double Page Spread Essays

Deconstruction of a Kerrang Double Page Spread Essays Deconstruction of a Kerrang Double Page Spread Essay Deconstruction of a Kerrang Double Page Spread Essay There is only one image on this double page spread, which is of Oli Sykes from the band Bring Me The Horizon , and it takes up only one page, the left side, of the spread. The camera shot shows the singer from just above the waist sitting at a reflective table. He is wearing what I presume to be a black jacket with a white top. The image has been shot in black and white so it gives the effect that this interview is a formal, serious one and it takes up one whole page of the double page spread. There is nothing bright on both pages so the whiteness of his top really stands out.Oli s expression is serious and his lips are slightly pursed. You can see on the table that he s sitting at, a wine glass but it has been blurred so that the reader automatically focuses on him. The lighting looks as though its coming from a the left of him as there are shadows on the right side of his face. Use of Layout: Each page of Kerrang! is just shorter than an A4 page. There is a little dead space on this double page spread and there are three columns that take up just over half of the right page. The page is text-led as the interview takes up more space.The only pull-out quote from the interview acts as the title and is in bold, white font. The subheading is yellow and all of the text is on a black background so that it stands out. The limited colour palette mainly consists of 3 colours, black, white and grey, but there is the odd splash of yellow text. Again, the whole interview has been placed on a black background because the text is mainly white and small, so this makes it easier to be read. On this double page spread there are 3 different fonts. The title of the interview ir and the star instead of actually being between the interviewer and interviewee.The caption used to anchor the main image is Facing the Future which is appropriate as Oli feels as though his bands reputation, as well as his own, will change after what has happened. There are quite a few screamers within the interview as he makes argues his point to the interviewer and the reader. The sentences aren t really that long but they re not short either. There have been 11 questions asked in the interview but only 5 of them have been answered with 1 to 4 word sentences. The average paragraph in the interview is about 6 or 7 sentences long.The sentence construction is compound, not too simple and not too hard to understand even though the subject is a complicated one. Brand Identity: The magazines brand identity is about rock music and anything related. News Articles such as this one wouldn t be shown on world wide news like the BBC. In the music industry, rock star incidents aren t really that important to broadcast on TV whereas news such as Britney Spears losing custody of her children is, because of the fact that she s more famous and more people know who she is.The target audience of this article must consist of people who are actually interested in the band Bring Me The Horizon , the true fans and those who idolise Oli Sykes for his musical talent and character. I think that if someone who didn t know who this band was or the lead singer, picked up this issue of Kerrang! and read this article, they would quickly misjudge him for what he was accused of doing and stereotype every other person in rock to be a trouble maker.

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